Blew the head treatment

In autumn and winter, every person may lose his head, if you will walk around without a hat or are in the draft. Even in the warm season it is possible to encounter this issue, for example, in the case of swimming in the icy river, either when riding in the car with the window open.

Even drinking cold drinks can lead to the cold head. Whatever the reason, it is necessary to take timely measures. When we have lost the head, the symptoms and treatment will need to know, just so can avoid serious complications.

Predisposing factors

Even the most cautious person can not be sure that he will never lose his head. Of course, more chances to face with pathology from those who do not keep their health. That is, walking in the cold without a hat, prevents drafts in the apartment, or loves to swim in cold water. Naturally, this is not all the negative factors that lead to hypothermia of the head.

The main reasons:

  1. Walk down the street with wet hair. Normally people won’t go outside with a wet head. But, for example, in the summer people bathe in the sea and then walk around town with wet hair. If the wind is blowing or the sun is behind the clouds, there is a probability of catching cold.
  2. A long stay under the air conditioner. If you blew the head in the apartment, then you should not be surprised. The owners of the conditioning run the risk of chill vital organ. For this reason, it is not recommended to sit under it if you don’t want hypothermia to the head.
  3. The ride in the transport with the window open. It can be as public bus and personal car. Fans of open Windows should be prepared for the fact that there is a hypothermia of the head. This especially applies to the situation when blowing directly on the passenger or driver.
  4. Eating ice-cream and cold drinks. In this case, it is important not to overdo it, so you do not complain about the hypothermia of the head.

Whatever the reason, you should know how to act in a similar situation. When a man has got a cold in the head, he should urgently take steps to avoid complications.


If we have lost the head, the first signs of hypothermia occur in about several hours. It all starts with an intense pain that gradually intensified. People can ignore the discomfort in the head, because they often explain safe reasons. But if proskvozilo head, then added other characteristic features.

Main symptoms:

  1. A fever, may experience fever, chills, or Vice versa.
  2. Painful sensations that occur with rotation of the neck.
  3. With hypothermia the scalp can increase susceptibility to light, which I want to hide in a dark room.
  4. General weakness in the body, noise in the ears.
  5. If you have lost your head, can ride the pressure.
  6. Often there are shooting sensations in my temples.

When people catch a cold in the head, the inflammation can move to other organs in the nose, ears or throat. It all depends on where the infectious focus. If there is a runny nose and sore throat, then it is possible to suspect the progress of the pathological state. If you blew the head, it is important to start treatment immediately.

Therapy at home

If a person got a cold in the head, the correct action is to immediately consult a medical professional. The hospital will put the correct diagnosis, and prescribe therapies. When there is no possibility in the near future to go to the hospital when it blew the head, then you can start to treat at home.

The patient must comply with bed rest, it is extremely important not to go on street walks, not to be in the draft and plenty of rest. Take note of the additional measures, which help in the hypothermia of the head. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids, useful tea, fruit drinks, with the drinks is to add a wild rose or lemon. At the time of illness is not recommended to eat fried and fatty food.

To improve well-being should take aspirin or other analgesic means. When you have a sore throat, then it needs to caress a herbal decoction, such as chamomile. Some people use the oil of fir and eucalyptus, others do inhalations with sage. At the onset of a cold is to use vasoconstrictive drops.

When we have lost the head, frequently observed pain in the neck. To facilitate the state’s recommended to use a warming ointment. Before applying be sure to make sure that there is no increased body temperature.

It is useful to strengthen the body to quickly coped with the illness and regained his strength. You can use vitamins, eat more vegetables and fruits. When the wind blew in the head, people are recommended to heat the bags of salt and apply them to a problem location. Keep them allowed no more than 15 minutes.

As far as the head, it should keep warm. It is useful to wear a hat especially in the cold season. It should not be removed even at home, in order to achieve faster recovery. As a rule, if a person catch a cold in the head, he the next day becomes easier. But in order to fully recover, it will take about two weeks.

Traditional medicine

Hypothermia of the head is not recommended only be treated with traditional methods, because they may not be enough. You should contact a traditional medicine, in order to achieve faster recovery. It is worth remembering that anti-inflammation and painkillers may be prescribed only the doctor. Their own pick is not recommended.

When we have lost the head, often people use Nimesil. It effectively eliminates inflammation, lowers body temperature and relieves pain. Most people tolerate it, and noted rapid improvement. But he was not allowed to give children, and also to apply in the presence of contraindications.

If a person got a cold in the head, the doctor may recommend the use Movalis to relieve the pain. Useful for the muscles are warming cream, but they are allowed to apply in the absence of temperature. Sometimes, when you have lost your head, you can hurt your ears. In such a situation, the recommended Otinum drops, they quickly relieve the negative symptoms.

In that situation, when a person is treated independently, but the head continues to hurt, immediately you should consult a doctor. There is a risk of serious complications, therefore, to postpone the visit to the hospital is not necessary.

The consequences

When he lost his head, and the person did not timely treated, can cause complications. Over time, they can become chronic. There is the likelihood of developing otitis media, sinusitis and conjunctivitis. If a person got a cold in the head, it may lead to inflammation of the lymph nodes.

There are more dangerous consequences, for example, abscess of the brain, in which the formed pockets of pus. He disrupted the Central nervous system, there is paralysis and impaired vision. Can also decrease mental abilities of the patient.

When people catch a cold in the head, may be meningitis. When this rash appears on the body, fever, starts vomiting and diarrhea, and disturbed consciousness. It is important to call the doctor to prevent death.

If a citizen lost his head, in most cases, the negative consequences can be prevented. Enough to know what to do, and time to start to heal. Also do not forget about preventive measures: you need to wear a hat in the winter to avoid drafts and dry your hair before going outside. Then you won’t have to suffer from the fact that we have lost the head.

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