Asthma physical effort symptoms, prevention.

Bronchial asthma is one of the most common diseases of the respiratory system, in Russia it affects about 7 million people, of which about one million – a severe form. Asthma is most often triggered by allergens, cold, damp weather inhalation of humid air, viral infection, physical activity (“sports” asthma and asthma physical effort), different smells, etc.

As a rule, patients already know what usually causes them attacks of asthma and can prevent or quickly arrest him with the help of asthma medications.

According to world statistics, currently suffer from asthma and 1 out of 10 people and this number every 10 years doubles.

And, not aware of their disease 10% of that number. Most often these are persons who practice physical activity: Jogging, outdoor games – football and basketball in the gym. They experience bouts of asthma physical effort (AFU) – “sports” asthma.

Asthma physical effort the Symptoms:

After about 5-10 minutes of training, and sometimes at the very end, there is a tightening in the chest, palpitations, cough, dyspnea, passing after 30 minutes or an hour. Man thinks that he has lost physical form and starts to train hard. But this only accelerates the development of disease. In such cases, doctors prescribe dosed load: starting with the easiest exercises, gradually increasing their pace.

Asthma of physical effort – Prevention:

If you have already experienced the first attacks of asthma physical effort(“sports” asthma), then you will get some practical tips for the prevention of asthma attacks:

1. Exercise asthma physical effort:

* Take cyclic exercises at a slow pace: walking, running, and mixed movement, alternating walking with running. Gradually increasing the load, follow the health. Contributes to the development of endurance.

* Start with walking, alternating it with short runs (80-120 meters). At the end of the race, check your pulse, and it should not exceed 160 beats/min. the recovery Period is not more than 3-4 minutes.

* The length of the runs need to gradually increase and, over time, only go for Jogging. If this happens, asthma physical effort you won!

2. Breathing exercises asthma physical effort:

To prevent asthma physical effort required to perform the following breathing exercises:

DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING. Lying on the back, strongly pull your stomach and on the count of 1-2-3 make a long as deep exhale. On account of the 4 take a diaphragmatic breath, at the same time, to limit bulging stomach. Then, instantly reducing the abdominal muscles, you have muffled cough. Diaphragmatic breathing can be combined with walking and Jogging – it helps to restore patency of the bronchi.

BREATH – SQUEEZING LYING. Lying on your back, pull thighs to chest, holding hands on the Shin, at the same time making a powerful exhale, then take a starting position. When performing a breath, the maximum bulging stomach and a muffled cough. This exercise can be performed standing – alternately tighten the chest to the left, the right hip.

3. Sports during menstruation:

This advice applies to visitors to the fitness centers. About a week before menstruation increases the tendency to asthmatic reactions (asthma physical effort), so it’s best to refrain from visiting the gym and other activities grade during the week before menstruation and during menstruation.

4. Don’t exercise in the early morning and late in the evening:

To prevent asthma physical effort and the men and women you should not do at the gym in the early morning and late evening. In the period from 7 PM to 7 am, the vagus nerve vagus increases the tendency of the bronchi to spasm, enhancing mucus secretion and contributing to swelling of the walls of the bronchial tubes, and this causes an attack of asthma physical effort.

Adhering to these practical tips, You can avoid attacks of asthma physical effort.

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