Unilateral pain of head and eyes causes treatment

Pain in the head region are quite serious disease that has no mercy. In addition, the probability of exposure to this phenomenon is accessible to everyone, without exception.

After all the evidence is the huge statistics of people who once faced with pain in the head.

Therefore, it is important to remember that this element of the negative manifestations of human health is a precursor to more serious diseases. Do not neglect the symptoms, you need to treat immediately.

Appears as a painful sensation

The phenomenon can be an independent disease or act as a cause/consequence of other serious diseases. It occurs because of irritation of pain receptors, which can be in a variety of areas – veins, nerves, muscles, the lining of the brain. When the receptor receives the signal, it sends it to the nerves in and reports that in the body there is pain. Very often pain in the head and in the eyes linked. So sometimes there is a feeling that hurts part of the head – left or right together with the eye.

What to do

Very often, the disease do not overtake the entire head, and is valid only on parts of it, for some, this aspect does not matter, but other people will take the signal at face value, which subsequently will be able to determine the source of the pain, and to make the necessary decision to overcome it.

There is often a painful sensation on the one hand that grabs the eye. For example, a person experiences pain in the right eye and right side parts. Or left eye on the left side. The causes of this disease can be myriad, and if the time to pay attention to them, it is possible to avoid serious consequences.

Pain in the head can cause a variety of diseases, sometimes these pains seem utterly innocuous, and to remove them simply to sleep in, but there are more dangerous reasons, it is therefore very important in time to identify them, to come to a final decision on elimination of the disease.

The main reasons

Below are the most common causes of pain in the head and eyes.

  1. Fatigue. This reason is the most common. In this condition the person experiences discomfort after working at the computer, stress, hard day’s work. The feeling that the compressing head wearing a hat, which prevents you to feel comfortable. This condition is due to the fact that the vessels of the shoulder girdle got a spasm that has consequences in the form of circulatory disorders. This condition is given not only to the brain but also the eyes. This pain is a very unpleasant feature: it continues even after the cause of eliminated. To prevent such a phenomenon should try to rest more and not to be subjected to stress.
  2. Migraine. This cause is also common, and often have a headache on only one side. It may be temporal or frontal region. The reason for this pain occurs in people aged 25 to 40 years, and women suffer from migraines more often than men. If the cause is migraine, before the pain can be a slight tingling, and even numbness of the limbs. Despite wide recognition of this disease, doctors still have not invented a universal cure for treatment. Therefore, suffering from this disease people have to follow the basic principles as much as possible to relax, keep calm, maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Increased intracranial pressure. The acute onset may occur with coughing and improper movements, and most likely, the reason for it is the increased pressure inside the skull. The cause of the headache can determine only an expert, making a tomogram of the brain or puncture.

If the experts found an increase in pressure, the doctor will prescribe an effective treatment, however, it should be observed in this diagnosis General advice would be to give up coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol.

  1. Intracranial hematoma. If you suffered a bad blow to the head or injured, and some time after this scenario, you experience headaches, this symptom may indicate a concussion. To exclude this cause is the brain tomogram, if the diagnosis is confirmed – possible surgical intervention. If the diagnosis is concussion, the physician should determine the degree of severity, but General recommendations are as follows: you need more sleep, not to engage in physical labor, and relaxation.
  2. Potential stroke condition. If this condition is causing the pain in the head and in the eye with one hand, it is possible to verify this independently. Just measure your blood pressure. If it is too high, it is necessary to call an ambulance. This cause of headache and eye pain occurs in people older than 50 years.
  3. Vascular aneurysm. In this disease there is frequently a headache to the left or right, and the pain is given into the eye. The pain is throbbing and can cause a lot of discomfort, however, if you move your head, the pain may worsen. If the first symptoms, you must consult a doctor.
  4. Meningitis. As the main symptom of this disease is constant headache, which grows and becomes stronger. Subsequently, it can cover not only the eyes but also the ears and neck.
  5. The brain tumor. In this disease the pain is growing character, she becomes stronger day by day. Furthermore, there is not only pain in the head and eyes, but also causes nausea, dizziness.

To determine the exact diagnosis can only be a doctor!

General guidelines

For people who have experienced similar pain, it is known that they complicate life. Many who are too lazy to go to the doctor, you begin to come up with independent methods of treatment, for example, a wet towel on his forehead, taking a cold shower, the adoption of special postures.

These methods are effective, but can help not always. Of course, you should try to find your own methods that will help reduce discomfort, but it should be done only after diagnosis by a qualified technician.

The fight against pain

Modern drugs can help alleviate headache and eye pain, but the choice of pills should be approached with caution, because some of them are not something that will not benefit, but harm.

Modern medicine before they go on sale, pass numerous tests, especially those produced in Europe. So if the drug causes the addiction, it will not sell without a doctor’s prescription. If we talk about addictive, it in this case can only be caused by psychological aspects of the person.

As a rule, if the patient complains of headache associated with migraine, or fatigue, then experts recommend taking anti-inflammatory drugs, they are drugs of first choice. They are assigned to all the people who first asked for help.

The different types of headaches

Headache in clinical practice is divided into primary and secondary. The primary is a separate disease that is caused from ailments. Such pain include migraines, pain from overwork, cluster headache. Acts as a secondary symptom of another disease, injury, concussion, meningitis, brain tumors. Both species are extremely dangerous to humans and need to go to the doctor.

So, pain in the eye and in the head with one hand, it is a sign of a serious ailments of the body. When taking timely decisions about the treatment you can avoid serious consequences and to good health. If the right approach to the choice of treatment method, it is possible to achieve excellent results.

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