Triad for getting rid of parasites

The composition and properties of the triad

Triad Evalar – is a popular means of parasites on a natural basis for adults and children.

It includes the following ingredients:

  • the flowers of common tansy;
  • the dry extract of the bark of aspen;
  • fragrant clove;
  • dry extract of tansy.

Triad contains essential oils and flavonoids. The drug is a tonic and helps to improve gastrointestinal function. Herbal extracts that are part of the BAD, have anti-parasitic activity, so the tool is mostly used in the treatment of enterobiasis, giardiasis and ascariasis for getting rid of worms.

Tansy is useful in that:

  • has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • effectively eliminates worms;
  • enhances secretion of the gastrointestinal tract and the pancreas;
  • increases the tone of the stomach.

Triad is a medicinal system based on three plants mixed in a certain ratio. They effectively fight parasites that occupied the human body. Capsules contain herbal bitterness, which have a mild choleretic effect and stimulates the production of gastric juice. Due to this the body quickly cleared of toxins and parasites.

Wormwood has the following effect:

1. cholagogue;

2. kills worms, particularly round worms;

3. enhances the secretion of gastric juice;

4. stimulates and improves digestion;

5. prevents the appearance of stones in the bile ducts.

Clove has the following properties:

  • has antiseptic effect;
  • eliminates intestinal fermentation.

Tansy and wormwood destroy adult parasites and cloves – helminth eggs.

Children’s triad Evalar

This natural product can be given to children starting from 3 years. For kids the tool is produced in a special form – in powder, placed in a sachet. The composition of this triad Evalar differs. It contains the following ingredients in the form of extracts:

  • calendula flowers;
  • cumin;
  • thyme.

These plants contain tannins, bitterness, and essential oils. As additional components are used citric acid and sugar.

Calendula flowers:

  • possess bactericidal effect;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • eliminates the fungus.

The fruit of cumin:

  • relieve spasms in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • eliminate the fermentation processes in the intestine;
  • improve appetite and stimulate digestion;
  • increase the production of gastric juices;
  • reduce the bloating.

Herb thyme:

  • relieves inflammation;
  • is a strong antiseptic;
  • normalizes intestinal flora and digestion;
  • regulates the process gas;
  • eliminates abdominal pain.

The ingredients in the triad is chosen so as to achieve the desired effect, but it does not harm the body of the child.

Indications for the use of funds are:

1. the presence of parasites in the human body;

2. prevention of helminth infestation;

3. improving the functions of the digestive tract.

Contraindications to triad Evalar following:

  • ulcer of the stomach;
  • pregnancy, breast-feeding;
  • erosive gastritis and esophagitis;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug.

Among the side effects occasionally there may be nausea, upset his chair, Allergy and discomfort in the intestines.

Usage instructions

Adults and children after 12 years to take remedy 2 capsules three times a day before meals. The duration of cleansing from parasites using triads is 1.5-2 months. Six months later, the course can be conducted again.

To prevent use:

  • 2 capsules once in the first day;
  • 2 capsules, twice on the second day;
  • 2 capsules three times since the 3rd and 9th day.

The contents of the sachet brewed with 250 ml of hot water. For better taste you can add a small amount of sugar. Three-year-old within one month give a decoction of 1 sachet twice a day before meals.


According to the classical recipe, Russian triad with his own hands prepared as follows:

1. Dried herbs mixed in a ratio of 100 g of tansy, 50 grams clove and 25 grams of wormwood, crushing them into a powder.

2. Store mixture in a tightly sealed glass or metal containers.

Prescription Ivanchenko triad at home prepared differently. Mix the herbs in a ratio of 100 g of marigold flowers, 50 g of dried calamus root and 50 g cumin seeds. Folk remedy for parasites made by your own hands, take 30 minutes before meals. The body is accustomed to the triad, slowly increasing the daily dose. In the first days the mixture is used only in the morning. On the second day twice, both after awakening and in the evening. On the third day three times.

One-time dose is incomplete teaspoon. Powder washed down with plenty of water. So use the collection for 1-2 weeks. This time is necessary to completely get rid of worms and parasites. After treatment at home, the triad can be taken as prevention is times a day.

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What triad to choose from the pharmacy or one that is prepared by mixing herbs in a particular proportion on their own, everyone chooses. But before you start to take, not to hurt yourself, talk to your doctor.

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