Suspension of worms for a child

The benefits of suspension

Selection of the dosage form can be misleading. Parents often face a choice – suspension or tablet from worms? To decide what is best, it is possible, starting from the age. For the youngest patients used suspension – this form of output facilitates the reception. This is especially true for children up to 2 years, which can have difficulty swallowing tablets.

Suspension – type solution, where the fluids are solids in suspension. This form implies the presence of sediment and because of its need to shake. It would seem that you can just crush the pill into a powder and dissolve in water. But, as a rule, antiparasitic drugs are very unpleasant to the taste, and because the reception of such an aqueous solution may cause a negative reaction from the child, until vomiting. Suspension for children is flavored to facilitate the use, smoothing out the bitterness. In addition, the release form provides for a special scoop, which is convenient to determine the necessary dosage. As a result, the process becomes more enjoyable for the baby.

Contained components help to improve absorption of the active substance. Also receiving slurry from worms usually do not require additional use of auxiliary funds – enough to buy only the medicine. This reduces effects on the liver, because the parasitic components have a high toxicity.

Be infected with worms may almost everyone is resistant to the parasites, alas, does not exist. Often especially prone to infestations children – the constant playing with the sand, presence of Pets, contact with other children poor hygiene can lead to infection. And sometimes, no matter what, to protect the child fails. Treatment the traditional way for children to use is not always possible – drugs have a age limit, release form complicates the reception.

General recommendations and prevention

Receiving funds from parasites involves drinking plenty of fluids – this helps to prevent constipation. You should not additionally use the people’s recipes without checking with your doctor – they can inhibit the active substance, thereby reducing its effectiveness. Also, do not take laxatives during treatment – since the drug works in the intestines, laxative components reduce the time of interaction with the parasite.

Substances are selected depending on the age and type of worms. Dosage is calculated based on the weight of the child. Admission is no more than a few days to reduce the impact on the child’s liver. Also together with the treatment is required to prevent all the rest of the family to prevent reinfestation.

After treatment of worms in children may use a tonic or multivitamin complexes. They contribute to a more rapid recovery of immunity. Appointment and selection of such means must be agreed with the doctor at the end of treatment and after confirmation of complete remission.

Remedies types of worms

The appointment should be made only after consultation with the doctor and tests confirmed the diagnosis. When you set the type of the pathogen, are assigned to the type of active substance and dosage.

List of groups of anthelmintic drugs includes three items:

  • paralyzing muscle activity (Pyrantel);
  • in violation of metabolic processes in the body worm (Nematol);
  • drugs of mixed action.

Drugs of the third group are usually highly toxic, but because they are not prescribed to children.

Description popular means

Suspension is better suited for children because of its shape, which allows for easy reception. The choice of active ingredient depends on the type of parasite. Therefore, it is necessary first to pass tests and only then buy medicine.

1. Pyrantel.

The name of the active substance corresponds to the name of the drug. Assigned to kids from 6 months. Pyrantel contributes to the blocking of muscle activity of the worms, which facilitates its excretion from the body. Due to the fact that the active substance is practically not absorbed into the bloodstream, the drug acts very gently, with minimal impact on the liver.

Welcome Pyrantel should be carried out once during or after a meal. May require repeated use of the drug in 2-3 weeks. This is because the active ingredient Pyrantel affects only the adult worms, and eggs can remain in the intestines and cause re-infection. A contraindication may be individual intolerance to the active substance. Also from taking Pyrantel should refrain pregnant and lactating women.

Important: do not use anthelmintic drugs to prevent, if the diagnosis is uncertain. Strong toxicity of active ingredients may cause abnormalities in the body and its weakening. Reviews of independent and uncontrolled use of slurry from worms are usually negative, due to the wrong selection of funds.

2. Nematol.

Inhibits the life processes of the worms, thereby contributing to their rapid breakdown and excretion from the body. Nematol is highly toxic, and therefore it should not be taken without supervision by a doctor. Shows the efficiency when infected with both round and flat worms.

Since the effect of Nemasole strong enough to take it more than 3 days is not recommended, because it has a big impact on other organs. Duration of use depends on the type of worm and stage of infestation. Nematol use courses, complying with the dosage and regularity of intake. Will not necessarily meet exactly the same name. The active substance of worms is Albendazole, which can also be part of other means. In suspension it is found only in the drug Neosol.

For relieving the symptoms associated manifestations in addition to the suspension administered to children and drugs local action. Since when infected the risk of re-infestation, reduce its probability. To do this, use a regular heat treatment and wash underwear, bed. Also perhaps the use of analgesics in the form of ointments or creams – they ease itching, thereby reducing the likelihood of eggs on the skin and under the nails of the child.

Prevention of infection

The medication must be supplemented by adherence to the list of special hygienic measures. They are preventive.

1. Carefully monitor the cleanliness of hands.

2. Regularly change underwear and wash it in hot water.

3. Daily cleaning of the toilet with the use of disinfectants.

4. Cleaning and clipping nails.

5. Thorough washing of vegetables and fruits.

6. The use of only purified and boiled water.

7. Use different cutting boards for meat, fish and vegetables.

8. Limit child’s contact with dirty street shoes.

9. Systematic wet cleaning using antiseptic and disinfectants.

10. The restriction of swimming in unknown waters.

11. Linen for the child should be ironed and fit snugly on the body.

Full compliance with these measures does not guarantee complete elimination of the risk of infection. There is always a risk, adhering to preventive recommendations, it can be minimized.

At the first sign of infestation you need to apply it to the doctor – the sooner treatment begins, the less impact on the body will need. Do not abuse the recipes of traditional medicine – they may not give the desired effect and will only prolong the time of infection, thereby leading to intoxication of the child. Better not to risk self-medication, because their wrong selection can cause deterioration.

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