What will the headache tell about?

A headache can take you by surprise. In fact, this is a fairly common problem that many people suffer from throughout their lives. But you should not endure a headache. If she torments you for a long time, then be sure to consult a doctor.

Pain in the temples and behind the ears

Pain in the temples is the most common headache. Most often, it occurs due to circulatory disorders in the brain, or because of vasospasm. Also, the cause of this type of pain can be fluctuations in blood pressure. According to statistics, men who work hard often suffer from pain in their temples.

If the pain occurs periodically, then it can be removed with the help of massage, relaxation and tablets (aspirin, paracetamol, citramone). If such feelings in the temples often arise – you should consult a doctor to find out the exact cause, and prescribe the right treatment.

Pain in the area of ​​one eye (cluster pain)

This type of pain is considered one of the most unpleasant, and manifests itself in the region of the eye (or around it). It is extremely rare. The pain is so strong that it can wake up in the middle of the night, and no longer let you fall asleep. Cluster pain is episodic in nature and appears at about the same time. The attack lasts relatively short: from 15 to 60 minutes. Such attacks can accompany a person every day for several months, and then evaporate in order to return again after six months.

This type of pain is described as “burning”, the eye during an attack may watery or redden. They treat cluster pain with oxygen. And for this, of course, you need to see a doctor.

Top pain

Pain in the crown is common in the modern world. It has a compressive character, often accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the neck, shoulders and upper shoulder girdle. Also, a headache in the crown may be accompanied by ringing in the ears. Common causes of such pain are cervical osteochondrosis, general overstrain and fatigue, pressure surges, migraines. Another cause of pain of this nature may be trauma. In this case, be sure to consult a doctor.

With pain in the crown zone, it is necessary to ventilate the room well, lie down and relax, you can do acupressure of the head. If the pain is severe, you must take pain medication.

Neck and neck pain

The cause of pain in the neck and occipital part are problems with the cervical spine. Initially, pain can occur after a long stay in the same position, over time it will appear more often if the cause is not treated.

Of course, in this case, you can not do without consulting a doctor. Treatment of such pain, as a rule, consists of two stages. On the first, they try to remove the pain syndrome, on the second, they work with the cervical spine. This is massage, physiotherapy and exercise.

Pain in the cheekbones and above the eyes

Most often, the cause of pain in the cheekbones and above the eyes is sinusitis (with sinusitis, the pain intensifies while leaning forward). In addition to sinusitis, the causes of this pain syndrome include nerve pinched, viral disease, gum disease. This kind of pain is dragging, aching, which does not go away for a long time. And, of course, you can’t do without a doctor’s consultation.

Pain in temples, crown, back

Pain in the temples, crown, eyes, and back usually occurs due to overstrain. The reason may be too long sitting at the computer, stress at work or at home, stress. To remove this type of pain, you need to drink painkillers, and for prevention try to relax more often. For relaxation, massage, training in the gym, regular baths with sea salt and, of course, more pleasant meetings with friends are suitable.

It should be noted that when only one part of the head hurts, it is a migraine. It may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, poor perception of light. To treat such pain, drugs are prescribed that narrow the vessels. Of course, they are prescribed by the doctor.

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