Cortexin and Mexidol, the choice of drug

When prescribing Cortexini Mexidol drugs at the same time, it is important to understand that first one drug is used – Cortexin, and then Mexidol is administered. Thus, the first prepares the body’s susceptibility to active substances.

In addition, you can track the occurrence of side effects. Cortexin, as a rule, does not cause discomfort, as it is a more natural and natural substance, Mexidol can cause an organism reaction in the form of nausea, increased pressure, dizziness.

With a single dose, it is better to choose the form of administration as follows: Cortexin injections and Mexidol tablets. Although Mexidol is available in the form of a solution for intramuscular administration, but in case of joint use it is better to limit yourself to one intramuscular injection – Cortexin.

To make the treatment and rehabilitation of a patient with brain injuries as effective as possible, neurologists prescribe nootropic drugs. Often in complex therapy, Cortexin and Mexidol are used. Can they be combined and what effect do they have on the body?

Cortexin: appointment, indications, dosage

The nootropic, neuroprotective drug Cortexin is made on the basis of an animal product – the calf’s cerebral cortex. Means action:

  1. Improves the metabolism of neurons of the central and peripheral nervous system.
  2. Improves brain function.
  3. Actively used to improve memory.
  4. Positive effect on patient learning.
  5. Reduces the toxic effect when using psychotropic drugs (for seriously ill patients).

The drug crosses the BBB due to its natural origin. It relaxes the ischemic vascular system, resulting in improved blood flow.


Cortexin is available in ampoules in the form of a white powder. Before use, the powder is diluted in 2 ml of water for injection, and to reduce pain, the drug can be diluted with novocaine or lodocaine in a ratio of 1 ml of water to 1 ml of novocaine.

It is administered intramuscularly, slowly. An injection must be given in the first half of the day, since Cortexin excites the nervous system.

The medicine is well tolerated and does not cause side effects. An allergic reaction can rarely be to novocaine, so young children are advised to dissolve Cortexin with water for injection.

Treatment is carried out by a course – 10 injections. Repeat as necessary after 3-6 months.

Use the drug only as prescribed by your doctor. Leaves from pharmacies without a prescription.

Mexidol: action, indications for use

Mexidol also refers to nootropic drugs used in the treatment of patients with impaired cerebral blood supply. It is actively used in the treatment of the effects of stroke, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, cerebral palsy. The action of the drug is antihypoxic, nootropic, and anticonvulsant.


Mexidol helps:

  1. To establish metabolic processes in the brain.
  2. Relieves him of oxygen starvation.
  3. Prevents seizures.
  4. Improve patient self-control.
  5. Favorably affects thinking and speech.

Excellent increases the permeability of the membranes of brain cells, neutralizes the negative effect of cholesterol. Strengthening blood vessels and improving brain nutrition promotes rapid recovery after ischemia. The state of the nervous system is regulated and actively restored thanks to Mexidol.

The drug is available in ampoules and capsules. It is administered intramuscularly once a day in the morning.

Cortexin and Mexidol – what is common

Unites drugs in their general group – nootropics. Both medicines:

  • Affect the improvement of brain function.
  • Activate cell metabolism.
  • Have a therapeutic effect in the form of increased efficiency;
  • Contribute to memory improvement.
  • Restore blood vessels after injuries, injuries.

Since the preparations Mexidol and Cortexin belong to nootropes, they have an effect stimulating the nervous system. The action of drugs activates metabolic processes, make the human brain work actively. Both are applied in the morning.

Cortexin and Mexidol complement each other in their action. High drug compatibility. Both have a positive effect on ischemia of various kinds, are well perceived and act quickly.

Drug difference

But quite often, neurologists prescribe both drugs at the same time, why, if the effect is approximately the same?

The fact is that the active substance in drugs Cortexin and Mexidol is different. If Mexidol is a development based on chemical elements, then Cortexin is a natural extract from the brain cells of domestic animals, the body of which is as close as possible to the human body.

Natural elements are more easily and quickly taken by a damaged body, the action is more effective and faster. Mexidol strengthens this effect. At the molecular level, chemicals are better perceived by the body. You can compare this process with the construction of the building. If there is a foundation, then brick and concrete together build a strong wall. So Cortexin and Mexidol interact, restore the damaged nervous system as quickly as possible.

It is important to use drugs in childhood. Cortexin is well tolerated and perceived by children even in the first year of life, therefore it is actively used for damage to the nervous system due to birth injury, hemorrhage. The drug helps many children with delays in the development of speech and the psyche. The safety and effective action of Cortexin made it possible to compensate for the damage in many children at the stage of active growth and development.

Mexidol is used more in older patients. Then the body is more susceptible to chemicals, less often the body rejects drugs in the form of side effects. It is often prescribed after injuries, coronary heart disease.

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