Self-extrusion of black dots increases the risk of acne

Ideal skin (and who does not dream about it) should be gentle and even, slightly touched by a blush. Placer black points in the list of advantages of perfect skin are not present. But how to be, after all black points happen not only in transition age – about 40% of women over 25 have this problem.

And even not so much – the adolescents will run out of puberty and the skin will recover, and if you are already at 30 and you watch for yourself and do not feel any special hormonal changes, then black dots that do not go away become an obsession.

About how comedones arise, how dangerous they are and how to deal with them, the correspondent of SE recognized.

The Case in Lard

Why this bacon is generally necessary, the young lady might think, looking at her brilliant forehead. In the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, sebum is easily released from the pores and distributed over the skin, forming a thin film, which is a protective barrier. However, often everything goes not according to plan. Black dots (open comedones) are the result of clogging the open excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands with a mixture of sebum and dead skin cells.

And black color, giving out their presence and spoiling the appearance, appears that’s why. “The accumulated sebum in the pores, coming in contact with the environment and oxidizing, darkens on the surface of the plug,” says Ekaterina Lebedko, a beautician “Sante Estetic.”

For what?

But why do some of these points not at all, but others they are scattered in the face, like stars in the sky? It’s all about the work of the sebaceous glands, and, no matter how rough the gradation is for the fatty, normal and dry skin types, it explains everything.

The owners of oily skin, those who have sebaceous glands work in a strengthened mode and in a larger amount, the risk of comedones is higher – the excess lard does not have time to surface. 

In addition, for a long time it was believed that cosmetic drugs contribute to the emergence of comedones, but now the situation has changed: “Almost all the funds released today have a note – they are not medicated,” explains Olga Vylegzhanina, dermatologist, clinic prof. Pasman. “Only poor-quality, cheap cosmetics, containing very fatty components, can clog pores.”


What danger, besides a purely aesthetic defect, can comedones carry? Fast enough bacteria in the contents of the clogged pores begin to develop. After all, what is sebum? It is a nutrient medium, including microbes. Therefore, the risk of inflammation of the comedon is great, although not 100% it will grow in a pimple.

“Comedones are an extra provocation of expansion of pores,” warns Catherine. – Clogged, they stretch, and reduce the volume afterwards can only be insignificant. ” In addition to these troubles, with permanently clogged pores, the upper stratum corneum becomes denser and the skin’s immunity decreases.

What can be done?

Change the type of skin and the characteristic of sebum is impossible, as well as significantly narrow the pores. You can only slightly adjust and adjust to these conditions, improving the texture of the skin. This is the reason for the different tonic and lotions, which indicated the function of narrowing the pores – in fact, they can not narrow them, but help to make the upper layer of the skin more well-groomed, have an antibacterial effect.

Good cope with horny plug traffic peeling, conducted in beauty salons, relieve the skin from the dead layer of cells, fighting acne and smoothing the surface. Do not neglect the softer masks with fruit acids, regular facial skin care procedures, including mechanical and hardware cleansing.

Such means as patches for cleaning the pores on the nose, according to Catherine Lebedko, most likely just decolorize the comedones and dissolve the surface contaminants – it is beyond the power to pull out the contents of the clogged pore.

What you do not need

And, finally, the most exciting question – after all, many, repent, knowing that you can not pick your skin, pressed your nose to tears and redness. We will not say anything new, we will not pressurize – independent disposal of the contents of pores is still not recommended. “The fact is that the time slaughtered is not just a straight move outward, it is a bag of contents,” says the dermatologist. – And if you squeeze it out clumsily, the sebum does not come to the surface entirely as a cork, but will be crushed in a bag, and this will cause inflammation.

Although some can be squeezed out without consequences – success depends on the structure of the pores, for someone they are just more direct, but I do not advise cleaning myself, it’s better to entrust the face to cosmetologists. “

What conclusions can be drawn? If you get a wide pore, facial care should be diligent: constantly cleanse the skin, washing, rubbing the skin with a tonic, making masks for deep cleansing twice a week. Do not be afraid of peelings (superficial for sure) and cleansing from a cosmetologist. A well-groomed look even to the oily skin can be given, if you do not complain about fate, but try. Good luck!

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