Spring aggravation, how to stay yourself

The female body is a delicate structure that responds to any changes. Let them say that women have become stronger, able to resist stress, but often the period of transition to the long-awaited spring season is accompanied by emotional instability.

Svetlana Lomakina, a social technologist, specialist in the field of reputation technologies and personal design, shares three simple techniques that will help to tune in a positive way

I propose to become a skilled manager of my own state of mind.

Here are three simple techniques to help you tune in a positive way.


Start by looking around and noting for yourself the variety of colors in the room, office, subway car… Well, if you manage to name the shade more precisely.

In ordinary life, a person distinguishes about a hundred shades. The brain changes state by focusing on various color manifestations. For example, add solar energy and vitality using an accessory in yellow or orange. If you need to reduce irritability, add cool green. Red for some time will help red in the zone of mental attention. Observe which colors you choose with your eyes more often, which ones you avoid. Start consciously choosing the colors that enhance your condition.

Cleansing Breath

It is believed that breathing exists by itself and is a purely physiological process, but the simple truth is that we feel the way we breathe.

Check your breath, what is it right now? Breathe chest or belly? Is there enough air (sensation)? You can take several slow, deep breaths in order to feel your whole body.

If necessary, the practice of “Cleansing Breath” will allow you to quickly reboot.

You need to breathe measuredly, calmly, inhale with your nose and imagine that the air is drawn in through the legs into the body. Exhale with your mouth, imagining that any stagnation, fear, tension or unpleasant sensation in the body comes out with air.

This practice will take literally two minutes, and significant changes will occur.

“The joy of the movement of the elements.”

A continuation of the breathing exercise may be movement. This practice can be used independently, as soon as you want to change the mood and smile in the heart.


Land. Feel the ground under your feet, pay attention to the “gravity”, notice how heavy the feet, knees, hips, arms…

How stable are you? Create a sense of balance.

Water. Shift one leg forward, stand comfortably. Let the knees be soft, you can move the body weight from one leg to another. The smooth transfer of the case, together with free hands moving comfortably, can symbolize mobility and smooth movement. What does it look like in your life? How do you usually move? In which area would I like to add smoothness?

In order not to relax too much, add “fire”. Putting your palms together, rub them against each other actively. Imagine your favorite business that you are about to start. How are you feeling?

Air. Stand on tiptoe and stretch your arms up, you can take several easy steps, you can move your hands. It is possible you will have a spontaneous dance.

Do you often allow yourself a light gait, frivolity? Where would this quality be useful? Remember a case in life when humor helped you cope with a difficult situation…

Let these tips help you get rid of the blues. Spring joys can begin within each of us. Plan the most important meeting this spring – meeting with yourself!

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