Headache and your ears causes treatment

Quite common: pain around the ear, which is accompanied by painful cephalalgia. In rare cases, contemporary immediately consult a competent physician, but prefers to make the diagnosis independently and provides treatment by heating, instillation of funds, “green pharmacy” and ingestion in the pharmacy.

As a result, the disease progresses, causing dangerous complications.

The insidiousness of the state when discharge from the ear or headache that these symptoms may indicate a completely different diseases. Accordingly, their treatment differs radically.

Pain syndrome may be the result of:

  • mechanical,
  • traumatic,
  • infectious action
  • can be caused by other factors that are not directly linked with the ENT organs.

In order not to lose precious time and conduct a thorough comprehensive treatment plan, you must determine the reason why it hurts the head and ear. We offer you to study the information, which will be a first help in case of cephalgia and pain in the ears.

Triggers and overcoming them

There are a number of the most common factors that can lead to illness and appropriate methods of treatment.

The accumulation of sulfur in the outer channel
The reason

Local pain, the pulse, stuffiness in the ears – satellites excessive secretion of earwax. Large amounts of this substance are formed as a result of violations of the process of its selection. Cerumen blocks the opening of the auditory passage, and upon reaching the mass of the tympanic membrane, the congestion puts significant pressure on the vagus nerve. In the result, the person experiences severe headache, feeling of stuffiness in the ear, dizziness. Some patients with this problem find hearing loss, distortion of timbre and perception of sound. There may be cough and vomiting.

A way to overcome

The traditional way to remove cork is washing the ear canal with a syringe Jeanne.

Attention! Such manipulations do not use in patients with diabetes mellitus and in mechanical injuries of the eardrum.

The second method is the removal of congestion – the use of pumps. This intervention is carried out only doctors with pre-softening of the accumulated mass.

In the home can solve a problem in pharmaceutical preparations – drop integrated actions for hygiene of the ear canal. They contribute to the removal of dead tissue, clean the area of the outer ear, prevent the development of inflammatory processes.

Otitis externa
The reason

Common factor why the sore ear and head, a phenomenon popularly referred to as “swimmer’s ear”. If water in the ear softens the protective skin of the auditory meatus and forms the swelling that subsequently leads to the development of infectious process.

Also to the defeat of the auditory openings, causing otitis externa, may cause the banal procedure of cleansing the ears with cotton sticks.The inflammatory process is accompanied by different intensity of pain in the ears, cephalalgia, fever.

Cause uncomfortable and painful sensations can boils – pustular rash in the outer ear departments. Conical formations on the skin with purulent content bring acute pain in the organ of hearing and accompanied by intense cephalalgia.

Attention! Do not attempt to squeeze the boil yourself: it is fraught with hit of pathogenic microbes in the cavity of the brain.

A way to overcome

After studying the characteristics of the disease, the audiologist shall elect combined therapy in the form of local antibacterial agents that are assigned inside of antibiotics and drugs-analgesics.

Otitis media
The reason

Inflammation of the middle ear is a serious disease in which the inflamed area, separated from the outer zone of the eardrum. The most vulnerable group are children under 6 years due to anatomical features of the structure of the Eustachian canal.

About otitis media informs the pronounced pain that intensifies when chewed and swallowed food, in attempts to blow his nose. The disease is accompanied by fever, muscle weakness, and malaise, sensations of noise and congestion in the diseased organ.

Attention! The disease, left without adequate treatment, could be the impetus for a rupture of the eardrum and cause deafness.

A way to overcome

To choose the scheme of treatment is the responsibility of the otolaryngologist. Before the visit to the doctor to alleviate their condition:

  • drip into the nasal passage of the reliever medication;
  • carefully enter in the patient’s body 3 drops dioksidina (1% solution);
  • drink a febrifuge, such as paracetamol.

Inflammation of the inner ear
The reason

Inflammation of the inner ear – labyrinthitis, a condition that requires immediate medical care.

The disease is:

  • with the constant
  • intense pain,
  • a sense of hum, ringing, noise in the affected ear
  • dizziness,
  • fever,
  • headache that can’t stop the classic analgesics.

Severe illness is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, a person is disturbed balance, changing gait. Observed nystagmus – involuntary rapid eye movements.

Attention! Complications of suppurative labyrinthitis is a complete hearing loss in the damaged organ and persistent violation of the ability to equilibrium.

A way to overcome

No medicines traditional healers are unable to completely cure the disease. Therefore, the sooner a patient who has pain in ear and head, will return to the hospital, the more likely it will be for the complete elimination of the disease.

Infectious labyrinthitis resort to the appointment of a powerful antibiotic, for procedures of removal of purulent mass, in some cases, surgical intervention.

Traumatic defeat
The reason

Very often the pain pulse in my ears, which gives to the head caused by traumatic injuries.

Most common injuries:

  • Injury of the outer ear Department due to a blow or fall on the head. At the site of injury forms a hematoma, possible bloody or discolored discharge from the ear.
  • Barotrauma occurs when a sudden pressure drop in the middle areas of the ear: too much loud and unexpected sounds (e.g. gun shot), during takeoff and landing. People notes the discomfort, congestion, noise and ringing in the ears, which fade independently.
  • The ingress of foreign bodies in the ear canal cause swelling and blocking the lumen, which is manifested by itching, burning, hearing impairment.
  • Burns or frostbite of the ear the intensity of pain depends on the degree of damage. A frequent companion of phenomena – headache, redness of the skin, hearing impairment.
A way to overcome

If the pain provoked by the injury, the first event – the local use of cold compresses. If it’s badly damaged should be treated in the trauma Department.

Burns, manifested by redness of the skin, the affected area is treated with an alcoholic solution. When, after a burn on the skin appear bubbles should be injured area to be treated with cold water using a sterile cotton swab and seek medical help.

Attention! Should not undertake independent attempts to extract foreign objects from the ears. At the risk of damaging the eardrum.

The reason

Cephalalgia in the left or right side of the face is characteristic of diseases of the oral cavity, in particular for extreme ruined teeth. Caries in advanced stages is accompanied by a throbbing sharp pain in the top of the head, which can lay the ear.

A way to overcome

Self cure tooth unlikely, so a trip to the dentist – the right decision. Before the visit to the doctor is advisable to take anti-inflammatory painkillers, e.g. ibuprofen. Fans of the “grandma’s” recipes suitable irrigation of the mouth soda solution.

Trigeminal neuralgia
The reason

Trigeminal neuralgia is often accompanied by a sudden paroxysmal pain that resembles an electric shock. Impulse is distributed on the affected side of the head, covering the area of the ear. Often the cause of neuralgia is hypothermia and herpes virus infection.

A way to overcome

The treatment of the disease is a long and complex process, including the acceptance of antispasmodics, NSAIDs, sedatives fees and vitamin complexes. To relieve the condition, it is necessary to exclude from the diet, stimulating drinks, spicy food, spices and herbs. Supplementation with the active substance diclofenac will reduce the intensity of pain.

Among other factors, which can hurt your ears and “put pressure” on the parts of the head:

  • sudden changes in blood pressure;
  • hypertension;
  • physical fatigue and mental strain;
  • respiratory viral infection.

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