Pain in the temples and eyes causes treatment

If there is pain in the temples and eyes, this may indicate various diseases. She often has a throbbing, dull and pressing pain. Often, the discomfort occurs most of all in the eyes.

This can lead to serious diseases, so you need to contact the doctor so he can prescribed the right treatment and diagnosis. It happens that I am a fan of whiskey and eyes due to overwork.

If a person has vascular disease, the pain may not appear right away. When vision problems first, pain evident in his eyes, and only later moves on to whiskey. First you need to find the cause and then the doctor prescribes treatment.


The cause of the pain in the temples and the eyes may be a different infection. It can also be flu, sinusitis and dystonia. Such pain can talk about violations of blood flow. To provoke discomfort in the head can stress and strong physical exertion. Can also be diseases such as tumors in the skull and brain injury.

It can happen that eye strain, due to the fact that for a long time, the person sitting at the computer. The mucous membrane of the eyeballs can be irritated to blush and peresushivaya because a laptop is a rare twink. It is necessary before start working at the computer, wear glasses or special lenses.

Pain may be dystonia due to spasm of blood vessels. In this state, even a small change in the weather can cause pain in the temples and eyes. Increase in blood pressure is also a reason why pain happens. Colds can also provoke pain in the temporal area and give the eye.


Migraine is a popular disease and is most common in women. Appears poor circulation, it provokes an attack of pain. Migraine can not pass up to three days, and it attracts the patient to bed. Appears throbbing character of the pain gives in the frontal part and gradually moves on to whiskey. Can feel discomfort and pressure on eyes. Often seen symptoms such as: nausea, vomiting, weakness and sick feeling unwell.

Treatment is tailored for each person individually. Is it specialist, if passed full examination. Assigned therapy to alleviate the patient’s condition when there is an exacerbation of the disease. Prescribers to reduce the frequency of attacks such as analgesics, triptan, anticonvulsant drugs. Doctors also recommend a special diet and sleep at least eight hours.

Neuralgia of Ternate nerve

There is a loss of nerve endings of the trigeminal nerve. Sometimes it’s injuries or infectious diseases. Manifests itself, the disease shots into the temples, they can give in the head or eyes, but also in jaw and ear. The pain can become stronger when coughing, laughing, talking. Often the patient may complain of not feeling of skin.

The disease can be treated both at home and in the hospital, but it must be under the supervision of a physician. Appointed by such medications which can relieve the pain and spasms. May be prescribed additional medications they are able to remove tissue swelling and eliminate infection and inflammation. It happens that the doctor aims at physical therapy, it will help to get rid of unpleasant symptoms. If there is no one effective treatment is performed surgery.


Due to the fact that intraocular pressure increases, it starts the damage to the visual tissues. In attacks there is a sharp pain in inflamed eye, and there is a return to the temple, developing deterioration of vision. There is a strong sensitivity to light, nausea and rarely vomiting. The pupils in this attack start to increase and almost not moving.

Disease such as glaucoma to be treated yourself should not. If you do not make any difference for acute pain, as a rule, this leads to blindness. For that, if you are experiencing similar symptoms and pain in temple and eye, it is necessary to go on consultation to the ophthalmologist. A specialist will direct the diagnosis and will prescribe a comprehensive medical therapy. All depends on the severity, because you may need surgery.

Temporal arthritis

To appear, such diseases may be due to changes in the blood vessels that occurs in people who are aged. Can still develop the disease due to cold, occurs when inflammation in the temporal artery. This pathology can entail such consequences as the development of conjunctivitis or iritis.

Arthritis may cause unbearable pain in the temples and eyes, and also high body temperature, weakness, muscle aches. Treatment is by medicines such as corticosteroids. Prescribe more pills, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels and expand them. For the removal of pain can be consumed antispasmodics and analgesics.

Intracranial and blood pressure

Increased intracranial pressure due to the fact that increased cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. Is a disruption of blood flow in the skull due to hypertension. These two conditions trigger pain in the temples and eyes, nausea, dizziness and fatigue. Measurement of blood pressure can be done with your own hands, but to reduce intracranial, must come to the difficult method of elimination.

Pain in the head of a strong character and I feel that pain puts pressure on the eyes, it is advisable to consult a doctor. The medic will be able to find the reason of such condition and prescribe the correct and effective treatment. In order to eliminate the disease, the doctor prescribes nootropics diuretics, sedative and vasodilator medicines. As an addition can be assigned the massages and physical therapy. You will need to follow a diet and to establish the mode of the day, also should not forget that you need to sleep at least eight hours.

Cluster headache

Cluster headache is usually a chronic disease, the symptoms are similar to migraine. It can occur suddenly, and manifest it yourself can every day, will continue for a month, then can go for the whole year. The causes of such pain can be due to fatigue, circulatory disorders. There is a headache in the temples and eyes. The patient begins to feel discomfort in the eye socket, they also begin to tear, the face becomes red and occurs swelling of the nasal mucosa.

If there is no severe headaches, you can take pain medicines such as Allergy or Ibuprofen. If you begin a stuffy nose, you need to buy a drop in their composition must be dihydroergotamine. In the event of acute pain are assigned steroids, sedatives, and potent triptan in a hospital under the supervision of a physician.


First and foremost, if you’re sick of whiskey and eyes need to normalize your routine. Need to get some proper sleep and therefore it is desirable to sleep at least eight hours. You also need to rest, so the body is not overtired, this will need to take a NAP for a few hours a day. To do special exercises for the head and eyes. Need to take a break, if much time is spent at the computer. As often as possible to ventilate your room.

Lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Do not forget to eat right and most importantly small portions. Try to spend more time outdoors. Well help special herbal teas. Don’t take large amounts of analgesics, it may only intensify the attacks. It is not advisable to skip meals, you need to eat at the same time. If you consume such drinks that contains caffeine, you can start to get sick of whiskey and eyes.

Will improve health and will help to get rid of pain daily exercises. You can also ride a bike or go swimming, and immediately feel the excellent feeling. It is recommended to avoid stressful situations and physical strain. Well helps with pain yoga and various relaxation exercises. You need to be able to relax, it is best to go on nature, to read or take a bath. You should refuse from alcohol and Smoking.

If starts to hurt badly at the temples and begins to give into the eyes, you should immediately seek help at a health facility. A specialist will be able to assign the correct diagnosis and effective therapy. Need to know what such pain can talk about various diseases that may require urgent treatment. Therefore, when the first symptoms should go to the doctor. To avoid any headaches, you need to eat right, to refuse alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

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