Acute gastritis during pregnancy

Gastritis during pregnancy can occur in the first trimester, when many expectant mothers suffer from severe morning sickness and mid-term or towards the end.

When the first characteristic symptoms, it is important to do everything possible to quickly carry out a professional diagnosis and select a treatment regimen, selecting a safe for child and mother drugs that will quickly restore the normal functioning of the stomach. After all, any digestive disorders dangerous intoxication and malnutrition of the fetus, affect the development of systems of bodies.

During pregnancy it manifests itself for a number of reasons:

1. The occurrence of reflux, which is a reflux of stomach content into the intestines, resulting in irritation of the walls and the exacerbation of the disease. Reflux is often the result of configuration changes arrangement of internal organs of the growing fetus inside. This reason is particularly relevant in the later stages, when the child exerts a maximum pressure on the intestines and stomach.

2. Symptoms in the early stages may occur because of changes in food habits. Exacerbation of the chronic form of the disease provoke is used in a large number of food products which contain dyes or preservatives.

3. As a result of nervousness. Pregnant women tend to sweat the small stuff. If the reason for the experience is present all the time, the aggravation occurs repeatedly.

4. The negative impact of Helicobacter Pilory bacteria that destroy the gastric mucosa.

In most cases proceeds with the following characteristics:
  • Postprandial pain in the epigastrium.
  • Nausea and retching.
  • A reduced appetite.
  • Heaviness in the stomach.
  • The feeling of fullness is not associated with the abundant intake of food.

The last two symptoms are a manifestation of dyspepsia, characterizing secretory insufficiency during pregnancy. If the secretion of gastric juice is not broken, exacerbation of chronic gastritis can occur without such symptoms but with severe pain at the top of the abdomen, around the navel or in the right hypochondrium. Rarely pain occurs not only after meals but at night or in the morning, the feeling can be mild and acute. As a rule, severe pain indicates the higher development of gastric juice.

Methods of traditional therapy

Treatment of gastritis exacerbation in pregnant women has its own characteristics and depends on the early stages the disease manifests itself or makes itself felt towards the end of the period of carrying a child. Usage of medicines is considered by the doctor only in case of acute conditions, when homeopathy and folk remedies are unable to provide effective results.

To eliminate signs of inflammation can different groups of drugs. At high pH is often one of the first aid are antacids that reduce the acidity of gastric juice and at the same time pain inflammation of the affected areas. Such action is typical of Maalox, Fosfalugel, Almagell, appointed in suspension of the weekly rate. Antacids is recommended after 60 minutes after a meal.

The help to treat gastritis and enzyme drugs. We are talking about Pancreatin, Festal, CREON and Zantac. They are able to quickly eliminate the symptoms of dyspepsia. Also during exacerbation of any form of gastritis should be applied eubiotics and probiotics that normalize the microflora of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract (particularly the intestine). If the process is not too spicy, these drugs can be enough. During pregnancy shown the following tools – Linex, Calm, Laktovit, hilak-Forte.

Another group of drugs are antispasmodics, but they should only be taken under medical supervision. For the relief of pain used no-Spa, Platifillin, Papaverine. In the presence of symptoms such as vomiting and severe nausea, additionally appointed Reglan or its analogs, but only under constant medical supervision when maintenance of pregnancy is carried out in a hospital.

As for antibiotics, they are not recommended to treat and eliminate the symptoms of gastritis because of negative effects on the growing fetus.

In search of an answer to the question of what to do in case of aggravation of the disease during pregnancy, do not forget about the benefits of mineral water. Eliminate signs of gastritis with high acidity helps Borjomi, Smirnoff, Slavyanovskaya or water. If the disease developed on the background of a lack of acidity, to cure him is capable of Kislovodsk, Arzni. To achieve a therapeutic effect enough to drink useful water three times a day 150 ml in a couple of hours after eating. This therapy is not recommended in the later stages, when most pregnant women suffer from edema.

Treatment with folk remedies

Acute gastritis during pregnancy treated effectively and herbal infusions. If diagnosed with normal or increased acidity, you can brew chamomile, mint, St. John’s wort, flax seeds, oats, bloodroot, yarrow, herb of motherwort or Valerian root, providing a sedative effect.

To prepare a couple of tablespoons of grass or the collection, combining multiple components, pour 500 grams of only boiling water and put in a warm place to infuse for half an hour. After straining, you can add honey and drink warm half a Cup at least 5 times a day (after each meal).

The only restriction on the use of medicinal herbs is the period of gestation, as in the early stages of pregnancy a number of herbs are contraindicated. For example, you cannot use sage.

Proper organization of nutrition

Diet is a mandatory component of treatment without which it is impossible effectively to eliminate the symptoms of an exacerbation. Parallel is assigned bed rest, which is necessary for maximum rest of the stomach, requiring gentle mode of functioning, and weakening of the signs of intoxication.

Treatment of gastritis by means of correct diet and choice of diet scheme is carried out, adhering to the following guidelines:

  1. 1. Food must be fractional, with food at least 5 times a day.
  2. 2. Excluded large portions, which is unable to effectively to digest inflammation of the stomach.
  3. 3. For several days after the beginning of the aggravation, the food should have mashed a semi-liquid consistency, limit the intake of salt and carbohydrates.
  4. 4. Rich broth with sliced vegetables replace light vegetable broth, slimy cereal entrees on the water or soups.
  5. 5. Allowed lean boiled meat in mashed form.

Once the acute condition is relieved, diet menu extend through the following dishes:

  • Low-fat milk and cereal milk mucous soups.
  • Welded soft-boiled eggs (you can do a steam omelette).
  • Meat or fish, steam meatballs, meatballs.
  • Low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese.
  • A vegetable stew.
  • Fruit jelly.
  • Baked vegetables and fruits.
  • A biscuit.
  • The dried or yesterday’s white bread.

In order to effectively cure acute gastritis, from the diet completely eliminated chocolate, sodas, hot spices, fatty meats, poultry and fish, fresh baked goods, pickles and marinades.

It is important that a full balanced diet without irritants products and other items of the treatment were picked up quickly, as high-quality integrated nutrition during pregnancy and lack of discomfort – a guarantee of good health of the expectant mother and the growing baby inside her.

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