Treat gastritis at home

How to treat stomach gastritis at home?

1. Flax seeds.

They soothe pain and inflammation, thanks to their composition the polysaccharides. A decoction of the seeds is thick, it coats the gastric mucosa and protects. Apply the medicine when the disease of any acidity. The broth protects the stomach lining from mechanical irritation of the coarse components of the bolus, which is very important in atrophic gastritis. With erosive broth helps soothe the pain. In chronic types kissel from Flaxseed successfully completes the treatment menu.


  • 3 tablespoons of seeds pour 1 liter of boiling water, wrap, insist night. In the morning strain and drink half a Cup before each meal. Even if the acute stage has passed, the decoction is taken to continue not less than a month.
  • 1 tablespoon of seeds pour 1 Cup water, boil 5-7 minutes, then insist for 2.5 hours. Drink 1 tbsp. spoon for 15 minutes prior to each meal throughout the day.

2. A pudding recipe based on linseed.

For the best release of gluten grind the seeds into powder. 2 tbsp. ground seeds pour 8 tbsp. warm water, stir and leave for 10 hours. The resulting infusion is filtered, the solid residue are removed. In infusion add a little salt and cook until thick. Allowed a small amount of sugar or honey. If the acidity is reduced, in jelly, you can add a little sour berries.

3. Sprouted wheat.

The healing properties of Wheatgrass man has long been known, it was used as a popular method of treatment with erosive form. Sprout wheat at home. 200 g whole grain hybrids in the container and pour water to cover the seeds. To ensure that the grain does not dry out. When the wheat will hatch (it will appear white short roots), drained, rinsed and minced in a meat grinder. The pulp from the seeds to flavor oil (olive or sunflower), the mixture is consumed on an empty stomach every day.

4. Cabbage juice.

Cabbage in its raw form is included in the list of prohibited products. Coarse fiber injure the gastric mucosa and causes pain. But its juice is effective in the prevention and treatment of gastritis folk remedies. It has astringent effect and reduces inflammation. After a few minutes after taking pain decreased.

Cabbage juice can be used for treatment of atrophic and gastritis any acidity. Take half a Cup (or a Cup) before the meal for an hour at least 3 times a day. The juice should be warm – the temperature is about 35-37 degrees.

5. Potato juice.

Raw potato juice has proven successful with all skin types. It helps reduce inflammation, has a healing ability. Inhibits pathogenic microflora – the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, making possible to achieve stable remission in chronic gastritis. Relieves pain in atrophic type. Calms the nervous system, protects against stress, which is useful in spastic progression of the disease.

Juice is better to cook freshly dug tubers. The root wash, peel, squeeze juice, make immediately, not stored. Drink 1 tbsp. juice half an hour before meals. The length of treatment is 10 days. Rest 10 days, then repeat twice more. If the time to start the treatment, the aggravation is possible to stop in the first 10 days – is pain, heaviness, normal stool.

6. Parsley juice.

In the treatment of atrophic gastritis at home, prepare a mixture of parsley root. 3 tbsp. chopped root brewed in boiling water and insist 12 hours. Drink 1 tbsp. spoon half an hour before meals.

7. Apples.

An indispensable tool in chronic type. Eat apples on a daily basis, before using the peel (it is poorly absorbed) and grate. It is important to eat 2 apples on an empty stomach 2 hours before first Breakfast or perhaps a strong leg. Green apples are the most useful substances that help if not to cure the disease, to achieve sustained remission.

8. Oil.

Oils have long been used in the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract. They have a beneficial effect on inflamed mucosa, effective as at exacerbation and during remission.

  • Linseed oil. Has the same therapeutic properties of the seeds, therefore, is indicated for heartburn, hyperacidity and gastritis erosive. Oil drink 1 tablespoon twice a day on an empty stomach. Do not start treatment erosive disease folk remedies until you visit the gastroenterologist.
  • Olive. Used for the treatment in all forms, but has contraindications with concomitant gallstones and ulcerative colitis. Oil can be taken 1 teaspoon before meals or add to ready-made meals diet menu for chronic type.
  • Sea buckthorn. Relieves pain during and erosive gastritis with high acidity, helps to cure erosion of mucous, reduces inflammation. Taking half an hour before meals for 1 tsp. course – 2 months. Oil should not be given to child and also to drink during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as sea buckthorn – is a strong allergen.
  • Treatment with pumpkin oil. Normalizes metabolism and the composition of bile, helps to restore the damage mucosa. The oil is hypoallergenic so it is allowed to use not only for adults but also for pregnant women and children six months. Take 2 teaspoon 1 hour before meals.

In modern medicine the term “gastritis” refers to a large group of diseases of the stomach, characterized by the symptoms, causes and treatments. To determine the form and to choose a therapy needs the doctor-gastroenterologist on the basis of research and analysis. To cope with the unpleasant manifestations in the home help the recipes of traditional medicine.

Herbal medicine will help to cure the aggravation

Any herbal is a drug. Before self-treatment at home, be sure to consult with an expert herbalist since the assignment of treatment of gastritis must take into account the personal intolerance of separate components, and the presence of comorbidities of the patient.

It is not necessary to use herbal treatment for children up to 12 years. In contrast to the adult child’s immune system is still forming, and taking herbs may adversely affect the development of certain organs.

Gastritis with high acidity

1. In periods of exacerbations use fees, in which selected herbs have a protective action and reduce the secretory activity.


  • rhizome;
  • peppermint;
  • fennel;
  • licorice root;
  • flax seeds;
  • lime color.

All components are taken in equal proportions. 15 g of the mixture pour 1 tbsp. of warm water, to insist 2 hours. Pour into an enamel saucepan, boil. Cool and drink 1 hour after a meal.

2. Recipe:

  • chamomile flowers;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • yarrow;
  • the celandine.

The method of preparation and ingestion is the same as in recipe No. 1, before the use of the tea to drain.

3. Burdock.

A Cup of boiling water pour 1 tbsp. spoon leaves insist 2 hours, strain. The decoction to drink for 2 tablespoons after every meal.

What to take for gastritis with low acidity

Herbal tea, prepared according to these recipes, acts as a during exacerbation and in remission. With regular use of herbs the treatment effect is visible already after 2 weeks.

1. Recipe:

  • St. John’s wort – 1 part;
  • chicory – 2 hours;
  • yarrow – 1 h;
  • dymjanka – 3 hours.

Brew 1 tablespoon of herbs in a Cup of boiling water. When the mixture has cooled, strain and add 3 tbsp. of juice Golden mustache. Drink a half hour before each meal.

2. Rose.

Rosehip contains a lot of vitamin C and tannins, therefore, stimulates gastric secretions, helps to cure inflammation. Take a decoction or infusion.

  • The infusion. Put in a thermos 4 tablespoons of dried berries of rose hips, pour hot water (not boiling water!) and leave to infuse overnight. Drink 1 Cup three times a day.
  • Broth. Dried berries rose hips to boil for 5 minutes. Pour into a thermos. Drink warm 1 Cup three times a day. Fresh decoction should be done every 3 days.

5. Aloe and honey.

Aloe gently stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and contractility of the stomach, so it is used as a treatment of folk remedies for hypoacid gastritis.

It is better to use leaves from plants aged 3 years. The effectiveness of treatment will increase if before cooking cut the leaves to put in the fridge for 1-2 weeks. The juice is squeezed out before the meal to drink 1 teaspoon three times a day. Because aloe Vera juice has a bitter taste, add honey. Medication long – at least 3 weeks.

6. Soda.

It quickly relieves the pain, but the onset of relief is deceptive, soda cannot cure the gastritis. It is especially dangerous to use at low pH. When taking soda in the stomach, chemical reactions occur that affect the mucosa in the long term exacerbating the severity of the disease.

Before you start treatment of folk remedies, be sure to consult with a specialist!

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