Headache and stomach causes treatment

Headache is rarely a major reason for going to the doctor. But if it is accompanied by abdominal pain and fever, such symptoms cannot be ignored, it could indicate a dangerous disease. It is therefore not necessary to drink tablets and to wait while itself will pass, better to be surveyed and find out the exact diagnosis.

Rotavirus infection

If a stomach ache and a headache, the most common cause of such symptoms is rotavirus infection.

It is:

  • pain in the stomach and head,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • fever.

In people, this disease is commonly called “stomach flu”. It can occur in people of any age. Flows with different complexity, are especially dangerous for small children up to two years (could be dehydration life-threatening consequences). It is best to immediately call an ambulance or consult a doctor.

This disease belongs to the virus, therefore, is accompanied by such signs as:

  • General weakness,
  • pain in the head and stomach,
  • redness of the throat, and eye membranes
  • high temperature
  • indigestion.

You can become infected from tainted and substandard food. The incubation period usually takes no more than five days.

Food poisoning

Another reason for these unpleasant symptoms can be poisoning, is caused by medications or poor quality food.

The man in this case, too, a headache and a stomach, but in addition to these symptoms appears:

  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • diarrhea,
  • temperature can increase.
  • A person has signs of intoxication, he wants to drink constantly.

If the patient ate the day before spoiled or suspicious product, he is likely to understand that these symptoms are caused by poisoning.

In this case, you will need:

  • to make a gastric lavage, vomiting will improve the patient’s condition, and when the stomach is cleansed, then you need to drink plenty of water;
  • then it is recommended to take a sorbent, e.g. activated carbon, enterosgel.

If all the above measures did not bring relief and the patient gets worse, then you should immediately consult a doctor may cause no symptoms of poisoning. But if a person became better, I need a few days to sit on a diet that body recovered.


If a stomach ache and a headache, another reason of such symptoms may be toxic infection.

The causative agents of such infections can be:

  • staphylococci,
  • Salmonella,
  • Clostridium.

In this case, the abdominal pain is acute, localized under the spoon, appears:

  • severe vomiting,
  • falling blood pressure,
  • the patient to become ill
  • he has dark eyes,
  • there is dizziness and headache.

Man after recovery even for a long time may feel weakness.

If the poisoning is caused by Clostridium, the disease is generally hard.

It is characterized by pronounced signs:

  • severe pain in the abdomen, which is localized in the umbilical region,
  • copious vomiting,
  • frequent and liquid stools.

Botulism can also be a cause of pain in the abdomen and head. Basically poisoning is canned food.

A person begins:

  • vomiting,
  • vomiting and diarrhea,
  • characteristic symptom is muscle weakness,
  • lowered eyelids,
  • eyesight deteriorates
  • people can not swallow food.

In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor, otherwise, death can occur.

Other reasons

The above reasons are the most common, but can cause pain in the head and in the abdomen may other factors, for example:

  • Traumatic brain injury. If a concussion or other head injury, the person may feel pain in the head and abdomen, and sometimes nausea and vomiting.
  • Oncology. Malignancy in the brain can also cause stomach discomfort and headaches especially in the morning. Sometimes temperature can increase. If discomfort bother you constantly and mostly in the morning, then you need to be examined.
  • Hypertension. High blood pressure can cause nausea and severe headache, the man has dark eyes, and the head heavier. Very often, the symptoms appear after emotional stress or after heavy exercise.
  • Meningitis. When the disease first appears unbearable headache and high fever, nausea and vomiting. The characteristic symptom is that the patient can not lower the head on his chest, as the muscles of neck are in tension.
If the child got sick?

If a child complains that his stomach hurts and his head, the reasons can be the same as in adults.

But it is important to remember that in cases of poisoning for children are very dangerous intoxication, as their body has not matured. That is why if poisoned child, it is better to see a doctor.

Sometimes headache and abdominal discomfort the child may occur because of psychological problems, for example, when parents have little time to the child or constantly scold him. In this case, if the results of the analysis of the child everything is normal, then you need to show it to the psychologist.

The pain in the head and abdomen may be the body’s response to certain drugs, so be careful to provide a variety of medications and vitamins to avoid any problems.

What to do?

Try to cope with headache and abdominal discomfort can be using the following guidelines:

  • to eliminate harmful food products;
  • take a shower, preferably, contrast;
  • to wash out the stomach and to drink activated charcoal;
  • take anti-fever medication if temperature has risen.

If the symptoms are pronounced and do not go for a long time, then you need to go to the hospital. The doctor will prescribe treatment after accurate diagnosis.

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