Pills to eliminate worms in children

Cure for worms for children should be used with observance of all sanitary norms, otherwise, drug therapy loses its effectiveness.

1. Pills for worms prescribed to children who may swallow the pill. For treatment of kids it is better to apply slurry or candles. Tablets don’t have to grind – if the child spits part of medicine, then calculate the next dose of the drug will be difficult.

2. Suspension is used to treat children aged 6 months to 3 years. The action of the drug is more mild, it causes fewer side effects, has a pleasant taste, it is easier to swallow.

3. Medication broad-spectrum is one, they act on adult worms, the larvae continue to grow after 2 weeks, turn into adult parasites. Therefore it is always necessary to conduct a second treatment in 2-3 weeks.

Drug therapy – a prerequisite of effective treatment of helminth infestations. Properly fitted means from worms will help to quickly cure the child, will prevent the development of serious pathologies. What tablets and suspension are used for the treatment and prevention of infection of worms in children?

The basic rules for the treatment of parasitic infestations in children

Treatment of tapeworms involves strict adherence to rules of hygiene to prevent re-samsarajade. Use antiparasitic pills need depending on the species of helminth.

The name of the invasion Type of helminth
Ascariasis Ascaris, an intestinal parasite.
Hookworm, necatoroz, toxocariasis, trichinosis Nematodes (roundworms), affect all the internal organs, muscle, they can be found in the eyes.
Gimenolepidoz Dwarf tapeworm, an intestinal parasite.
The clonorchiasis The Chinese Fluke, ingested with poorly cooked fish.
Taeniasis Pork tapeworm, tapeworms intestinal parasite.
Enterobiasis Pinworms

To reduce the adverse reactions together with de-worming need to take sorbents – activated carbon, Lactofiltrum, Smectite. Therapy should include drugs to restore the microflora of the immune system, be sure to drink vitamin complexes.

The main contraindications to receiving funds from parasites serious disorders of the nervous system, the presence of tumors of different origin, a serious blood disorder.

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A review of medications is recommended for children up to 2 years

Worms in children can appear at any age. Causes of infection of worms can be different, but helminth infection subject to compulsory medical treatment. We infected a small child can cause deviations in the emotional, mental and physical development. Severe pathology of internal organs will lead to severe chronic diseases, mental disorders.

Sometimes a child is born with parasites, if the woman in time pregnancies have been infected with worms. Children under 2 years are infected with worms due to the negligence of the parents. Helminth infection develop after contact with sick people and animals, consumption of untreated water, poorly treated fruits and vegetables. Treatment of worms at this age is difficult since all medications from worms have a toxic effect on the organism of the child, negatively affect the liver and the hematopoietic system.

All funds for the child can pick up a doctor. Parents should carefully monitor the status of children during therapy – at the slightest deterioration to stop taking the medication, report the manifestation of adverse reactions the doctor.

List of tablets from worms that are allowed for children up to 2 years, small: Pyrantel, Piperazine.

1. Pyrantel (Nemocid, Helmintox, Combantrin) used in the infection with Ascaris, pinworms, hookworms, hookworm. This medication can be used to treat children older than six months, it is practically not absorbed into the blood. Among the adverse reactions noted loss of appetite, dizziness, lethargy, itching. Children under 3 years appoint in suspension for 2, 5 ml once a day. Before therapy, there is no need to take laxatives, a special diet. Paralysed parasites out of the body naturally within 24 hours.

2. Piperazine (Adipate) is the least toxic drug of worms, because it paralyzes, not kills parasites. But it has a narrow spectrum of action, it is used for the treatment and prevention of ascariasis and enterobiasis. Other types of worms are not affected, only effective in the initial stages of infection.

What drugs to give the child from worms aged 2 to 5 years?

Children aged 2-5 years actively exploring the world, often try items on the taste, chew on dirty hands. Infection with worms occurs after playing in dirty sand and dirt, contact with stray animals. Infection with worms often occurs in kindergarten – if roundworm appeared in one child, the probability of infecting all the children.

Overview of effective pills for worms:

1. Albendazole is another name of Neosol, Sanatsal, Gelada. A tablet from worms wide spectrum for children older than 2 years. To use tablet is best for the treatment of mixed infestations, since the action of the drug is very aggressive. The drugs many side reactions – disruption in bowel habits, dry mouth, stomatitis, urticaria. But with the dosage they occur rarely.

2. Mebendazole (Vermin, Vermoxum, Mebex) – the tool has a broad spectrum of activity, effectively removes virtually all types of worm infestation, is used to treat children older than 2 years. The description includes the following adverse reactions, anemia, liver function abnormalities, allergic rashes, fever.

3. Levamisole (Dekaris) – pills used to treat children older than 3 years. The tool is well eliminates ascarids, pinworms, hookworms. During the reception, you may experience nausea, diarrhea, seizures, skin rash, dysfunction of the liver and kidneys.

Often doctors prescribe joint taking the pills. For the treatment of mixed invasions appoint Dekaris at the rate of 2, 5 mg/kg – it has a paralyzing effect on worms. After 3 days you need to take Vermoxum of 50-100 mg twice a day for 3 days. This scheme is the best solution for efficient and fast treatment.

Sometimes the dose prescribed by your doctor may differ from recommendations in the instructions.

But for children older than 6 years

In the treatment of children older than 6 years you can use all the de-worming medication. The dosage and treatment regimen can pick up only the physician depending upon age, weight of patient, concomitant or chronic disease. In the list of the best tablets from worms – Nematol and Vermoxum.

Medicines on the basis of the well-eliminated albendazole worms of a different type, subject to the dosage the damage to the body is minimal. The drug destroys the shell of parasites, violates the metabolic processes in worms. Nematol used for the treatment of giardiasis, enterobiasis, ascariasis, infestations of mixed type, it helps with cysts that arise in the echinococcosis. Name of tablets and suspensions on the basis of mebendazole – Vermoxum, Vermetten, Intel – they are used for the treatment and prevention of infection.

Benefits and contraindications of albendazole:

  • produced in the form of tablets and suspensions;
  • high bioavailability;
  • affects the liver and the hematopoietic system;
  • often diagnose allergic reactions to the drug.

To treat worm infestations used not only tablets and suspension, but also the candles. These drugs have a natural ingredients, enhance immunity, help with constipation, which is caused by a parasite, increase the effect of de-worming tablets.

All candles use the same – for 5 days they are inserted into the anus before bedtime.

1. Helmantel – candles based on the extract of buckthorn bark, garlic, tansy, contain Thistle oil. For the treatment of children with weakened immune systems.

2. Nigella Sativa – the drug is oil-based black cumin, antimicrobial activity. Strengthens the protective functions of the organism. Use for children older than 6 years.

3. Konfeta – candles with tea tree oil, fir, cocoa. The drug has no contraindications, except individual intolerance.

4. Candles Prostata contain Echinacea, sea buckthorn oil, propolis. Eliminate inflammation, pain, promote rapid regeneration of the skin in the area of the anus.

5. Worm is the best remedy for the treatment of children older than 2 years. Contains albendazole is absorbed directly into the intestine, which allows to minimize the manifestation of adverse reactions.

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Prevention of worm infestation in children

Even modern types of diagnosis does not always allow one to accurately and timely detect the presence of worms in the body. The who recommends that anthelmintic tablet for the prevention of children aged 1.5–7 years twice a year. Many doctors do not share this view, believe that taking money from parasites appropriate only after an accurate diagnosis.

The list of tablets that it is better to use for prevention:

  • Mebendazole;
  • Pyrantel;
  • Albendazole.

Prevention against worms is necessary for all family members if pinworms or dwarf tapeworm found in a child. During treatment should regularly do wet cleaning with soap, ironed linen on both sides – the larvae of the parasite for a long time remain active in the environment.

Prevention of worms are needed for children who attend preschool, love to play in the sand, are often in contact with Pets or stray animals, playing football or beach volleyball, traveling with my parents to exotic destinations.

To prevent infection, you must on the street to apply disinfecting lotions or sprays for the treatment of hands. Regular treatment of parasites is required for all Pets. Often the source of infection be flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes. They should promptly get rid of, to use means for protection against biting insects. The use of clean water, washed vegetables and fruits, thorough hand-washing after street, the toilet, contact with animals – adherence to these rules will help to prevent the infection of worms in children.

For children the best remedy for worms – prevention, observance of hygienic norms.

Parents should be timely diagnosis and prevention of worm infestation in children. If signs of infestation you must consult a doctor self-medication is dangerous for the health of the child, to prescribe pills can only specialist.

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