Treatment of kidney stones baking soda

Urinary system, along with cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous is the basis of the functioning of the body.

It consists of the following bodies:

  • kidneys;
  • ureters;
  • bladder;
  • the urethra.

In any of these components may occur a problem such as stone formation. In folk medicine, many recipes for the treatment of diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, but one of the Central positions is occupied by soda and kidney stones. In medical terms this pathology is called urolithiasis.
Kidney stones often occurs in patients with a poor diet

The mechanism and causes of urolithiasis

In spite of enough prevalence, the mechanisms of its development are still fully unclear.

There are many theories on this.

Known factors that contribute to the development of this pathology like kidney stones:

  • Genetic predisposition is one of the fundamental factors. It is known that even in the presence of other adverse conditions, in the absence of a family history of heredity, the disease often does not develop. At the same time if all the rules of prevention in individuals with a predisposition to kidney stones in most cases are not formed.
  • Urinary tract infections induce the development of inflammatory processes. Proven a direct correlation between the presence of inflammation and the detection of stones in the urinary system. There is and feedback – stone formation contributes to inflammation.
  • The stagnation of urine in the first place may be due to mechanical compression of any part of the urinary tract. For example, this can occur during pregnancy. Also there is stagnation in certain irregularities in the nervous regulation and taking certain medicines.
  • Mechanical damage to the lumbar region are often accompanied by a violation of functional activity in the kidney, patency of the urinary tract, which in turn leads to an increased risk of stone formation.
  • Hereditary or acquired pathology of the metabolism mineral, energy, water distribution in the body. This also includes disorders of acid-base balance.

It should be noted that an inactive way of life is not the best way affects the condition of the urinary system. If it is accompanied by the presence of harmful habits such as alcohol abuse and Smoking, the functional elements in the kidney can be seriously affected.

In some cases with urolithiasis shown soda?

One of the most common options for non-pharmacological treatment kidney stones and urinary tract is the ingestion of baking soda. The therapeutic effect of the technique is based on the fact that soda has strong alkalizing properties gradually dissolves stones and helps remove them.

Here it is worth mentioning that the composition of the stones can be very variable. Therapy, depending on this there is different.

In medicine there are the following types of stones:

  • phosphates,
  • oxalates,
  • Urata,
  • struvite,
  • carbonates.

Due to its premenopauznogo actions, soda urolithiasis may be indicated only in certain cases. The specialists who recommend the soda treatment, prescribe its use with the occurrence of urate stones. After all, they appear exactly as a result of increased acidity of urine. The leading causes of this disease is a genetic predisposition and gout. Therapy of urolithiasis in the presence of urate stones is relatively favorable, due to their ability to dissolve with the shift of the reaction environment in alkaline, and is based on what the favorable effect of the use of baking soda.

The scheme of treatment of kidney stones soda

In folk medicine, upon detection of urate prescribe the following recipe: dissolve the baking soda in very warm water, ingest 1-2 teaspoon half an hour before meals twice a day. In the beginning of the course it is recommended to drink half or even one third of a teaspoon, gradually increasing the dosage. Along with this should take antispasmodic in the specified in the instruction dosage. But-shpa, for example, prescribed: 1 tablet two times a day.
To treat you can only use baking soda

If the soda treatment leads to a positive dynamics, and the survey shows the dissolution of stones, the remaining elements and sand suggest output using broth of potatoes.

The recipe is the following:

Thus, combined treatment with baking soda and potato can contribute to a favorable outcome of kidney stones. There are many popular recipes that is shown when a problem like kidney stones, using juniper, swamp couch grass, horsetail, bilberry, cranberry, sage. But in any case should not be to take preventive measures, and especially therapy with baking soda or herbs without prior consultation with a certified specialist.

Precautions in the use of baking soda

Alkalizing action of sodium carbonate is highly expressed, which may lead to negative consequences in overdose, or uncontrolled intake of soda. The fact that the ranges of pH (hydrogen ion exponent of the environment) permitted in body fluids are very limited. So, in the blood, it needs to be at the level of 7.4. When you reject a pH of at least zero point four-tenths in any direction changes, incompatible with life.
Before treatment baking soda need to make sure you have no contraindications to this method of alternative medicine

In the case of a liquid, like urine, the range is more variable and can range from 5 to 7 is normal. Persistent deviation to the acidic (pH 7) direction while not causing sudden death, but is the alarm bell and must search for the causes. After all, any disease is easier to win at an early stage.
Contraindications to the use of soda inside based on the fact that certain categories of persons may appear not increased acidity, and the deviation from the norm to the alkaline side, which is also fraught with consequences.

Not recommended treatment baking soda in the presence of the following comorbidities:

In the treatment with soda is very important to monitor the condition of the body, in particular, to control the pH of urine. So how strong her alkalization, interestingly, instead of urate stones may lead to formation of calcium phosphate calculi, which is no less serious health problem in the urinary system. For the kidneys in the presence of severe failure is also fraught with the swelling and fluid retention.

Soda has an effect on the cardiovascular system. So, their uncontrolled use can cause hypernatremia (high content of Na in the blood), increasing pressure and even heart failure. Therefore, the use of baking soda as a medicine, be sure to coordinate with your doctor.

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