Smut pain with dystonia treatment

Vegetovascular (neurocirculatory) dystonia (autonomic dysfunction, vegetarian, psychovegetative syndrome, VSD, NDC) is a commonsymptom, as fixed in childhood (25%), and adult (about 70%).

The main feature of this polietiologichesky syndrome – are numerous and diverse manifestations of the disease: to date, there are about 150 clinical symptoms and syndromes over 30 violations at the IRR.

One of the most frequent manifestations and clinical symptom of neurocirculatory dystonia – headache (GB).

Description of clinical-pathogenetic classification of headaches with VSD

When the disease patients describe the different character of pain. Headache with VSD can be temporary or permanent. Most often the pain centers when the NDC is concentrated in the parietal area, temporal area and occipital region of the head.

Headache harmful in many cases manifests itself in the form of compressive, compressive “strong helmet”.

Common view of cephalgia syndrome, vascular type: GB low intensity, however, its duration is quite long. Many people suffering from illness, headache pain increases in the evening. In many cases the appearance of cephalgia coincides with a sharp jump in atmospheric pressure and temperature range.

Headache with VSD can also be psychogenic or manifested, GB voltage. In the first case, the pain syndrome is observed after the contact of the person with the traumatic factors. Second: patients complain of deterioration and the gain GB after mental fatigue, excessive physical activity. Appearance cephalgia after consuming high doses of alcohol in persons suffering from vegetariana, evidence of the toxic nature GB.

Quite often severe headache with VSD in the temporal areas or on the back of the head coincides with the spontaneous, but minor (unlike hypertension) increased blood pressure values, associated with the impact of stressors.

Also pain may occur accompanied by a moderate (in contrast to resistant hypotension) lowering your blood pressure. Therefore, some experts conventionally divided headache with soldier’s heart dystonia of the hypertonic type hypotonic and type, focusing treatment on the stabilization of blood pressure.

So, for a sympathic, flowing with high blood pressure characterized by headache, combined with tachycardia, pallor of skin, impaired intestinal motility, chills, feeling of panic. At the critical moment (sympathoadrenal crisis), there has been increased hypertension and increased heart rate, a feeling of numbness of the extremities when pressure in the range from 150/90 to 180/110 mm Hg. article

For vagotonia, characterized by low blood pressure, headaches combinedwith difficulty breathing, redness of the skin. In the period vaginalnogocrisis, the intensity of the GB is growing, associated with the sensation of hot warmth to the head and a feeling of heaviness, there is dizziness and weakness, values could not exceed the level of 80/50 mm Hg. article

Some patients with persistent headache record a change of tone and of arterial and venous vessels. Cephalalgia syndrome cerebrovasculardisorders combined with dizziness, and ringing noises in the ears, lightheadednesscondition.

Manifestations migrenepodobnaya (cluster) vascular attack: sharp, paroxysmal, intense GB with a slight increase in blood pressure.

Headache treatment

Programme for the prevention and treatment of GB with neurocirculatory dystonia includes a variety of activities, including treatment:

  • etiological,
  • pharmacological: pathogenetic, symptomatic,
  • psychotherapy.

A good result in the treatment of cephalgia in vegetariana show:

  • herbal medicine,
  • acupuncture,
  • massage,
  • restorative measures,
  • the Spa treatment.
Etiological events

Aimed at addressing the factors that trigger the development of pain in neurocirculatory dystonia. Elimination of etiological factors contribute to reduce the frequency and decrease the intensity of GB significantly improves overall health of the patient, often leads to remission and often to full recovery.

In GB psychogenic origin it is necessary to eliminate or to minimize the negative impact of psycho-emotional stressors:

  • to optimize family relationships,
  • to normalize contacts in the community,
  • resolve production conflicts.

Often vascular nature of the GB seen as a result of mental overload.

If the pain caused by infectious or toxic factors you need to pay close attention to the elimination of chronic foci of infection.

In GB the voltage should be to eliminate intense physical exertion and to resort to class “gentle” sports:

  • swimming,
  • walking
  • Cycling
  • gymnastics
  •  Wushu,
  • yoga.

In case of headache directly associated with hormonal changes, the treatment regimen is recommended to coordinate with the endocrinologist and gynecologist.

Pharmacological treatment
  1. Pathogenetic therapy focusedon normalization of disturbed functions of the limbic system (including hypothalamus and cingulate gyrus of the brain), the interruption of which leads to malfunction of the vegetative (Autonomous) nervous system.
  2. When light reaches VSD, accompanied by cephalalgia, use natural seddikiand antispasmodics, for example: Valerian tincture (Tinctura Valerianae). Good therapeutic effeCT of PRand psychogenic GB HD.t Trecordin (Tricardin), whose members include: rhizomes of Valerian, motherwort herb and hawthorn fruits.
  3. If persistent headaches neurotic character, frequent vegetative crises justified the appointment of tranquilizers, a rate not exceeding 3 weeks. Muscle relaxant effeCT of PRand spasm of cerebral vessels has a Elenium (the Elenium).
  4. For hypertension stress and hypertension, the primary right of choice – anxiolytic diazepam (Diazepamum). The drug not only eliminates productive symptoms of psychogenic origin, but also increases the pain threshold. Vegetabilium action has medazepam (Mezapamum), which is often used in sund DLa prevent attacks migrenepodobnaya GB.
  5. Autonomic markers used for headaches associated with the NDC are the preparations on the basis of belladonna alkaloids. For therapeutic purposes, using belloid (Belloid), bellataminalum (Bellataminalum).
  6. Headaches, combined with depression, resorting to prescription of antidepressants with a strongly differentiated choice of drugs. As a rule, at neurogenic headaches of a chronic nature and to prevent migrenozopodobnykh crises use amitriptyline(Amitriptylinum).
  7. The drugs group of nootropics is an effective neurometabolic means, improving brain blood supply, reduce the damage of hypoxia. Their properties have found application in the treatment of headaches with VSD. Prescribed medicines with active ingredient piracetam (Pyracetamum) course at least 1 month.
  8. Effective for headaches autonomic symptoms cerebrovasculature, such as: Cavinton (Cavinton). The drugs aimed at the expansion of brain vessels, increasing blood flow, improving the supply of oxygen to the brain that it is advisable in cerebral angiodistonia GB and concomitant degenerative disc disease of the cervical.
  9. At a hypertensive variant of a headache by the NDC, the common sympathoadrenal crises positive influence beta-blockers, for example: inderal (Anaprilinum).
  10. Patients vegetative-vascular dystonia is sensitive to the change of weather conditions and poorly adapted to the effects of stressors. Changing weather conditions or adverse situations are strong and long lasting headaches. To minimize the influence of external factors use of adaptogensof plant origin, such as ginseng tincture (Tinctura Ginseng) or tincture schisandra (Tinctura schizandrae) hypotension.
  11. Symptomatic treatment GB nacelleon elimination of the pain syndrome. For these purposes, use of analgesics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and antispasmodics, such as sedalgin (Sedalgin), spazmalgon (Spasmalgon), drotaverine(Drotaverine).
Psychotherapeutic treatment

Often psychotherapeutic activities show greater efficacy than the complex treatment of pharmacological drugs. The purpose of therapy: to carry out explanatory work about the nature of the disease, to emphasize the benign nature of the headache when the NDC to focus on favorable treatment prognosis.

Methods of psychotherapy (in particular, rational-emotive-behavioral) – the most important method for the treatment of headaches with neurocirculatory dystonia.

Large role in the prevention of attacks of cephalgia and reducing the intensity of pain plays:

  • methods of autosuggestion,
  • anger management (essentially a light form of hypnosis applied to himself),
  • muscle relaxation (techniques of getting rid of the painful spasm by reducing activity of muscle tissue).

If persistent nature of the headache may sessions of Ericksonianhypnosis. Today in the treatment of cephalgiacaused by psychogenic factors, found widespread astatotilapia – use of music, arts and crafts, dance schools, literature.

Herbal medicine

In the Arsenal of “green pharmacy” – various herbal preparations.

In the treatment of headaches with VSD recommended a long reception in the form of infusions and decoctions of parts of medicinal plants:

  • Valerian,
  • peppermint,
  • Melissa,
  • motherwort,
  • hawthorn,
  • oregano,
  • elderberry,
  • rosemary,
  • chamomile
  • thyme.

Course restorative or gentle massage of neck area brings significant relief to persons suffering from headache with VSD. No less useful acupressure, which can be performed independently at home.


Different techniques of acupuncture allow you to:

  • to normalize the functioning of the autonomic nervous system,
  • to prevent autonomic crises,
  • pain syndrome,
  • to provide analgesic effect during long, monotonous GB,
  • to stabilize blood pressure,
  • to achieve sedation,
  • to relieve muscle tension.
Physical therapy

To eliminate or alleviate the attacks of cephalgia in vegetovascular dystoniause:

  • electric,
  • galvanization,
  • medicinal electrophoresis,
  • darsonvalization,
  • laser therapy,
  • balneotherapy.
Restorative and preventive measures

To facilitate the course of neurocirculatory dystonia and eliminate painful cephalalgiais capable of a variety of water treatments. It is recommended to conduct sessions or circular, underwater shower, contrast shower bath.

Pronounced sedative effect show warm pine, Valerian, oxygen, pearl baths. When hypertensive type of VVD appoint radon or iodine-bromine procedure with hypotensive carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide.

Prevention with VSD are:

  • Maintaining a proper lifestyle;
  • Smoking cessation and sensible alcohol consumption;
  • Normalization of sleep;
  • Daily exposure to fresh air, connection to nature;
  • Regular gentle physical activity;
  • Nutritious meals that restrict stimulants (tea, coffee);
  • Stabilization of the emotional sphere through astatotilapia.
  • The conduct of the exercise;
  • Spa treatment: effect on the climate, mineral springs and sea bathing.

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