Methotrexate antitumor agent for the integrated treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Systemic diseases rheumatoid arthritis is manifested at the beginning of his development of General weakness, fatigue, sudden loss of appetite.

Methotrexate antitumor agent for the integrated treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Many patients for a long time with the changes in the joints do not pay attention. They mistakenly believe all the negative changes happening to them, the natural processes that are associated with aging.

Gradually dangerous disease affects the joints, periarticular tissues and becomes unbearable pain. As a result, deformation of the joints of patients violated their function.

Knee, wrist, intervertebral joints of the neck in this disease – logopedija, swollen. The skin temperature in the affected joints is increased. Periods of remission are replaced by debilitating exacerbations.

Features of the development of the disease

The adjustment mechanisms of the immune system in this pathology violated. The body begins to perceive the cells of the synovial membrane of the joints, bones, cartilage as foreign and to struggle with them.

It is with constant persistence using immune cells-white blood cells, trying to destroy its own organs and tissues.

It starts with an active inflammatory process, which becomes chronic. The body mistakenly destroys its own joints. So rheumatoid arthritis refers to a systemic disease.

This disease can not be cured completely. But to control its development is possible.

Methotrexate antitumor agent for the integrated treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

To ease the disease, you should immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease to address for consultation to the therapist. The diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, he will refer the patient to the rheumatologist, which will determine the treatment strategy and prognosis of the disease.

Medication pathology

For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in medicine there are two types of medicines. One is the drugs of first choice at the start of therapy. They have rapid action.

Aspirin and corticosteroid hormones. Their task – as soon as possible to relieve the pain and stop the inflammation.

The second group of drugs is the basic second-line drugs, which are long and slow. Their task – to change the course of the disease, to achieve remission the disappearance of symptoms.

These drugs do not have anti-inflammatory effect. But they are able to slow down and prevent the destruction of affected joints. To the basic drugs include methotrexate, which has only positive reviews patients.

Pharmacological properties of methotrexate

When the joints are affected a severe illness, and sharp pain is difficult to endure, doctors recommend methotrexate in rheumatoid arthritis to take in active phase in the period of exacerbation of the disease.

If we accept this immunosuppressive anticancer cytotoxic agent in complex treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, the prognosis for its development will be positive.

However, to take this drug only after examining the reviews of other patients, should not be. It must appoint a physician.

Methotrexate antitumor agent for the integrated treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
  1. This medicine has passed the test of time for the past half dozen years. As this disease has specific symptoms, often required a lot of time to establish an accurate diagnosis. Methotrexate is often assigned to a doctor to confirm the diagnosis. The greatest effect is achieved in the initial stage of the disease.
  2. Treatment with this drug in rheumatoid arthritis allows you to remove the aggravation and prolong the period of remission, ensuring a positive prognosis of the disease. This drug is a folic acid antagonist and has the ability to suppress immune system, inhibit the reproduction of rapidly dividing abnormal harmful immune cells called leukocytes. Therefore, quickly stops the inflammatory process in the body. The patient regains the ability to live a normal life and work.
  3. Methotrexate is very popular because it is one of the most effective drugs. However, it should be used under constant control of a physician, as it has few side effects. Therefore, regular blood tests should be performed during the course of taking this drug. Methotrexate in rheumatoid arthritis is the most appropriate solution for every patient with this disease.
  4. There are times when it is simply an indispensable tool. So, this medicine reduces the clinical manifestations of arthritis, Felty’s syndrome it can reduce the level of radiation. Often when receiving this medication does not require additional medical tools designed to facilitate the patient’s condition. Complications of rheumatoid arthritis does not occur if you take methotrexate on prescription.
  5. The drug is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. The medicinal substance is absorbed by the body in proportion to the dose. Then in the liver is converted into biologically active substances that are excreted from the body via the urinary tract.
  1. When you assign the starting dose of methotrexate is extremely important to choose it correctly. This should be done gradually. The amount of drug should be increased gradually. The exact dosage should be determined not later than three months after it was discovered first signs of rheumatoid arthritis.
  2. The first course of treatment with this drug lasts for 3 to 6.5 months. The attending physician, who determined the prognosis of the disease based on the characteristics of the flow of pathological process, is assigned the number of doses of the drug and duration of treatment. If you pick the lowest dose, the treatment may last for a long time in the absence of significant side effects. This will contribute to a significant improvement in the patient’s condition.
  3. During prolonged therapy of more than one or two months and high dosage of the drug is sometimes it happens the occurrence of side effects. It is possible in the case of a combination of methotrexate with other drugs that prevent the progression of this disease. If any side effects, this drug should be stopped.
During therapy with this drug solved four global challenges:
  1. To reduce inflammatory processes in tissues.
  2. To stop further progression of the disease.
  3. To improve joint function.
  4. To exclude complications revmatoidnogo arthritis.
  5. To prevent disability of the patient.

Reviews of patients on methotrexate full confidence in the appropriateness of such treatment.

The most authoritative representatives of the world of medicine, we recommend taking this means patients with any degree of rheumatoid arthritis.

Today, doctors are increasingly replacing the traditional glucocorticoids methotrexate.

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