Pulsing in my temples causes, treatment

The appearance of a pulsating pain in the temple testifies to the development of diseases or wrong way of life. If the patient has a long time knocking at the temples, then it needs to be diagnosed to determine the cause of the pathology. Treatment should be administered only by a doctor, and be directed to the elimination of the symptom.

Causes of symptom

The occurrence of pulsation in the temples may be diagnosed with banal fatigue or during the occurrence of serious diseases.

The emergence of pathology in patients diagnosed with:

  • Trigeminal neuralgia. The cause of the inflammatory process is the aggravation of the herpes infection or hypothermia. In the pathological process involves only one side. During the inspection of patients have skin rashes in the course of the nerve location.
  • Intoxication. The symptom appears when a person eats poor quality foods, drink alcohol excessively, smokes a lot. This leads to poisoning the body with harmful substances. This is the most common cause of pain in my temples pulsating nature.
  • Hypertension. If increased blood pressure is spasm of the blood vessels, so patients head still pounding. The disease is accompanied by increase cardiac output and hypertrophy of individual chambers of the heart. The occurrence of pulsation in the temples diagnosed with two sides.
  • The failure of hormonal background. A pathological condition observed in adolescence during puberty. Also it is diagnosed in women during pregnancy or menopause.
  • Atherosclerosis of the carotid arteries. If atherosclerotic plaque carotid artery is overlapped by more than half, the patient has throbbing in his temples.
  • Migraine. With the disease of headache and throbbing on one side. Some patients feel the onset of an attack. It tells about the development of migraine with aura.
  • Cervical degenerative disc disease. The displacement of the cervical vertebrae observed the constriction of blood vessels. This leads to a decline in the quality of the blood supply of the brain and the emergence of the symptom.
  • Neoplastic process. When benign or malignant tumors is observed the compression of a nerve bundle, which becomes the cause of the symptom. Patients say that they pulsating the left or right side. Place of pulsation depends on the location of the tumor.

In rare cases, the appearance of a pulsating pain in the temples is observed in atrial fibrillation, diseases of the teeth, aneurysm of brain arteries. The pathological process is diagnosed in patients with heart diseases, arteritis, inflammation of the temporal arteries, respiratory failure. The symptom is accompanied by psychiatric diseases and pathological processes in the temporomandibular joint. In women it is diagnosed with premenstrual syndrome.

There are plenty of reasons for throbbing pain in the temples, which are recommended to identify for appointment the woman effective treatment.

Diagnostic pathology

If you often pulsates the temple, then the patient is advised to seek help from a neurologist. The specialist will examine the patient and study the clinical picture, which will allow him to determine the cause of the disease.

To confirm previously diagnosed, the person making the appointment of additional research:

  1. The General analysis of blood which shows a detailed leukocyte picture. Thanks to this diagnostic method is provided eliminating the possibility of occurrence of inflammatory process in the body. Inflammation in the human body accompanied by an increase in the erythrocyte sedimentation rate.
  2. Biochemical analysis of blood, which is the definition of cholesterol. This study determined atherosclerosis.
  3. Computer and magnetic resonance tomography. Thanks to a special apparatus provides the possibility of defining neoplasms malignant and benign character in the brain. Methods determine the diseases such as aneurysm and atherosclerotic vascular disease.
  4. Ultrasound of the brain. Using this technique detects atherosclerotic plaques and vasospasm.
  5. Daily monitoring of blood pressure. Provides the capability to define hypertension.

If necessary the doctor may prescribe electroencephalography, rheoencephalography and other manipulations.

With the pulsating pain in his temple recommended the use of complex diagnostic procedures that will help to establish the cause of the disease and prescribe effective therapy.


If you experience headache pulsating nature recommended her treatment with pharmaceutical drugs and traditional medicine.

If it hurts your head and starts to pound at the temples, then consider taking:

  • Of paracetamol. With the help of medication provides stabilization of thermoregulation. In the period of medication provided by the elimination of vasospasm. If the patient has a severe symptom, the medication is not effective enough. Dose should be 1 tablet. The breaks between meals should be at least 4 hours.
  • Aspirin. Is assigned to a medicine if the patient is diagnosed with atherosclerosis and toxic pain. If the patient has occur diseases of the digestive system, the drug is strictly contraindicated. Recommended to take the medicine every 4 hours for tablets 1.2 in the event of attack.
  • Ibuprofen. Is not steroid anti-inflammatory drug that has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Apply the medicine if the symptom occurs on the background of inflammatory process. Medication the recommended 1 tablet. The rate of application of the drug is 1-2 times a day.
  • Ascorbic acid. The preparation is developed on the basis of black currant, orange and lemon, which allows you to use it to alleviate the condition of the patient during the course of the disease. Taking the medication one tablet three times a day.

If there is throbbing pain, the patient may take a warm bath or contrast shower. The duration of the manipulation is 15 minutes. The choice of a particular method is carried out in accordance with the characteristics of the disease. To facilitate you can conduct a self-massage of the head. Manipulation involves rubbing in a circular motion pulsating plots.

With the use of the above medicines is facilitated by the patient’s condition. But, their action is not directed at eliminating the causes of the pathological process. In this case, the therapy is developed by a doctor in accordance with the characteristics of the development of the underlying disease.

Complications and prevention

At untimely or incorrect treatment of the pathological process in patients developing serious complications. Due to the strong pulsations appear in the head disorders, which are mental in nature. Patients complain of reduced quality of vision and hearing. Common complication of disease is a stroke. Irrational therapy of a pathological condition leads to myocardial infarction. Changes in patients emotional state, which is accompanied by mood swings, apathy, irritability.

In order to avoid ripple recommended prevention, which is in compliance with certain rules:

  • The person recommended to ensure adequate sleep, the duration of which is 8 hours.
  • Encouraged to give up bad habits – Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • If a person leads a sedentary life, he should regularly conduct exercises for the eyes and body.
  • In order to avoid development of the disease is recommended to provide moderate physical activity.
  • People must daily walk in the fresh air. The duration of the walks is at least 30 minutes.
  • Excellent preventive measure is the adherence of the day.
  • The patient was recommended to ensure a healthy diet. He needs to eat vegetables, fruits and cereals. It is strictly forbidden to eat fatty, fried, smoked and salted products in large quantities.

Pulsation in the head occurs when the wrong way of life. It can be a symptom of severe and serious diseases. If you experience throbbing pain, the patient is recommended to see a doctor, who will prescribe suitable treatment after the diagnosis. Therapy symptom directed to its relief and elimination of the causes.

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