How to use the root of a sunflower from kidney stones

Each of us used the sunflower seed in food, but few people know that the root of this plant has healing properties.

Properly cooked from it a decoction is capable of:

  • start the process of breaking stones in the organs of the urinary system and biliary tract (primarily uric acid and calcium oxalate origin);
  • to accelerate the removal of salt components from the cavity of the joints and tissues of the cartilage;
  • influence the resorption of the wall of plaques in the lumen of blood vessels;
  • gently accelerates the urinary tract;
  • indirectly reduces the level of sugar in blood at diabetes;
  • if you apply this decoction in the treatment of patients with essential hypertension, significantly reduced headaches and stabiliziruemost pressures.

The therapeutic effects of plants roots due to the fact that it is in excess contains potassium, which is able to stimulate diuresis, and included in its composition alkaline alkaloids are involved in the destruction of the salt substrates.
Medicinal properties have only the roots of fully Mature sunflowers

How to prepare root at home?

We must remember that digging up the root of a sunflower until the plant is completely dry in natural conditions, as evidenced by the brown color of its cap and stem (observed towards the end of autumn). It is of great importance, as immature plant has the required properties.

Before you begin cooking the rhizomes, you must use a knife to remove the peel covering it from above, and then dense formation can be crushed. Do it better with an axe.
In the treatment applies only to the Central stem of the root system of a sunflower, the lateral roots for this purpose. The earth only shakes, but in any case not washed out.

To properly dry the root outdoors, but without direct sunlight on its surface. The division usually is made on a part whose thickness does not exceed 6-7 mm. In this way the plant can store up to 3 years and, if necessary, is further size reduction.

The method of preparation of decoction

Preparation of the decoction of the root of sunflower from kidney stones do not require special skills and some training. But before you begin treatment, you need to make sure that the previously dried substrate is compliant and fit for therapy. This crushed root pour water and on slow fire boil for 5 minutes, after which it leave to cool and infuse for 10-12 hours. This decoction should acquire intense dark brown color and fragrant smell of sunflower oil. If not, then use it for medical purposes is just useless and impractical.
The most time consuming process is chopping the root of the sunflower, as it has a natural hardness

The classic recipe of the broth is as follows:

  1. Previously finely grind 300 g of the root and fill it with common water (the liquid volume is 5 liters). It all boil on a slow fire, withstanding no more than 5 minutes, then remove from heat and leave to infuse for 10-12 hours. Then the broth is filtered well, and the root put into the fridge.
  2. Use “natural” medicine, you need 1.5 liters during the day, dividing it into three doses (preferably half an hour before meals, but it does not matter). Not forbidden to add in the broth, a slice of fresh lemon.
  3. On the third day have previously used the root of the sunflower again filled with the same volume of water and boiled for 10 minutes. Further tactics of infusion and the use remains the same. After that rhizome is not discarded.

Describe the six days of reception of broth comprise only the first cycle of treatment, which without a break you need to start a second cycle lasting many days. Normal 7-9 day urine should change its color (become rusty), as is the breakdown and excretion of salts from the urinary tract. Do not be afraid if you appear weak, aching or dragging pain in the lumbar region. It also indicates the beginning of the dissolution process. Most often the patient need no more than 4 cycles for maximum cleaning of the organism from salt deposits.


Currently, a definitive contraindications to the infusion doesn’t exist, because it is not proven a pronounced negative effect (assuming proper and adequate use).

As the broth is able to enhance the diuresis, and in excess of the dose there is a risk of dehydration, it is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Also impractical application the unspecified nature of the stone, as for protein, phosphate and cystine calculi this treatment is absolutely useless.
In the appointment of broth to pregnant women is always taken into account possible benefits and risk of therapy

Specific recommendations

If You decided to undertake the necessary courses of treatment, then in any case not exceed the maximum allowable period of therapy. As mentioned above, there is a risk of excessive excretion of fluids from the body, so you need to follow a rational drinking regime.

It is undesirable during the therapy to drink acidic drinks as well as completely eliminates the use of salt products and sorrel. The priority needs to be fresh green vegetables and clean drinking water.

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