Prevention of gastritis and gastric ulcer

Treatment of gastritis takes a lot of time and money, if it is still a stomach ulcer, then restore the mucosal defect is very difficult. It is much easier to prevent the disease.

In the presence of the first symptoms of discomfort, abdominal pain, nausea, unpleasant mouth odor you must visit a specialist.

Take medications independently at home is impossible. Therapy in the initial stages – the best prevention of complications of acute gastritis.

There are two main reasons, whose role in the development of the aforementioned illnesses is proved:

1. Infection by H. pylori. This bacteria causes inflammatory change in the stomach, and leads to ulceration. It is for this discovery in 2005, scientists and doctors were awarded the Nobel prize.

2. The NSAIDs. Medications taken to relieve pain, inflammation, but they have a negative impact on the mucosa. Proved that consuming more than 3 doses of nonsteroidal drugs in a week for 2 months provokes damage to the inner layer of the stomach. In the first place it concerns children.

A huge role plays the General condition of the body, the immune system. The presence of risk factors does not always lead to ulcers or gastritis. If in addition, there is improper diet, Smoking, intake of alcoholic beverages, irritating the mucous food, risk of disease is increased significantly.

Not all people are equally predisposed to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Some individual peculiarities, method of life increase the risk of peptic ulcer disease and gastritis.

Features prevention

The condition of the stomach depends on many factors. There are aggressive substances that damage the body and defense mechanisms. Prevention of acute gastritis involves the influence on both processes. The primary assignment is the restriction of the action of irritants on the mucosa, it is also necessary to restore the resistance of the body, strengthen the immune system.

There is a misconception that to adhere to dietary guidelines, limit fried or spicy food should only people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is a mistake. Even a healthy person in order to prevent gastritis and ulcers need to follow a few rules:

1. Regularity. Eating should occur at the same time each day. After a week, the body gets used to that, for example, by the time Breakfast is allocated a sufficient amount of gastric juice, as a result digestion is not disturbed.

2. Large gaps between meals cause inflammation. Because the prevention of gastric ulcers and gastritis includes a fractional power. In addition to lunch, dinner, Breakfast should be a small snack. Every 3 hours is recommended to eat some food.

3. Volume. A small portion will not bring satiety, which will lead to overeating. Large – stretches the stomach enzymes are insufficient to digest this amount of food, as a result of growing stagnation and fermentation processes. The optimal amount must fit into two palms of a person.

4. The child also do not overeat, but a growing organism requires a lot of energy and vitamins. Therefore you should pay attention to the quality of the food. The preference for protein-rich foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts.

5. An important role in the prevention of gastritis is the rejection of fast food, fatty, fried foods, too spicy food. These products negatively affect the pancreas, the gallbladder. After their use there is a need of medication, for example, enzymes, antispasmodics.

6. Alcohol provokes irritation, if people drank low-quality raw materials, substitutes, it may cause burning of the esophagus, stomach. In this case, needs transport to the hospital and medication. Recommended to limit alcoholic beverages in the diet, use proven brand.

7. To prevent stomach ulcer, chew food thoroughly. This is especially important for children.

8. Smoking does not directly affect the occurrence of gastritis, but lowers the immune system, the ability to resist bacteria.

9. Hygiene is very important to maintain health. The child should explain the need to wash hands not only before eating, but after coming from the street, contact with animals.

10. Ulcers can cause chemical compounds. If possible contact with poisonous or potent substances, it is recommended to use protection.

11. Non-steroidal drugs are limited in use, if possible. In the case of high risk of development of gastritis or ulcer, the doctor will replace them with other medications.

In addition to a huge list of what not to do, there are recommendations that must be followed.

  • Preference to boiled food, steamed or in the oven. Basis of the list of allowed foods are vegetables, fruits, cereals, lean meat, fish.
  • Moderate exercise prevents the development of acute gastritis, ulcers.
  • Proved the role of stress in the occurrence of gastritis. Disturbances in the innervation damage of the mucosa, change in motor skills. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid stressful situations, a nervous breakdown.
  • If the minimum of dyspeptic symptoms should consult a doctor. Be administered if necessary endoscopic examination to exclude peptic ulcer disease, inflammatory processes.
Unconventional methods

In addition to pharmacological drugs, there are natural cures that relieve inflammation, protect the stomach from irritation, reduce the secretion of hydrochloric acid in excess. They are easy to prepare at home.

1. Med.

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it is the best cure for stomach ulcers and gastritis. Two tablespoons of honey dissolved in a glass of warm water. Eat an hour before a meal. Subject to any rules it will reduce the number of bacteria, protect the stomach from irritation.

2. Aloe with honey.

To prepare the drug at home you need to have aloe Vera, which is more than 4 years, at this age, the leaves accumulate the maximum amount of biologically active substances. The plant is grinded, added to the heated honey. Recommended to consume a teaspoon before each meal to prevent the development of ulcers.

3. Herbal.

Chopped herbs of chamomile and yarrow (3 tbsp.) mix with 1 tbsp St. John’s wort, pour boiling water. After steeping, cool, take 150 ml 15 minutes before meals.

4. Oatmeal.

To cook porridge on milk or water. The consistency should beat the mucosa, thanks to this feature, it coats the stomach and prevents damage to the walls, ulcers, gastritis.

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