Leave it to Chrissy to get real about blackheads

Chrissy Teigen just shared a super relatable moment to Instagram that has us cry-laughing at our desks right now. Lounging in a floral bathrobe with her hair twisted up in a towel, the Insta-famous mom sports pore strips on her nose and chin. Teigen is all of us RN, and takes the opportunity to reveal just how much she loves removing blackheads.

“I like to pull these off slowly and then tilt them towards the light so I can see each little mountain-each tiny mountain,” she admits. She stresses the word ‘slowly’ so we know she’s not ripping them off quickly like a Band-Aid. But rather, she enjoys the feeling of each blackhead being gradually lifted from its pore.

“And then I like to take my finger and brush the blackheads to the side so I can see their length,” Teigen continues. Even though we are shivering, we’ve all been there. You’ve done it. Your sister has done it. Your significant other has done it. Even your boss has done it. We want to see the gunk that’s coming out of our skin, so we feel that progress has been made. Seeing is believing, right?

“After that, I take the strip and I fold it into quarters,” says Teigen. *Long gap of silence.* (LOL. She is killing us.) “That concludes my story entitled, ‘If Hannibal Lecter Loved Biore Nose Strips’. Thank you,” she signs off her IG story. It’s over? Noooooo, we want the sequel, Chrissy!

Not only does Teigen make a semi-gross, yet completely satisfying habit that many of us do from the privacy of our own homes (not broadcasted to social media, mind you) cool, but she also gave us the midweek laugh we were looking for. Plus, we are so completely grateful, because who would have thought to use nose strips to remove blackheads on your chin? It’s genius. We know what our Wednesday night is looking like now.

The best news though? The strips that Teigen loves are so affordable. Just add the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($8; amazon.com) to your shopping cart on Amazon, and if you’re a Prime Member, you’ll be purging your nose of those annoying little black dots in just a couple of days. Score.

This Beauty Influencer Got Real About Zits-and Why She’s Okay With Them

“I feel completely at ease and pretty breaking out.”

Waking up with a giant zit on your face can seem like the end of the world. But before you start the negative self-talk (or squeezing!), take a look at what YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen has to say about her latest breakout-turned-breaththrough.

“Pimples happen,” Nilsen captioned a selfie. “At 29 (after years of adult acne, scars, etc.) this is the first time I have felt completely at ease and pretty while breaking out. I haven’t tried to cover it up with makeup and there’s no filter on this photo.”

For Nilsen, a longtime beauty vlogger, it’s all about rejecting the idea of “good” and “bad” skin.

“If you have ‘good’ skin you feel the pressure to maintain this perceived level of perfection and any blemish, wrinkle or scar is felt as a personal failure,” she said. “If you have ‘bad’ skin you feel like you are less than and the pursuit of ‘good’ skin can be absolutely exhausting.”

Nilsen reflected on the stress she’s been under recently, and how that pimple was a “physical manifestation” of her effort to try to achieve a so-called perfect complexion.

“Our bodies are so complex,” she said. “They work hard for us every day, whether we notice it or not, so try to be generous with yourself. Meet yourself where you are right now and sink into the gratitude of the breath you just took. That’s your body telling you you’re good enough… because you’re alive.”

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