Headache in the forehead treatment causes

Various options for headache are common to all categories of the population. Painful attacks may occur suddenly, in frequent different heads, to last several seconds, minutes or even for several days. It indicates advancing disease, or minor discomfort.

When a headache in the forehead, you need to be able to distinguish a little weak from complex disease, which has not yet manifested itself in time to take action.

The cause of the pain

To determine the true causes of the origin of frontal lobes, it is necessary to examine the accompanying symptoms. For additional manifestations and features of a painful syndrome it is possible to determine why there are headaches, as subject it to external factors.

When a headache in the forehead, exhibits such diseases:

  • The accumulation of large quantities of chemicals contained in fast food and other harmful products.
  • Poisoning by toxic substances contained in the bad furniture and clothing, the materials from which made interior decorations, and toys.
  • Poisoning with alcohol or drugs.
  • Prolonged work at the computer.
  • Uncomfortable pillow, where people don’t get enough sleep, in the morning I feel bad, headache.
  • Little oxygen in the room.
  • Climate change due to travel to other countries in multiple time zones.
  • People watch too much TV.
  • When people climb into the mountains, changing the indicator HELL.

Not had a headache in such conditions, you need to change the diet and routine. In other cases, symptoms resolve given the nature of developing pathology.


Mental fatigue often causes headache. Often symptoms occur in the 2nd half of the working day after a long work behind the monitor or difficult intellectual exercise. To get rid of this disease is easy, you need to provide yourself a rest. Similar pain in the forehead do not require medical intervention, but security symptoms also did not differ. At constant attacks you need to understand that there is chronic fatigue, which will lead to problems with health.


A disorder characterized by inflammation in the frontal sinuses, localized in the facial bones above the nose. Often, frontal sinusitis refers to an acute respiratory disease viruses.

Pain in the forehead when sinusitis is often accompanied by such signs:

  • Weakness, increased body temperature.
  • Laid nose where marked pain.
  • In complex situations manifested by loss of smell and sensitivity to bright light.

Sinusitis often occurs as a manifestation of influenza. While patients can reveal swelling over the nose because of impaired blood flow in the capillaries.


When patients develop hypertension, sore occipital and forehead. Painful symptoms irradiiruet in the eye. The pain is always oppressive, a feeling as if the patient is wearing the head wrap, compressing it around the circumference. To diagnose painful symptom of hypertension will be additional symptoms that accompanied by nausea without retching.

Often reddens the face, sometimes showing a slight swelling. Symptoms get worse with physical exertion and various voltages when the patient coughs or sneezes. Symptoms were no different intensity, can last a long time.

Disorders of the CNS

Here are the main:

  • Cluster pain. For this condition characteristic appearance of pulsating pain. His eyes begin to redden, and increased lacrimation. These symptoms develop and cease abruptly. Patients even have trouble sleeping because of this pain. Smoking and climate change cause this condition, acute in large numbers are observed in spring and autumn. Significant causes of the disorder can’t figure out modern medicine.
  • Migraine occurs in many patients. There are statistics that indicate what symptoms bother all people. For this disease is peculiar pulsation in the temples, flowing over the forehead and eyes. Painful symptoms are bottled with one hand. The related symptoms include dizziness, General weakness of the body, noise in the ears. To migraine include eye pain, head, white spots before eyes. To eliminate migraine is assigned triptan, stabilizing the condition when complicated morbid symptoms.
  • Neuralgia. The disease is peculiar to pain in the area troynikov nerves. Patients suffer from acute pain. Their development is due to the difference between the temperatures. The attacks begin when you interact with hot and cold water. Often the symptoms manifested in elderly patients. After diagnosis, drug therapy is prescribed.
  • Neuroses. When such disorders are often a headache. The disorder is diagnosed only when carried out a detailed examination excluded other causes and symptoms. Painful sensations are often defined as external.

This disease is prevalent in patients of middle and old age. Causes of burning sensation due to the fact that in osteochondrosis compresses the spinal cord. Pain in such situations there are different. When this disease worsens the coordination of movements. There is a feeling of tingling and tingling. When the patient numb the nose, the reasons for this state are due to osteochondrosis.

When low back pain is treated properly, unpleasant symptoms is eliminated. You need to consider the methods of prevention and disease to keep the correct posture, more exercise, watch your weight, eat normally. Doctors are advised to perform gymnastics.

Disorders of the heart and blood vessels

Pain as a result of low or high pressure occurs frequently. The character and location of symptoms is different. As a result of stimulation of nerves arise compressive or bursting sensation.

Such symptoms characteristic of atherosclerosis, hypertension, vegetative dystonia, disorders of the kidneys. Girdle pain occurs when intracranial pressure is low. It is peculiar to the patients with low blood pressure, disease of the adrenal glands and thyroid. When the patient is subjected to continuous physical stress, nervous or very tired, may develop the same symptom.

Eye disease

Often a headache because of diseases of the eye. Stress can arise due to astigmatism, optic neuritis, and conjunctivitis. When examining the diseased eye, painful sensations arise from the close side. Often analgesics are not able to stabilize the patient’s condition, it is possible to achieve minor improvements. Even in children head starts to hurt, if you long to watch TV, use the computer or read.

The pain can occur in the eyebrow, forehead and nose. Adult patients, constantly sitting at the computer, often suffer from similar diseases. In case of suspicion for the disorder is necessary to visit the doctor. If you normalize the intracranial pressure, it is possible to get rid of negative symptom.

What the doctors advise?

To determine the method of treatment can only be experienced doctor. Home bouts are eliminated when the pain does not occur in conjunction with inflammation, their nature is not different duration and intensity.

Need to go to such doctors:

  • Neurologist.
  • Therapist.
  • Ophthalmologist.

Are these kinds of diagnostic procedures:

  • Radiography to eliminate the ENT pathologies.
  • Encephalography allows you to determine the condition of the vessels of the head.
  • CT or MRI to determine tissue brain structures.
  • A blood test for a subject of intense infectious disorders and inflammation.
  • Check for the presence of cancerous tumors.
What means are used to treat?

List the medicines:

  • Analgesics.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs without steroids.
  • Drugs with plazmohimicheskih effect.
  • Diuretics.

To identify a suitable drug can only the attending doctor, referring to the General condition of the patient, side effects and contraindications.

Traditional medicine is also often used for the relief of headaches.

Here are the main:

  • Cabbage leaf, which before application to the frontal lobe have to be cleaned and promyat to release the liquid.
  • Wrap with clay, rosemary, mint, lemon.
  • Motherwort tea with the addition of chamomile.
  • Lavender oil for massage.
  • The medicine is prepared from Apple cider vinegar and honey diluted with water.
  • You can use the ointment “Asterisk”.

When you have spontaneous pain for unknown reasons that are complicated, you need to consult a doctor, self-medication is strictly prohibited.

Harmful products

Headache can be provoked by foods, which contain harmful components:

  • Nitrates. Meat products that are heat treated, may contain too many nitrates. If you follow your own diet, need to limit eating foods with nitrates.
  • Histamine. Alcohol contains a lot of histamine. Small concentrations of substances can benefit the body, but its excess causes headaches.
  • Monosodium glutamate. In fast food, canned food contains a lot of this substance. They also include foods with fish and meat without proper heat treatment. If there are too many of such food, ache head.
  • Tyramine can trigger headaches. A component found in chocolate, nuts, cheeses.
  • Caffeine in small quantities, stimulates the nervous system. When exceeding the optimal dosage headache due to the decrease in blood pressure.

An important factor when headache is considered compliance with appropriate diet. Many patients go without Breakfast. In the morning, the body loses beneficial components, the energy supply is depleted for additional forces need to consume calories.

To eat 3-5 times a day in small portions, to avoid a headache, don’t exert yourself stomach. For dinner it is better to refrain from overeating. You need to drink more water and eat salads.

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