Erwa woolly for the treatment of kidney stones

Phytotherapy, or the use of medicinal plants in treatment of various diseases, is a recognized trend in medicine. Almost every grass growing under his feet, has properties that can affect human health. The complex of these properties, a therapeutic or negative, is very extensive, every plant has diverse effects on all internal organs and systems of man. It is important to know how to apply them properly so as not to harm the patient and to alleviate his condition and even help to get rid of the disease.

Is no exception and the grass erwa woolly from the genus amaranth. Another name, more familiar to the public – half of the floor. Being native to tropical and subtropical latitudes, it can grow in the southern regions of our country. Its relevance as a therapeutic agent is very large, especially the huge popularity ervy woolly when kidney stones. Therefore, it is grown in industrial scale, for obtaining of medicinal products, and also privately in the gardens and in teplichku. Alone it is cultivated mainly those people who have seen the healing effect of this plant for many diseases.
Gender-gender is not only a medicinal herb, but also very decorative

What contains the medicinal components of the plant

As with all plant raw materials used for the manufacture of drugs, erwa woolly contains several groups of compounds and chemical elements that have a positive effect on the human body:

  • alkaloids affecting blood flow and vascular tone and eliminates spasms;
  • flavonoids that support heart function and helps the body rid itself of free radicals;
  • pectin, promotes the removal of toxins and normalize metabolism;
  • phenolic acids, which directly affect the micro-organisms destructive way and provide a half-field anti-inflammatory effect;
  • different inorganic salts that govern aqueous-alkaline balance in the body;
  • sugar normal metabolism and supply the body with energy;
  • potassium and calcium, essential for maintaining mineral balance, tissue regeneration, normal functioning of the cardiovascular and urinary systems.

This rich composition is the reason for the huge popularity of ervy woolly plants of great importance in the treatment of various diseases. The medicinal form of this plant are the dried parts of the grass, dug a whole before setting seed. The roots, stems, leaves and flowers floor-the floors are equally curative. In pharmacies it is sold in cardboard boxes weighing 20 or 30 grams. If the grass is harvested by yourself, then it needs to dry in the shade, with a small draught, washed and cut into segments of 20 cm, and stored without access of moisture.
It is possible to harvest all of ervy woolly

In what diseases of the ERV is used most effectively

The most pronounced effect floors-floors – diuretic. It is very important that when you increase the diuresis (amount of urine) it does not cause dehydration and has no effect on the ratio of potassium and sodium in the body (clickrelease effect), so has no negative effects on the heart and blood vessels. On the contrary, erwa woolly supports and normalizes the heart muscle and the whole blood circulation in General.

Due to its diuretic action, this herb is very effective in all diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. Shown erwa woolly in the presence of sand and stones in the kidneys and the urinary bladder, detection of salt precipitate in the urinary tract. It is necessary in order to prevent the formation of new stones and sand and for regulation of all salt exchange.
Packing with medicinal herb can be bought in every pharmacy

Other equally important therapeutic effects of plant – anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Decoctions and infusions floors-the floors are being accepted inside, have sanitizing (cleaning) action throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Its active components get into the blood, and then, during filtration in the renal glomeruli, penetrate into the cups and pelvis, then the urine moving through the ureters, bladder and urethra. Throughout this journey erwa woolly has a devastating effect on pathogens. Therefore, it is indispensable as an important component in the treatment of diseases of the urinary organs infectious nature: pyelonephritis, pyelitis, cystitis, urethritis.

Beneficially influence gender-poly on the body and many other diseases.

Dried half-floor, ready-to-use

How to prepare the medicine of floors-floors

To dry medicinal raw materials all the beneficial components intact moved into the finished shape, you need to prepare a decoction or infusion. For the manufacture of a decoction of grass is filled with water, the ratio is 2 teaspoons of raw material per 200 ml water (a Cup). Next, you boil the mixture for 5 minutes and let stand for three hours. After that, the broth is ready to drink, drink should be 20 minutes before a meal.
For infusions, there are two ways: in a water bath or in a thermos. The second method is more simple and reliable. Enough to buy a small thermos with a volume of 0.5 liters. One tablespoon of dry grass directly in the thermos, pour a glass of boiled water and infuse under a lid for about an hour. Drink the infusion should be also 20 minutes before a meal.
A decoction, infusion, and before using, strain. If it’s cold you need to warm up. Shelf life – not more than two days. With regard to dosage and frequency of use of medications, they are defined individually. Since the half-floor is often appointed not as the only means of healing, and is part of a complex therapy, the treatment regimen depends on the type of pathology, patient’s age, presence of concomitant diseases.

Therefore, the dose, frequency of application and duration of treatment arvoy determined by your doctor. Adults usually recommended to drink half a glass of decoction or infusion 3 times a day. Before using this plant as a preventive measure is also desirable to consult a specialist.
A healing potion looks delicious

Possible side effects, there is a limit

It is important to know that care is needed when combined half floors with synthetic diuretics. Also, it cannot be used in conjunction with other herbal diuretics. Restricted use of decoctions and infusions is the age of the patient: children under 12 years, they are not assigned. For osteoporosis, some endocrine disorders, pregnancy and lactation gender-sex is contraindicated.

When using ervy woolly rare but possible side effects. This is a minor transitory dyspeptic symptoms as nausea or heartburn, and allergic reactions by type of urticaria. In addition, long-term use floors-floors suffers from tooth enamel. So you need to drink the infusion through a tube and immediately rinse your mouth.
Erwa woolly is able to get rid of such kidney stones and not to give to form new

Reviews about Herve woolly

If you correctly identify the indications for this medicinal herb, its dosage and course, the effect is really impressive. This is confirmed by numerous responses patients half of the floor helped to recover from serious pathologies. Here are some of them.

Nina Stepanovna: “I have aged, and long-suffering with urolithiasis and arthritis. Conventional treatment was not particularly effective until I started drinking the ERV. Now I have a long-term remission”.

Evgeny Ivanovich: “No wonder this herb is respected not only in national but also in official medicine. It is used by many doctors as the equivalent element of the therapeutic scheme.”

Anastasia: “I Have a box of grass is always at the ready, as bad kidneys. But it turns out that half of the floor and effective in case of cholecystitis, relieves pain and heaviness. Now she drinks and my husband who was diagnosed with cholelithiasis and cholecystitis.”

Every year the number of adherents of herbal medicine is increasing, thanks to the outstanding healing properties of plants. But it is impossible to engage in self-appointment of such drugs. Because grasses, in particular, erwa woolly, have contraindications and limitations to use. Expert advice and medical supervision are the key to effective treatment.

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