Headaches in the forehead and eyes causes treatment

Headache can be caused by different reasons. Constant stress, poor environment, poor diet, radiation from household appliances – all of these factors lead to the fact that almost all people from time to time suffer from headaches.

Usually pain syndrome is localized in the forehead. What causes headache and pressure on eyes?

What are the reasons?

Pain in the forehead, which gives to a whisky and eyes, familiar to many firsthand. Such discomfort may experience healthy people and people suffering from various diseases. Consider the main reasons that can cause such pain.


Many people don’t think about the fact that some industrial products of poor quality may contain toxic substances. They can cause headaches, pressure on the eye. It is seen most often from sellers of such commodities and the warehouse employees.

When purchasing household appliances or furniture must sniff, if these goods emanates a strong odor, it is better to refuse from their purchase.

If suddenly without any reasons had a strong pain in the forehead, you remember what purchases you have recently purchased, perhaps this is the reason in them.

In addition to affect health can certain foods that contain unhealthy food additives such as monosodium glutamate, nitrates, caffeine, histamine and tyramine. If a person is suffering from allergies, the citrus fruit may cause him a headache.

Diseases of ENT-organs

If you have a headache and puts pressure on the eyes, then the cause of this condition may be the following diseases:

  • Sinusitis. When inflammation of the frontal sinuses are sore eyes and head. This is a fairly common disease that is characterized by symptoms of intoxication, fever and increased body temperature. In this disease the person complains of intolerable pain in the forehead, which gives to the eyeballs. This condition is dangerous because the purulent process is located near the brain.
  • Frontal sinusitis. In this disease, inflamed mucosa of the frontal sinus, which also suffers from frontal part. Pain syndrome usually appears in the morning, its intensity is different.
  • Etmoidit. In this case, the inflamed ethmoid sinus that is located behind the nose in the depths of the skull. Most often this disease affects children and adults, who have reduced protective functions of the body. The pain is also localized in the frontal lobe and appears at certain times of the day.

Eye diseases

In today’s world many people are forced to spend a lot of time on the computer, with the result that because of eye strain sore eyes and head. In this case it is necessary to consult an eye specialist.

Myopia, hyperopia, conjunctivitis, astigmatism and other diseases, especially those accompanied by increased intraocular pressure, can cause pain pressure on eye.

Diseases of the nervous system

To provoke pain in the frontal part of the skull can the following diseases of the nervous system:

  • Migraine. This is a very common disease that is characterized by pulsating headaches. First pain syndrome is localized in the temple, and then gradually moves to other parts of the head, including the forehead. Mostly unilateral pain may be accompanied by a strange roar in the ears, General malaise and dizziness.
  • Neuroses. They are usually prone to hypochondriac people with increased excitability. To say exactly what cause headache is a neurosis after exclusion of other possible causes. When this diagnosis is usually no other symptoms.
  • Cluster pain. If pain localized in the forehead, can cause watery eyes and will be noticeable redness of the eyes. Typically, this pain occurs suddenly, may be unbearable. Precipitating factor is usually a change of climate, Smoking and alcohol abuse.
Diseases caused by viruses and infections

With pain in the forehead can begin such diseases as cold, flu, SARS, encephalitis and meningitis. Pain syndrome localized in the frontal part, gives to the whiskey and the back of the head. Typically, such diseases are accompanied by fever, pain in joints and muscles, General intoxication. Meningitis and encephalitis are serious diseases that require medical care. They may be accompanied by loss of consciousness.

In addition, headache is caused by a viral diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes and ticks, for example, fever in Germiston, Ithaca, Kathu, Dengue and others. Basically risk travelers in the southern countries, where you can catch different types of fevers.

Malignant tumors

Oncology is the most dangerous cause that can cause headaches in the forehead.

It can be a malignant tumor in the frontal lobe of the brain, vascular tumors, cancer of the eye socket, frontal bone, maxillary sinus. But unlike pain due to other causes, pain in malignant tumors is ongoing.

Therefore, with constant headaches, pressure eye you need to see a doctor, because if you start with cancer, to help a patient will be very difficult, and the early stages of cancer is treatable.

Alarming symptoms

From the foregoing it becomes clear that headache can be caused by dangerous diseases. How to understand that it is time to go to the doctor?

Alarming symptoms that cannot be ignored:

  • The painful syndrome, which has never happened before.
  • Pain can’t stop the pain medications, it continues more than three days.
  • The pain is so strong, it seems that something inside exploded.
  • In addition to pain, muscle weakness, visual disturbances, speech disorders, and coordination of movement.
  • Pain syndrome increases with physical activity.
  • The pain is so bad that does not allow humans to do other things.
  • There has been a sharp increase in temperature, the neck becomes immobile.
  • Person vomits, but not sick.

All of these symptoms should alert, you can not ignore them, they can be a symptom of dangerous diseases.


If a person regularly has a headache and puts pressure on the eye, it is necessary to pass the examination and to know the exact diagnosis.

  1. And to prevent headaches it is recommended to watch what you eat it is also important to comply with diet.
  2. You cannot skip your Breakfast, because the body in the morning, you must obtain needed minerals and vitamins.
  3. It is desirable to eat 4 times a day in small portions, it is better to eat little but often.
  4. To prevent migraines you should drink plenty of fluids, better if it is plain drinking water. In any case it is impossible to prevent dehydration.
  5. It is also important to do all possible exercise, preferably every day. You can sign up for swimming, it is very useful for health.

But if all else fails, contact a physician and he is already guided to the right doctor.

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