Headache in the forehead and temples

Many regularly complain of headache in the temples, at the nape or in the frontal Department. These symptoms are different, the attacks can be mild or unbearable. Often the headaches stopped on their own. Often people use drugs or use recipes of traditional medicine to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms.

Causes of

Unpleasant symptoms arise due to the different conditions of the body. Migraine in the forehead and temples, occipital part caused by irritation of the nerve tissues in the head, on the face. Such feelings appear even in people without health problems.

List the main causes of headache:

  • Related disorders organs.
  • Infectious processes.
  • Poisoning.
  • Injuries.
  • Diseases of the nervous system, mental problems.

Often head in the temple area hurt due to the intracranial pressure, blood can stagnate, or not to act in sufficient quantity to the brain. Such symptomatology is accompanied by hypertension. Headaches in these places appear in anemia. The formation of such symptoms contributes to the destruction of blood vessels. In diseases of this structure, the blood circulates in the brain insufficient. This leads to disruption in providing essential nutrients and oxygen.

Headache in the forehead or temples is a protective response of the body functions to such a situation. The feeling of discomfort appears in the patient after the movement of nerve impulses.

Distinguish large number of diseases that cause similar symptoms. Arteric refers to the most common processes. After him followed by migraine and coronary artery disease. In this state people may not normally think of as a disease only compounded.

Migraines can be caused by the development of angina, SARS. Such feelings of discomfort are considered to be signs of sinusitis and sinusitis.

Lifestyle affects the headache. People today a lot of sitting at computers, watching TV, I use another digital technology. If you constantly experience stress or subjected to a body too large physical loads, the head also starts to hurt.

Pain in the temple area often appear as a result of injuries. Pain when dental problems can radiate to the head, an Allergy and sinusitis.

The development of this disease is often the result of pathologies of the CNS. These problems will help to solve only a qualified doctor, to prevent neurosis.

Headache in the temples are often indicative of other diseases, problems with blood circulation to the brain. The choice of food products also affects the health of people.

The problems with fatigue

Mental fatigue refers to the reasons for the appearance of a headache. The symptom often occurs in the 2nd half of the day after prolonged standing behind the monitor or in challenging intellectual activity. Such pain is eliminated just. Need to take a break, relax, breathe in the fresh air, change their environment.

Seek medical attention is not necessary, but the danger is still present. With the constant occurrence of chronic fatigue can cause health problems.

Female trouble

During pregnancy often there is a feeling of discomfort. Headaches in these women due to migraine. While there are problems with the digestive system, vision becomes defective.

To cause headaches in pregnant women can:

  • foods;
  • the sharp smell;
  • change of weather conditions;
  • unpleasant sounds;
  • fatigue.

Headaches in the forehead and temporal lobes arise due to low pressure caused by the early period of morning sickness. Often this condition accompanies the girl in the 1st trimester. High blood pressure is also considered a signal to health, the period of late toxicosis.

Changes in the female body too often cause painful symptoms.

These include:

  • the hormonal conversion;
  • menstruation;
  • climax.

The pain appears tuma, aching, increased irritability.

The first signs of pregnancy include body temperature is 37, and also headache in the temple area. Symptoms is considered normal, does not require the use of medication. This condition is due to the influence of increasing hormonal levels on the thermoregulation center.

And related symptoms

Such signs are often accompanied by other painful conditions. Overall health could deteriorate any further symptoms. All signs of the disease make the diagnosis of pathology faster. Understanding the reasons why there are headaches in the forehead, you need to consider the nature of the manifestations, the presence of dangerous symptoms.

Many diseases can occur with the simultaneous occurrence of headache. All diseases require special treatment. According to one clinical picture is not always possible to determine the pressure, so you have to measure it separately. If such problems require different kinds of therapy. Making a mistake in the selection of drugs that can contribute to the deterioration of his condition.

We list the accompanying symptoms:

  • Fever.
  • Runny nose.
  • Retching.
  • Dizzy.
  • Change the color of the skin.
  • The weakened body.
  • Deteriorating appetite.

Short-term effect can be achieved if you can only deal with the symptoms. Often the use of classic drugs headache no benefit. Antispasmodics can’t eliminate an infectious or inflammatory process. In complex situations requires a comprehensive approach to treatment.

What is there pain?

Episodic cephalgia causes fewer problems, but this disorder is better not to ignore. Symptoms occur suddenly, are extended for a long time, easily eliminated with analgesics, are optimally suited for specialized treatment. Often, the cephalalgia occurs in response to changing atmospheric or blood pressure, infection and stress. It is better to protect yourself from all precipitating factors, such as symptoms of disorders can develop into a chronic form.

Too rapid and severe migraine are characteristic of problems with the blood vessels. She’s not having any reaction to the use of painkillers, lasts several hours, significantly worse. Symptoms almost never decreases, periodically amplified.

Danger signs

Frequent headaches need to see a specialist. Sometimes medical intervention is required even when one-time manifestation of symptoms.

Indications for calling the physician:

  • Cephalalgia is formed quickly and in an acute form, increased, occurs clouding of consciousness, difficult speech and the perception of environmental factors.
  • Compressing the symptoms of high intensity, which occupation with everyday problems becomes impossible.
  • The temperature rises to 38.5.
  • Retching.
  • Dots appear before my eyes, in the ears noise.
  • Touch to the skin in the forehead and temples causes pain.

Pregnancy often causes headaches.

Problems with blood vessels

If the vein or artery on the head are clamped plaques, difficulties arise with the transportation of blood to the brain. The result is oxygen starvation, there is a poisoning with products of disintegration. Dense network of blood vessels becomes the cause of the headache. While there are problems with sleep, dizzy, man weakens, deteriorates your brain function. VSD and hypertension are the most common pathologies. If you do not respond to these problems adequately, it may be a stroke.

Infection and inflammation

Headache almost always occurs due to inflammation and infection. Often the pain appears in the frontal section and moves on to whiskey.

Patients having:

  • Weakness.
  • High temperature.
  • Weakness.

The appearance of gagging, the muscles of the head and a negative reaction to light indicate meningitis. SARS causes complications when flippant attitude to the treatments.


Headache occurs frequently when bumps, bruises and compression of brain tissue. Often the pain in the temple suggests that the blow was struck in this region with the probable exceptions. These injuries are not always possible without the vomiting and nausea, a weakness, lose consciousness.

First aid

When all of a sudden cephalalgia, need to get away from the usual activities, take a break. It is advisable to walk in the air, ventilate the room. With a weak manifestation of symptoms will be able to focus on any one drug or traditional medicine. Consultation with a doctor will help with a strong, long-lasting pain.

Drug therapy

The tablets can be consumed if the headache occurs for unknown reasons. Nospanum is recommended for suspected spazmirovannah muscle tissue or blood vessels. Sedatives help to eliminate cephalalgia. Headaches caused by inflammation, eliminates Paracetamol. Check for hypertension is performed using measurements of blood pressure, caused specific results.

Traditional medicines

Materials at hand should be limited, if no first aid kits on hand or desire to use drugs. the headache that occurs for any reason, helping eliminate weak tea with lemon or ascorbic acid. Essential oil with the addition of menthol or peppermint can be rubbed into whiskey. To facilitate happens quite a few times to breathe their fumes. Cephalalgia can eliminate the tea of chamomile or lemon balm.

Nutritional supplements

On the condition patients are often exposed to harmful products:

  • Cold food after a poor heat treatment. They often contain nitrates in excess of normal levels. If you always follow the diet, such foods should be limited.
  • Histamine is contained in alcoholic beverages. In small doses, this ingredient helps strengthen the immune system. Excessive amounts contributes to migraines.
  • MSG in large quantities is contained in the sauces, exotic foods. These include fish and meat products without appropriate heat treatment. If you eat too much of such food, will be a headache.
  • Tyramine promotes the headaches. This substance is found in nuts, cheese, chocolate.
  • Caffeine. In small amounts affects the brain. Headache may occur with regular consumption of beverages with this component.

A significant factor in preventive measures is following the approved diet. Many do not eat Breakfast, make a mistake. After sleeping energy in the body is depleted. Morning calories allow you to feel more cheerful.

People need to eat 3-5 times a day in small portions. Need to eat some food to prevent dehydration that can cause a migraine.

The quality of life of patients deteriorates significantly when a headache in the temple area. This is true even in the absence of organic disorders. Symptoms manifest disregard of the daily routine, regular stress, fatigue. Do not rely on the strength of the body, there is a likelihood of complications. Regular use of drugs is fraught with side effects.

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