Treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies: herbs, ointments, rubbing

Arthritis joints is a severe disease that still has no absolute cure. However, it is important to say that the treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies in combination with conservative medical treatment brings a far greater effect than both methods individually.

In the process of progression of osteoarthritis have been developing degeneration of the joints and degeneration. This disease can affect any area of the human body, however, patients frequently complain about the damage to the knee, ankle and hip joints.

The main reasons for the development of the disease considered to be:

  • excessive weight;
  • injuries;
  • the increased load on the joint;
  • the presence of allergic reactions;
  • the development of infectious processes.

The pathology entails limiting the mobility of the joints, accompanied by severe pain in the process of ordinary household mobility.

Treatments for osteoarthritis are directly linked with the stage of disease and the lesion. So, at the initial stage of progression of the disease effective therapies are medical gymnastics, various massages, compliance with the dairy diet.

In addition, the positive effect can be obtained from physiotherapy and heat treatments, radon baths. When there is the presence of strong pain syndrome, experts prescribe the drugs against inflammation and pain. The most complex cases and severe stages of the disease require surgical intervention.

Folk remedy for osteoarthritis involve the use of a restrictive diet at all stages of the disease.

Note that the human diet needs to contain products such:

  • dairy;
  • of plant origin;
  • fresh juices.

In addition, some cases suggest that we need to start treating the disease at home with food starvation. At this time, it is recommended to drink only the juice of celery or carrots. This process cleanses the body exhausted.

Herbal treatment

Modern medicine agrees that to treat arthritis you need together medical and national treatment. Therefore folk remedies for osteoarthritis are reduced to compresses, herbs, wraps and rastirok. Effective at all times is the treatment by using different herbs and plants.

A few simple recipes:

  1. Take equal ratio chamomile, corn silk, St. John’s wort, immortelle, as well as grass motherwort and yarrow. All components grind and mix. Now you need to brew herbal or two tablespoons of pour two cups of boiling water and insist for three hours. The infusion should be consumed 30 minutes before meals in ½ glass three times a day. Minimum course of 30 days.
  2. In equal proportions take St. John’s wort, leaves cranberries, birch buds, juniper berries and horsetail herb. The process of making tinctures is the same as in the first case.
  3. Good reviews about this recipe: you must take the leaves of agave and alcohol. The leaves are ground and pour the alcohol in a ratio of 1:10. next, you should insist ground in a dark place for 10 days and then take 15 drops three times a day before meal. Minimum course of 30 days.
  4. To treat arthritis following tincture is very simple. You need to take nettle roots wild raspberries, nard. Then add the Arnica flowers and black elderberry, and rosemary. All components are finely cut and mixed. Next, two tablespoons collection pour two cups of boiling water and kept in water bath for 10 minutes. The resulting infusion is necessary to drink ½ Cup three times a day before meals. Minimum course of 30 days.
Treatment with body wraps and rastirok

To treat arthritis of many joints by the methods of wrapping and rastertime is very effective, says medicine. However, it should be remembered that these methods should be used as a supplementary treatment, not the main.

Traditional medicine offers the following recipes rastirok and compresses, which allow to cope with the pain and inflammation in the lesions:

  1. The damaged area is wrapped in fresh cabbage leaves, record and leave a compress at night. It allows you to quickly relieve pain and eliminate stress.
  2. For the treatment of osteoarthritis of the fingers and toes is recommended to do bath with the use of fir or pine infusion.
  3. You need to take 200 g of fresh liquid honey, add 300 ml of radish juice, 100 ml of strong red wine and 1 tbsp of salt. All components are mixed and allowed to cool. The resulting mass should be rubbed into the damaged area, and then wrap for an hour in a warm scarf. After a time the skin wipe with a damp cloth. The minimum rate of rastertime – 30 days.
  4. The following recipe involves grinding of chamomile, flax seed, marshmallow root, mallow. The resulting mass pour of vodka and insist in a dark place for a week. Then, from the resulting tincture make compresses, leave on overnight. The minimum course is 2 weeks.
  5. Must be mixed in the proportions 1:2, dry mustard and sea salt, then pour 30 ml of pure kerosene. The mass should be rubbed into the affected joint before sleeping. The minimum course is 2 weeks.
  6. Two hours before bedtime should drink 5 tablespoons of vodka, with the addition in each of them a little bit of sea salt. Every bite you need to drink honey tea. Further, you should wear socks that put dry mustard and sea salt overnight. Compress this allows you to remove the sense of fragility in the joints.

Treatment of the disease using traditional means improves the human condition. Disappears swelling, pain, eliminates brittleness in the joints and tension in them. However, it should be remembered that an effective fight against the osteoarthritis is only possible with the use of medication.

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