Headache in left side of head causes treatment

Headache periodically experienced by each person, because it is a common symptom of many diseases. The factors causing the disorder, can be very diverse, as well as its manifestations.

Pain, usually localized in the occipital, temporal or frontal lobe, but quite often patients complain that it hurts the left side of the head.

If you experience pain, manifested in the left part of the head, most people rush to take pain medication or try to endure the stress without thinking about the cause of the illness.

Meanwhile, the attacks that periodically appear in the left part of the head, can become chronic, and can cause the strongest discomfort, and pain medication will lose its medicinal properties. Therefore, if regularly occurring pain attacks need to see a specialist who will diagnose and establish the true cause of this ailment.


Experts identify several factors contributing to the emergence of pain in the left side of the head. In most cases it is external stimuli, the impact of which may cause discomfort of a certain character.

An uncomfortable posture when sitting

Stay in a certain position for long time leads to numbness in the nerve endings located in the back of the head, and as a consequence to the occurrence of headache localized in the left side. Changing posture contributes to the gradual disappearance of pain.

A stressful situation

Many problems, conflicts provoke stress of the body, the reaction of which is pain attack in the left part of the brain because this hemisphere is responsible for the expression of analytical abilities.

The costs of the profession

Members of certain professions spend most of their working time in the monotonous fixed position, prone and frequently repeated pain attacks.

The risk group includes:

  • office workers,
  • the drivers
  • freelancers sitting to long in front of computer monitor.

There are, however, internal factors, causing severe headaches. They can be as different ailments and serious diseases.


A fairly common reason due to which it hurts the left side of the head, is considered to be a migraine. This ailment is characterized by pain in the left temple, eyes, forehead, grasping and upper jaw.

A migraine attack is accompanied by a complex of auditory, visual and tactile disorders: the patient there is increased reaction to

  • smells
  • sounds
  • bright light;
  • sometimes there is a flickering of black spots before the eyes,
  • having hallucinations.

An attack may last from several hours to several days, followed by weakness and fatigue.

Also, the onset of a migraine headache can cause abussou headache if You are taking medications.


The cause of the paroxysmal pain is increased intraocular pressure. Pain are often acute, and localized in the left hemisphere and frontal lobe, grasping and diseased eyes.

Paroxysmal hemicrania

Disease symptoms reminiscent of migraine, characterized by frequent pain attacks occurring over a long period (even several years). Headache affects the left hemisphere and is of a throbbing searing or piercing in nature. The consequence of this pathology is the loss of the eyeball, which is red and drops, while the pupil narrows and does not respond to external stimuli. Typically, the disease affects women in adulthood.

Beam headache

Attack develops fast, without warning, occurs in an acute form. The patient has unbearable pain in the left temporal and frontal parts, radiating to the eyes. There is a feeling that the shooting pain in eyes and head. Paroxysmal pain is accompanied by redness of eyes, flushing of the facial skin. There may be congestion of the sinuses.


A well-known disease in which the deposition of salts in the spine. This contributes to the compression of the cervical arteries and circulatory problems. The result are headaches and frequent dizziness associated with inadequate oxygen supply to brain tissue.

Infection and inflammation

The initial stage of development of these processes is accompanied by pain in the left (right) side of the head. Pain occurs after exposure to wind in cold weather, a strong draught under the air conditioner. Pathology of teeth or gums are also precipitating factor for the occurrence of pain.

Weather dependent

The head can hurt and meteodependent people with minor climate changes and weather conditions. Usually the symptom occur before rain or snow. Unpleasant aching in nature continues for a long time and discomfort in the forehead, temple, ear, crown.

Traumatic brain injury

Severe and prolonged headaches accompany people who have suffered traumatic brain injury, as well as having congenital abnormalities of musculoskeletal system. Pain syndrome moderate character can be observed in patients after stroke, as well as having neoplastic growths.


The diversity of pain in the left side of the head requires a correct diagnosis and the diagnosis. It ensures the correct selection of the optimal treatment regimens that will guarantee a positive result.

In the event of acute attack need mild painkillers from the group of antispasmodics or analgesics.Concomitant treatment may be the use of recipes of traditional medicine.

In particular, for the relief of pain recommended herbal teas:

  • chamomile
  • mint,
  • oregano,
  • rosemary
  • lemongrass.

In treatment helps therapeutic and relaxing massage, which can be done at home, studying a few simple techniques. Enhance effect help aromatherapy using essential oils.

With more serious disease should be a medical therapy that should be prescribed only by a specialist.

During treatment and after its completion, you must:

  • to establish proper nutrition,
  • to abandon bad habits
  • to normalize restful sleep,
  • to increase the exposure to fresh air.

And remember that our health is in our hands.

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