Groups In Vaccine Phase 2 Push For More Detailed Rollout

Molly Steinemann is the manager of government affairs for the Colorado Restaurant Association.

“When we saw the rollout announced a couple weeks back, we definitely put some interest out and feelers to see what their plans are for the restaurant industry,” she said.

With thousands of health care workers having already received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, there’s a push by groups in phase two for a more detailed rollout.

Phase two will include high risk individuals and essential workers.

“We would just like to see consistency across the board for essential workers, Restaurant employees have been working on and off through the pandemic,” she said.

But questions remain about which groups will fall where in phase two.

“We really want to advocate for our staff, our teachers, our bus drivers, our education assistants,” said Douglas County Schools interim superintendent Corey Wise.

As part of a coalition of metro area superintendents, he’s advocating to get school employees vaccinated early on in the next phase.

“If we can move our teachers and school staff up a tier and get those vaccinations earlier, that’s going to be huge for education but also for our society and community,” he said.

And with thousands of grocery workers, meat packing plant employees also in the next phase, there are plenty of other arguments for Gov. Jared Polis to hear as he considered the next phase of Colorado’s vaccine rollout.


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