I Struggled With Cystic Acne for 10 Years

I developed cystic acne in the beginning of high school. I’d spend hours in front of the mirror popping and squeezing my breakouts (and mutilating my skin in the process). I expected my skin to improve after I graduated, but it continued to worsen well into adulthood. All in all, acne plagued me for over ten long years.

I bought countless skincare products during that time, and was even prescribed doxycycline, an antibiotic for severe acne. I switched to a vegan diet and experimented with different workout routines. I tried home remedies, once slathering a banana peel on my face after hearing it could soothe skin (it didn’t). One day, after exhausting all possible avenues, I decided to invest in yet another skincare line.

To my surprise, it actually worked. At $112, the four-piece Glytone Acne Treatment Kit (available on dermstore.com and glytone-usa.com) is an investment. But once I did the math, I realized I easily spend hundreds of dollars on facials and various topical treatments. So after reading the many positive reviews, I decided the kit was worth a shot.

And I wasn’t disappointed-in fact, the change in my skin’s appearance happened overnight. The first morning after using the kit, I looked in the mirror and could instantly see that my skin had improved. Instead of red, inflamed skin (or worse, a newly-erupted pimple), I was greeted by a fresh, dewy face.

The kit comes with four products, which can be purchased individually as well as with the complete system. I use the Acne Self-Foaming Cleanser ($40; dermstore.com) every morning and evening. It’s gentle, soft, and doubles as a mask if you leave it on for 30 seconds before rinsing. After that, I apply the Acne Clearing Toner ($25; dermstore.com) with a cotton pad. I credit this product in particular with improving the overall tone of my skin. Next up: the Acne 3P Treatment Gel ($32; dermstore.com). It contains 5% benzoyl peroxide, so I use it as a spot treatment for any active breakouts. Finally, I smooth on the Acne Treatment Lotion ($30; dermstore.com). It’s a great daily moisturizer, and since it contains 1% salicylic acid, it also helps prevent new breakouts from forming.

As dramatic as it might sound, I can honestly say these products have completely altered the way my skin looks and feels. And now, if a breakout does appear-occasionally in the area where my glasses sit between my eyes, or on my chin-this system fights it with lightening speed.

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