Pills Dekaris from worms

Basic information about the drug

A large part of antiparasitic medications affects of parasites on a cellular level. Some block the ability of the worms to multiply, to eat, others affect the motor activity of the parasites. Dekaris – de-worming remedy on the basis of levamisole. Of the additional components in the present composition corn starch, magnesium stearate, talc, lactose, sucrose.

Dekaris promotes rapid cleansing of the intestines from parasites at an early stage of the disease to get rid of worms in a day. The drug is based on the ability of the active substances have a negative effect on the muscles of worms – worms that can not move die. Dekaris is used to treat infestations caused by nematodes. The description stated that against worms that attach to the intestinal mucosa, Dekaris does not help.

Dekaris ineffective against Giardia, flukes and tapeworms.

Dekaris is used to eliminate worms in children and adults – the drug is available in tablets with different dosage for the treatment of infestations in people of different age categories. Dekaris not only eliminates the worms, but also has immunomodulatory properties – promotes the production of antibodies to various antigens. But as a medicine to strengthen the immune functions of the body these tablets from worms rarely used because of its high toxicity.

Form release of Decaris tablets with a content of active substance 50 and 150 mg. Popularity is due not only highly effective against worms, but also the reasonable price and 70-100 rubles. Therapy and prevention does not require special preparation – no need to amend the habitual diet, take additional laxatives drugs.

Infection of humans with worms was one of the most acute problems of modern medicine. According to the latest who data, parasite infected, 70-90 % of the total population. Most often a worm infestation is diagnosed in children, the elderly, persons with weakened immune systems. A tablet from worms stamps Decaris can effectively and quickly get rid of the worms. How to use the drug? Is there any contraindications?

Analogues of Decaris in the therapeutic effect:

  • Worm;
  • Vermoxum;
  • Pyrantel;
  • Helmintox;
  • Nematol.

Active active substance Dekaris has no analogues. It produces the Hungarian pharmaceutical company “Gedeon Richter”. Reviews of doctors about Decaris positive. Many infectious disease specialists and pediatricians use this drug in their practice for many years. In the user a drug indicated a large number of adverse reactions. But experts say a temporary deterioration of samochuvstvie only 10% of patients.

Speak well about the Decaris and parents who used it to treat worm infestation in children. They say the high efficiency means the almost complete absence of adverse reactions under the condition of compliance with instructions. The drug can be stored up to 5 years at room temperature. Dekaris should be in a place inaccessible to children.

Instructions for use of Decaris adult

Dekaris taken as a single dose of 1 tablet at a dosage of 150 mg. the Drug should be consumed after the last meal, drink a small amount of water. After receiving Decaris parasites out of the body together with the stool within 1-3 days.

Indications for use of Decaris

1. enterobiasis – a disease that is caused by pinworm;

2. ascariasis – infection occurs by the penetration of the body of Ascaris;

3. hookworm – infestation cause hookworm disease leads to rapid development of anemia;

4. trihozefalez infection with worms of vlasoglav;

5. necatoroz – the disease develops on the background of infection with the nematodes;

6. strongyloidiasis, Trichostrongylus – the defeat of the body of round worms.

To strengthen the result, doctors recommend re-adopt Dekaris in 7-14 days. This time is enough for larvae of the worms that are left in the body has reached sexual maturity. Some experts recommend the use of Dekaris as a preventive measure against worms. But it is better to prevent worm infestation is to use a less toxic Piperazine.

Dekaris is often used in complex therapy against worms. Most often recommend using it in conjunction with Nemozam. On the first day of treatment should receive a single dose of Decaris – he starts to act after a few hours, inhibits motor activity of the parasites, improves absorption of other antiparasitic medications.

After three days, begin treatment with Nemozam. Weakened worms are easily destroyed with albendazole, out of the body naturally. Dekaris is incompatible with alcohol – alcohol exacerbates the manifestation of adverse reactions. While eliminating worms need to refrain from driving the car, the work that is associated with the height and increased attentiveness – Dekaris may cause dizziness.

Contraindications and adverse reactions

Dekaris helps to get rid of worms, but like any drug, has certain contraindications.

Dekaris contraindicated:

  • lactation and gestation of the child;
  • children up to 3 years;
  • persons with a history of agranulocytosis;
  • renal, hepatic insufficiency;
  • in the case of individual intolerance of the components of the medicine.

Despite the high toxicity of Decaris, side effects after taking are rare. The minimum number of adverse reactions is fixed in children. In guide to drug indicated that on a background of reception of Decaris can begin headache, dizziness, deterioration in the quality of sleep. Sometimes patients complain of tachycardia, cramps, irregularity, vomiting. Failure to observe the instructions and advice develop encephalopathy, severe swelling, allergic skin rashes.

When mixed and chronic infestations by worms receiving Decaris continues for more than 21 days. In this case, the manifestation of adverse reactions noted more frequently. Can develop pancreatitis, increases the enzyme activity, sores appear on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. From the nervous system can begin as olfactory hallucinations, temporary aphasia, tremor and convulsions. Malfunctions of the urinary tract characterized by impairment of renal function. Women may experience uterine bleeding.

First aid for overdose Decaris – gastric lavage with plenty of warm water. After vomiting ends, you need to drink the activated coal from calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of body weight, to call an ambulance. If signs of intoxication, consult a doctor serious adverse reactions require intensive therapy using corticosteroids.

Children’s Dekaris

Worms in children are often especially susceptible to the infection of children who attend preschool and educational institutions. Medication for children has a dosage of 50 mg, to improve the perception of children is of orange and apricot flavor. The dosage of Decaris for children calculated from age and weight of the child. When calculating the weight medicine is prescribed for 50 mg/10 kg.

Dosage depending on the age:

  • 3-6 years – 25 mg;
  • 6-9 years – 50 mg;
  • 10-14 years – 75-100 mg.

When toxoplasmosis scheme treatment Decaris for a child is somewhat different. Dekaris take 3 days. After a week break, the course must be repeated. The guide indicated that the dose calculation based on body weight, is considered more safe and effective for the treatment of children. Of the side reactions in children is most often drowsiness, and sometimes diarrhea on a background of reception of Decaris.

To treat the child for worms you can only use the pills for 50 mg. Adult drug is strictly prohibited in the children’s antiparasitic therapy. The drug is used to treat children under 3 years.

Dekaris is an effective antiparasitic agent that helps to get rid of worms in 1 day. The drug has a reasonable price, long life, easy to use. The tool refers to prescription medicines, it can be used only on prescription.

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