Tensor headache causes treatment

Tensor headache is a type of pain, the main reason of physical or nervous overstrain. Facial and cervical thoughts compressed, goes into spasms, which constricts blood vessels.

In the end, the muscle does not get enough blood, it begins to swell and becomes too intense. The discomfort can last from 30 minutes to two or three days, and the pain is mild to moderate.

In humans, there is a feeling of heaviness in the neck or in the forehead, and there are pain in the neck and near the sideburns. Typically, the pain occurs at the end of a hard working day or evening.

Causes of

The main reason for the emergence of tensor headache – a lot of stress. It can be because of work or study, and also due to conflicts within the family.

Nervous tension can trigger:

  • heavy moving
  • dismissal,
  • a new job,
  • the loss of a loved one,
  • separation from the beloved.

Can be to blame for the headache:

  • regular insomnia,
  • uncomfortable bed or workplace
  • constant fatigue,
  • preparing for a significant event,
  • the birth of a child.

The reason in this case is not as important as the result of one – regular headaches, which raises the concern, deteriorating sleep and begins to disturb the regular fatigue.

From people particularly sensitive to external factors of the tensor headache starts because of the bright lights or excessive noise. Rarely, the cause of getting the fasting and posture.

It is recommended to avoid precipitating factors, if possible, and try to care more about their health and less nervous. Otherwise the pain of the temporary can become permanent, and then the joy of life disappears.


Tensor pain can occur suddenly day or night, and as suddenly to pass.

She wears either:

  • periodically (rarely worried, less than two weeks a month and is quick);
  • chronic (lasts more than 2 weeks a month, often appears and lasts for a long time).

Its intensity does not depend on physical exertion and exacerbation may occur for no apparent reason.

The tensor feature of headache is that it does not violate the coordination, accompanied by nausea and visual disturbances.

As a rule, the pulsation in the forehead or the nape only observed in chronic pain. During recurrent pain, the person feels a slight compression of the forehead and pressure in the neck, which causes discomfort. The condition of the body does not deteriorate much, but the headache affects people, as it affects sleep and appetite and spoils the mood.

Also may experience the following symptoms, if the intensity tensor of a headache above the average:

  • pain and muscle tension;
  • distraction;
  • fatigue;
  • strong irritability or tearfulness;
  • constant fatigue;
  • intolerance to bright light and loud sounds;
  • the nebula of thoughts.

That is why you should not run headaches, and it is better to treat immediately than to wait until you become chronic. Even minor discomfort of this kind can deprive the good mood and joy of life.

If not treated, the disease or later have to pay attention to it, it can cause more serious diseases of the brain and blood vessels.


To self-medicate is not recommended, especially if the pain is chronic and pronounced.

It is imperative to make an appointment to see your doctor and tell him about the manifestations of the disease, so he can diagnose and confirm the presence of the tensor pain.

You may need examination and submission of certain tests on the basis of which will be appointed a course of treatment. The doctor will prescribe treatment tablets – will recommend sedatives and painkillers, to make it easier to cope with stress. It is possible, you will need to take special medicines called muscle relaxants.

Treatment will be most effectiveif during it to avoid any stress, conflict and overload. It is desirable at this time to take a vacation or a day off work and have a good rest at home, or on the journey.

The more pleasant emotions, the faster you will be able to get rid of the tensor headache.

By the way, if you got a headache because of excitement or conflict situation, and this phenomenon is an isolated case, it will be enough:

  • drink a pain reliever
  • to use breathing exercises,
  • to get a massage,
  • take a warm bath,
  • eat well,
  • to sleep.

Pregnant women and those who suffer from cardiovascular disease, still need to see a doctor for them to the harm of pain is much higher.

People who have tensor headache is permanent, can not do without professional assistance. He must not only prescribe the necessary medicines, but also provide psychological help. To completely get rid of the disease have identify the true cause of the onset of pain and try to remove it, and all the symptoms. You will need to eliminate stress muscle tone and normalize the nervous system.

Only a good doctor can help in the short term to recover.

Inpatient treatment is not required, as all procedures can be performed at home.


If for some reason there’s no time to visit a specialist, then you can try to cure the disease on their own. But it is understood that only the doctor will be able to choose the right pillsthat will help to achieve a positive result in the shortest possible time.

And only a specialist can accurately diagnose the disease, as headache is a symptom of many ailments, some quite serious and even life-threatening.

  • To start you will need to buy sedatives, which are sold without a prescription. They need to drink, to normalize the nervous system and reduce stress levels. They will also help to improve the health of the whole organism and, in General, will not cause harm to humans, if you follow the instructions, specified in the dosage.
  • You can also drink herbal tea that helps calm. It will help get rid of insomnia and unnecessary worries, relieve stress and reduce headache.
  • During the onset of discomfort, you should measure your blood pressure and keep it within normal limits.

However, to get rid of pain forever, have to change in their life, habits and circle of friends. You should give up everything, causing a lot of stress and provokes the disease. By the way, the cause of the pain can be even uncomfortable bed and pillows, bend the position of the body, or low standing computer monitor, which must keep their heads down.

Useful tips

If you managed to eliminate a headache or even non-existent, it is not a reason not to take care of your health. It is easier to prevent disease or its recurrence, than to cure.

This will need to follow some rules:

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. How can you walk more in the parks or in the countryside, relax, get enough sleep and get rid of bad habits.
  • Stop thinking negatively and focus on positive events. Plenty communicate with loved ones and enjoy your life.
  • Eat right. Exclude from the diet of harmful products and alcohol. Do not overeat but do not starve.

These tips will not only help to prevent the appearance of the tensor of the pain, but will have a beneficial effect on the organism as a whole. To health should be taken seriously, as it depends on the quality of life and mental state.

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