It hurts to turn my head causes treatment

Headache, accompanied by pain syndrome in the neck is a fairly common phenomenon. Many people choose to ignore this symptom, thinking that such a malaise could be caused by fatigue or nervous tension. Actually apart from these factors there are many others that can cause pain in the neck and head.

What are the reasons?

If for a long time a person has a sore neck and head, it is necessary to determine the exact cause of the pain syndrome.

Consider the main disease that can cause pain in the neck and head:

  • Low back pain. This is the most common cause of this disease. The fact that in this disease, bone growths can peredavit arteries, resulting in worse blood flow to the brain, and there will be pain. Usually it is localized in the back in the neck. In addition to this, dizzy, nausea, and numbness in the extremities.
  • Neuralgia. Mostly this disease occurs in people leading a sedentary lifestyle, for example, office workers. In addition to provoke this disease can the following factors: hypothermia, meningitis, stress. It is characterized by severe pain, which increases with rotation of the head. Very often the pain syndrome is unilateral, only on the right or left.
  • Cervical migraine. The disease manifested a strong pain in the temples and the nape. The basic cause of such disease is atherosclerosis or trauma. The patient may complain of nausea and dizziness, in addition, a deterioration of sight and hearing.
  • Mihalos. Because of the sealing of the neck muscles may feel sick. Most often the cause of myogelosis the following factors: hypothermia, spinal curvature, long stay in an unnatural position. Mihalos can cause not only pain, but also dizziness. In this disease the person feels stiffness in the neck and shoulder girdle. Mihalos can pass on their own, but if you do massage, you health will improve.
  • High blood pressure. Pain in the neck can occur due to intracranial pressure, and hypertension. In the first case, headaches arise due to the increase of the volume of liquid which not only washes the brain, but also performs a protective function. And in the second case, the pressure often rises due to atherosclerosis and is manifested by pain in the neck primarily in the morning.
  • The growth of osteophytes. Happens degeneration of the tissues of the ligaments, they turn into bone and thus cause pain, which are localized in the neck and shoulders. Often suffer from this disease, older people and those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Muscle tension. In some cases, a sore neck and head due to prolonged muscle tension. It can occur due to incorrect execution of any exercise or prolonged work at the computer. First pain syndrome localized in the neck and head, and then can go for the frontal part of the skull. The pain is usually moderate, but when pressure is applied to muscles it increases can also occur dizziness and roaring in the ears.
It hurts to turn my head?

What to do if a sore neck? The first step is to find out the causes that can cause pain in the neck and head.

In addition to the spine can cause this kind of symptoms can the following reasons:

  • Stress. If a person is under stress, the muscles are constantly tense, this can lead to spasm. Also due to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles can be painful sensations, they increase, if you abruptly turn your head. To get rid of this disease, you should avoid stressful situations and if that does not work, it is best to visit a psychologist.
  • Referred pain. In some cases a pain syndrome that occurs when turning the head, can indicate different diseases of internal organs. For example, in diseases of the cardiovascular system or the digestive system the pain often radiates to the neck. In addition to cause similar pain syndrome can such a dangerous disease like lung cancer. That is why at a constant pain in the head and neck better to pass the examination and to know the exact diagnosis.
  • Syndrome scalene muscle. It is characterized by the compression of nerves and blood vessels in region of ribs and clavicle, for this reason occurs the pain. Usually a sore neck when turning the head, the person feels weakness and fatigue. This disease occurs due to poor posture and congenital abnormalities.

Before to treat pain in the head and neck is necessary to know the exact cause of this disease.

Unfortunately, these symptoms are characteristic of many diseases, so it is impossible to self-diagnose. To determine the exact cause, you need to visit a doctor and get tested.

To diagnose usually use:

  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • computed tomography
  • x-rays of the spine.

Based on the results of these studies it is possible to make an accurate diagnosis and to choose the appropriate method of treatment. Depending on the severity of the disease can apply both conservative and surgical treatment.

Quick help

A sore neck and head, what to do?

If the pain is sudden, you can try to get rid of it with the following:

  1. Ventilate the room, lack of oxygen can trigger a headache.
  2. Do yourself a massage, massage a light massage of the neck, nape and shoulders.
  3. Lie on your back, preferably on a hard flat surface and try to relax.
  4. Distills away all the bad thoughts, so it’s easier to cope with stress.

The above guidelines should help, if the pain provoked miglos or stress. But if the cause of pain in the head and neck have become some of the disease, it is best to visit a doctor. Especially if the pain is bothering regularly.

How to treat?

If you have installed the exact reason for sore neck and head, when necessary to begin treatment. For starters docked pain syndrome with anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Then the selected individual treatment, tailored to the particular disease and the reasons for its occurrence.

Treatment should be an experienced doctor. Mainly assigned to conservative treatment.

In most cases, prescribed the necessary drugs, and also shown are physiotherapy, massage and manual therapy. Also, the doctor may prescribe therapeutic exercises and swimming.

But it is worth remembering that treatment is usually complex and takes a long time, since the neck is almost impossible to provide the desired peace.

But if after conservative treatment the pain in the head and neck persists, you may need surgery. It is assigned in that case, if the pain is so pronounced that obstructs the patient to a normal lifestyle.

Surgery is an extreme case, in the majority helps conservative treatment. And some diseases, such as mihalos, may pass on their own, if you remove the reasons for their occurrence.

  • Many people from time to time sore neck and head, but to get rid of this disease need to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Need daily exercise, especially office employees who spend most of their working time at the computer.
  • During operation it is necessary to monitor posture, improper posture can lead to diseases of the spine.
  • In addition, the need to abandon harmful habits such as Smoking and abuse of alcohol and to follow a diet.
  • The diet should include fish, preferably fatty varieties, dairy products, vegetables and fruits.
  • It is desirable to limit consumption of fatty, spicy, smoked and salty, and also not to abuse chocolate, coffee and nuts.

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