7 Ways To Beat A Sedentary Lifestyle

The sedentary lifestyle gives us a VIP ticket to our graves, it makes us more prone to diseases and premature death (1). So, it simply means that we all need to get out of our lazy skins and get moving.

The more moving we’ll do, the healthier we’ll be. But, first, let’s understand a little bit about the lifestyle we are forced to live.

We all know that with the onset of the information age, technology has improved by ten folds. With that, there is also the inrush of computers that has made us all- the children, the young blood, and the wise- live sedentary lives. It’s one of the many banes that we suffer from in the modern world.

What Exactly Is A Sedentary Lifestyle?

When we mention the word sedentary, it doesn’t really refer to only those kinds of people who spend most time of their days lying around on the couch watching television or sitting in front of a computer all day long. It also refers to those who drive all day long for a living or even those who are plastered onto the sitting counters (like a receptionist or a clerk). Not moving is the problem. No physical activity is the problem.

Spending an entire day without moving any of your muscles is the concern here. When it comes to your muscles, you need to just think of one thing- use it or lose it!

Here’s What We Could Do To Escape From The Sedentary Trap
1. Take A Walk

The easiest way to be on the move is to develop a habit of walking. If you’re stressed, don’t transfer your negative energy onto someone else by releasing your frustration on them. Instead, use it on yourself; let go off all the negative energy by brisk walking for a good ten minutes.

A brisk walk is very beneficial for your heart, it’s also great to keep your muscles moving and to strengthen them. So, start walking away from sedentary-hood and step up your game and walk towards a healthy you.

2. Take The Stairs

When there are stairs, don’t choose the elevator. Why take the trouble of enrolling yourself in a rigorous fitness program that burns a hole in your pocket? Climbing stairs is considered as a high-intensity physical activity and is known to burn more calories than jogging. C’mon now, ditch the elevator and start climbing your way to burn those calories.

3. Just Stand Up

Another simple way to beat a sedentary lifestyle is to just get up from that chair which you’ve been glued to. Make it a habit to stand up every 20 minutes while you’re working at your desk. Stand up and drink some water or just stand and take your calls on the phone. You could even convert your workstation into a standing desk by pushing aside your chair. If you’re feeling too lazy, just stand and work for some time. Standing is also an exercise. When you stand, the blood circulation is in full swing throughout your body.

4. Do The Dishes

No, we are not making you do household chores. Just make it a habit to head into the kitchen and wash your dishes after every meal that you eat at home. When you do that, you benefit in two ways here.

One, you’re engaging in physical activity after eating which helps in lowering the blood sugar levels of your body. Two, it helps in better food digestion and leaves you feeling less lethargic. And believe it or not, washing vessels actually calms your mind down and releases stress.

5. Do Some Gardening

Have you observed how fit the bodies of gardeners are? Well, gardening isn’t anything like mowing the lawn with a machine. It requires a lot of physical strength. Gardening is one of the exercises that fall into the moderate-intensity physical activity.

It’s the best way to prevent obesity in all forms. It also involves interacting with nature, making it not just a physical activity but also a spiritual one.

6. Always Try To Park Farther Away

Depending on how feasible the parking options are, try to park your car a few meters away from your destination. So that you can at least walk a few steps, be it to your place of work, a restaurant, or a shopping center.

A few extra steps every day can increase the average rate of your physical activity. Thanks to technology, we even have pedometers, the small devices that help us keep a track of our physical activity throughout the day (the number of steps we walk, the distance we cover, etc.). Every step counts!

7. Pick Up Your Bike And Scoot

When you feel like you’re stressed to of your mind, the best way to relax would be to take your bike and head out. Either follow the bike lanes of your city or just head out of the town towards the countryside to enjoy some scenic views. It is great, both for your body and mind. You’ll end up socializing and interacting more with people.

These were our picks to keep ourselves wary of the red carpet that leads us to a sedentary lifestyle and harmful diseases. Do you have any other ways of doing the same? Do let us know in the comments below.

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