Severe headache and vomiting causes treatment

Head pain, dizziness and vomiting are symptoms faced in their lives almost everyone. To show this problem due to various reasons and to be a marker of various diseases. To accurately determine the cause and eliminate it in an effective way will help the appropriate specialist.


Symptoms of headache and vomiting occur in both adults and children. Often the person also feels dizziness, weakness and has a high body temperature. Such a marker can indicate either a minor problem, such as disorders of the gastrointestinal tract or colds, and can be a harbinger of serious diseases such as disorders of the Central nervous system, tumors of the cerebral pulp, meningitis, advanced forms of sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Especially wary of situations in which nausea persists for a long period, and headache is a very strong character.

Major diseases and disorders, indicated by headache and vomiting, are as follows:

  • Migraine. The disease is characterized by the fact that the pain and nausea lasted for from several hours to several days and accompanied by such additional symptoms, such as shortness of breath, chills, acute reaction to smells, pallor and dizziness.
  • Pregnancy. Unlike the common belief, nausea in pregnant women can manifest itself not only in the morning, but also throughout the day, accompanied by headache.
  • The symptoms of a hangover. In addition to the nausea and pain people also feel General fatigue, unpleasant taste in mouth and chills.
  • Hypertension. High blood pressure is often a cause of headache and vomiting. This person also feels numb fingers, weakness, increased anxiety and heart palpitations.
  • High intracranial pressure. For this disease characterized by severe headache and nausea, the symptoms are more severe in the evening. The person also suffers from dizziness, excessive sweating, reduce the overall level of activity and very fatigue. The disease can be congenital or be the result of infectious diseases and strokes.
  • Food poisoning. These symptoms very often are specific to food poisoning. Typically, the problem manifests very quickly – less than an hour after eating poor quality foods or toxic substances, and is characterized by dizziness, diarrhea, General weakness of the person.
  • A variety of head injuries. When head injury can manifest symptoms such as pain, weakness, nausea and vomiting, seizures, drowsiness, confusion with speech and motor skills, memory impairment, etc. in the presence of such symptoms should immediately call an ambulance.
  • The brain tumor. Headache and nausea occur in the presence of human brain malignancies. Depending on the affected area of the brain may show additional symptoms, including a deterioration of vision or hearing, hallucinations, memory problems, etc.
  • Neuroses. Headache and vomiting may be the cause of neurological disorders. They are characteristic of very impressionable people who are easily exposed to stress and strong emotional experiences. Also, while it is characterized by fever that does not go away for two weeks.
  • Stomach flu. Viral disease that spreads through food, contaminated surfaces, and contact with already infected person. First, the disease has the same symptoms, and food poisoning, but later it is accompanied by eye redness and sharp pain in the abdomen, painful sensations in the throat and chills.
  • Meningitis. In the presence of inflammatory processes in the meninges of the person feels severe headache and nausea. Thus the typical symptoms is also very high temperature that reaches 40 degrees, fever, pain in joints and muscles. Through the day the person begins to suffer from confusion, hallucinations and constant sleepiness. If you have these symptoms you need to go to the doctor.

Quite often referred to as markers can indicate different side effects of drugs. A similar situation is also characteristic for people suffering from depression, and having vision problems, particularly the incorrect glasses. To determine the exact cause only after examination by a specialist.

Diagnose and resolve problems

For examination of the person and determining the causes of headaches and nausea, using a variety of devices and methods:

  • Angiography. Danian method allows to determine the condition of the vessels in the head and neck and diagnose the presence of aneurismal, migraines or other such issues.
  • CT. A popular method to examine areas of the brain and to detect possible pathologies and anomalous zones. Computer tomography allows to diagnose swelling of the brain, different injuries and tears, circulation issues, etc.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging. Allows to examine the brain, particularly the grey matter, and cervical spine of the patient. The method allows to eliminate and prevent various effects of cancer, sinusitis, hernia, stroke, and other diseases.

For the full picture are also widely used such studies as diagnostics of the cardiovascular system, control blood pressure, blood tests etc.

As for treatment, the disease can be eliminated only after its accurate diagnosis. Depending on the problem the treatment can wear medical or surgical in nature. If the pain and nausea is mild, and expressed on the background of fatigue, you can use more lenient means, such as strong tea, honey, fruit containing vitamin C, as well as the quality of sleep. When severe pain, you should drink a pain reliever. If a person knows the cause of the problem, for example, high blood pressure, you need to take appropriate medication. However, if a specific case has a regular character, you need to get professional advice from the appropriate medical professional.

The optimal solution would be prevention of headache and nausea. A great tool is proper nutrition, physical activity, avoiding harmful habits, including alcohol and Smoking, Hiking and high-quality healthy sleep.

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