Treatment of heartburn, during pregnancy

Pharmacies offer a lot of heartburn medications, but not all can be taken by pregnant women. This is due to the fact that when carrying a child the problem is protracted in nature and occurs systematically over a long time, in some cases up to 7-8 months.

A long and uncontrolled medication for heartburn during pregnancy can lead to negative consequences and harm the unborn baby. It is better to get rid of the unpleasant phenomenon on your own, and to conduct drug treatment under the supervision of a specialist.

Ways to prevent heartburn
  • Monitor nutrition. It is necessary to review the food and eliminate food that stimulates the production of acid. This contributes to fatty, spicy and fried foods, sour vegetables, berries, fruits, fresh pastries, pastries, sodas and spices. Different foods can affect pregnant women in different ways, so their restriction or introduction into the diet should take place individually.
  • Follow the rules of eating. Do not overeat, try to drink fractionally, in small portions more than 3 times a day. Do not bend down and do not take a horizontal position immediately after eating, it contributes to the penetration of acid into the esophagus. For the same reason, do not gorge on the night.
  • Avoid pressure on the waist and abdomen. The stomach is in an unnatural position for him, and with additional pressure on the stomach, he gets even more. Turn out to be tight and tight clothing, especially with elastic bands and try to sit straight.
  • Avoid spasmalgate. Severe heartburn during pregnancy may occur after the use of spasmogunics, as they relax muscles.
  • Avoid stress. Excessive nervous tension contributes to the increased production of acid and, as a consequence, the appearance of heartburn.
Ways to get rid of heartburn

Use foods that reduce heartburn. One of them is alkaline mineral water that can reduce the level of acid. It is recommended to release the gas from it and drink in small sips at the first symptoms of heartburn.

Many people are helped by eating fresh grated carrots without additives, a small amount of potato juice, sweet water or milk with a drop of fennel oil. A good way to get rid of heartburn can be egg shells. It should be ground and taken on a pinch in the event of unpleasant sensations.

One of the unpleasant “surprises” in the period of carrying a child can be heartburn. This phenomenon torments more than half of all pregnant women, and even those who previously knew about him only by hearsay. More often, heartburn during pregnancy manifests itself in the third trimester, but it can also occur in the early stages.

What causes heartburn during pregnancy

There are 2 causes of heartburn during pregnancy:

  • Hormones. When a child is born in women, the production of many hormones increases, one of them is progesterone. It leads to the relaxation of all smooth muscles, including the one that separates the stomach from the esophagus. In this state, the muscle does not cope with the function and passes acidic contents from the stomach into the esophagus. Hormonal changes increase the acidity of gastric juice, increasing the discomfort
  • Enlarged uterus. Growing uterus leads to heartburn in the later stages. Increasing, the body begins to press on the stomach, from which it flattens and rises, which contributes to the release of the contents into the esophagus.

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