Cranberries for the treatment of cystitis

Inflammatory processes in the bladder complicate life. Frequent urge to the toilet day and night, burning in the urethra, itching, pulling pain in the lower abdomen when urinating irritate. If you have time to bethink and start treatment, the disease can be stopped.

The bladder has mucosa local immunity, protects against pathogens, prevents the development of cystitis. However, endocrine diseases, hypothermia protective mechanisms fail. Primary cystitis suffer mostly young women, secondary affects elderly men. On this background of rapidly growing prostate cancer. When instrumental study, the mucosa is easily injured. This creates ideal conditions for infection inside. Without adequate treatment develop pyelonephritis and urolithiasis.

To relieve inflammation are not only chemicals, but also plant components. Herbal infusions can be prepared at home and drink courses. Cranberries cystitis removes the symptoms, but to get rid of the pathogen (e.g., Escherichia coli), to avoid serious consequences, you need a therapy that will appoint a doctor.

In addition to herbs with antibacterial effect, urologist or gynecologist assigned to pharmacological agents:

  • aerocivil, ciprinol, tsiprolet;
  • antimicrobial: MONORAL, Panzer and others.

Cranberries help to cope with inflammation of the bladder wall and urethra

Cranberries under a microscope

For therapeutic purposes the berries and leaves are collected in early spring or mid autumn. Varietal and wild cranberries do not differ in biochemical systems, but the possible difference in percentage. For broths going green plant parts and dried in the shade. Stored in glass containers under the hood.
Medicinal properties of plants due to the rich content of useful components. Bilberry leaf contains the same bioveschestva, and bearberry. Fresh, dry, cooked berries are an excellent diuretic. Everyone knows how useful to drink cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks. Drinks strengthen the protective power, increase visual acuity, relieve fever, colds, neutralizes inflammation.

And all this is due to high content of:

  • ascorbic acid;
  • mineral salts;
  • fruit acids, carotene, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, 2.

Due to iron improves hemoglobin recovery time. Catechins, phenolic compounds strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Cranberries or cranberry oxidize the urine, preventing the formation of stones of calcium phosphate, although the berries are powerless against oxalate.
Known antiscorbutic properties of the plant, relieving irritation of the ureter. Especially valuable glycoside arbutin is an antiseptic natural origin, which when taken with antibiotics significantly enhances the therapeutic effect. Small salicylic acid content also helps to cope with bacterial infections. Do not forget about chlorogenic acids, which have anti-inflammatory and diuretic.


The leaves contain tannins that exacerbate the condition in renal pathology.

Important! Infusions and decoction can not drink after a meal. Cranberries provokes diarrhea.

Decoction of cowberry leaves is one of the best remedies against cystitis

Healthy drinks cranberry

Bio-components plants envelop the mucosa, preventing re-entry into the urinary tract infectious agent.

The principle of preparation of the drink:

  1. Washed under running water, the berries will be filled with water, the capacity placed on the fire.
  2. After boiling, the burner immediately turns off, the broth is kept on the stove to cool.
  3. The compote is drained, the fruits are cleaned.
  4. A concentrated beverage diluted with boiled water, add honey.

In the period of exacerbation, it is important to regulate the bowels. First and foremost, you need to ensure purification. Morse cold has a mild laxative effect, removes some of the germs from the urinary system and nourishes the body with vitamins

Recipe No. 1. The washed fruits (0.5 kg) infused in a 2-liter jar under a tight lid for several hours. Readiness will tell the color of the drink. Before eating drink a glass of juice, half diluted with water. Better to do without sweeteners. The balloon is kept on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Recipe №2. 200 g of berries get burned with boiling water, are passed into the pan, pour 2 tbsp. of cold water and insist night in a glass 4 times.

Tip! To correct the bitter taste, add the rose hips, green tea.

Juice, diluted juice reduce the likelihood of occurrence of relapses by 40%

Recipes with cranberry sheet

Herbal preparations comprehensively affect the body, support the immune system. Often used as a Supplement to medical therapy in the advanced form of inflammation. At the primary disease quickly eliminate the symptoms without drugs.

The technology of preparation of decoction of dried cranberry sheet:

  1. Two tablespoons of steamed 2 cups boiling water, kept in a water bath for 20 minutes.
  2. The broth is filtered, added with water to the original volume.

Cystitis in the acute form drink half a Cup 60-30 minutes before meals. In remission – 45 ml 3 times. With stomatitis, sore throat recommended frequent rinsing. With stagnation in the gall bladder take 2 liters to 6 times per day.

During exacerbation of preparing the broth:

Tip! In the period of exacerbation, it is important to drink plenty of water. Better if it is cranberry juice. In the acidic environment does not breed disease-causing microbes.

In the chronic form

Lingonberry leaves, barberry bark, poplar buds, tansy mixed in equal parts. Spoon herb mixture brewed as a tea in 500 ml of water. The contents of the kettle was infused for 3 hours (up to 5 times daily 70 ml).
The herbal collection with cranberries, lime, sage and mint – an excellent diuretic


Equal volumes are the fruits and leaves of lingonberry, anise, St. John’s wort. 3 spoons with the top of the cooked 7 minutes, broth brewing, and drink 5 times a day.


Leaves, cranberries, anise, mother and stepmother, lime, raspberries brewed in equal parts, aged in a water bath or in a thermos for 30 minutes, drink a warm glass of 2 hours before bedtime.

Anti-inflammatory herbal collection

You will need:

All part of the mix, 1 tbsp dry mass is poured into a Cup of hot water, to insist 1 hour in a thermos, half a Cup is taken before meals according to the scheme: 3 days – 8 times in ¼ Cup. Every day the number of times is decremented by 1. After 4 days drunk as usual. Infusion is suitable for irrigation.

Treatment cranberries effectively in the second trimester of pregnancy. Enough to drink 60 ml of 5 times a day, in order to remove tissue fluids. In the acute stage along with the broth, cranberry juice prescribed kanefron, vitalizing, juravit. You can buy in the drugstore, filter bags, brew them as tea leaves. When nervous tension to calm added mint and lemon balm. However, to get involved in the tea is not necessary, as the plant reduces the pressure. When hypotension is better to find an alternative.


The tendency to diseases of the genitourinary system tea is better to drink dry leaves, cranberries, pre-crushing a couple of spoons and poured into the kettle. To feel bitterness, you can drink with honey or jam.

In pregnancy, the fetus presses on the bladder, preventing the evacuation. In the remains of urine are actively developing pathogenic germs. To prevent process and provide diuretic effect, pregnant from cystitis a couple of times a day drink 2 tablespoons of lingonberry broth, juice or a glass of juice.

Dietary supplements with cranberries – castevet, urinal, cranberry+, europrofit – help to correct the symptoms. However, pregnant and lactating from taking refrain.

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