Plastic gums of the front teeth

Under the “attractive smile” refers not only smooth and white teeth, but the proper contours of the tissues that frame the dental crowns. Unfortunately their shape is not always perfect. If you are unhappy with their gingival contour, contact your dentist for the procedure of a plastic, which has already become quite usual in modern practice.

For plastic surgery of the gums, a local anesthetic. The doctor can use a scalpel and laser. What would be the optimum solution in your case, the specialist will decide during the inspection. As a rule, to outline the desired result, the doctor draws teeth the future of the gingival line.

The surgery is performed by doctor-periodontist. Before doing this make sure the expert’s qualifications, see examples of work already undertaken.


As a result of some periodontal disease can cause gum recession. Soft tissue becomes less, the root of the tooth exposed. It’s not very aesthetically pleasing, and faces a number of problems, including tooth loss. Recession can develop in one tooth or several.

In addition, due to the too short and powerful bridle or insufficient vestibule of the oral cavity can detach the free edge of the gums, formation of periodontal pockets and inflamed. Procedure vestibuloplasty allows to solve this problem. During the operation deepens the eve of the oral cavity, and soft tissue are distributed in this region more efficiently.

To return to the soft gum tissue the necessary amount, to close the exposed roots and prevent the development of caries and esthetically improve the smile, is the procedure of increasing of the gums. She can relate to as solely of the epithelium and connective tissue, and to affect the periosteum. It depends on the situation.


After implantation of the tooth when the root is exposed, as is gingivoplasty. Usually this operation is required if the implant was fixed at the place of the missing tooth. Then the gingival line has not only aesthetic value, but also performs a protective function, protecting the implant from infection and further development of periimplantitis. Also, thanks to the plastic in this case prevents the subsequent exposure of roots, decreases tooth sensitivity.


Form the gingival contour depends on a number of factors. So, genetic predisposition, certain diseases and certain medication can cause hypertrophy of the soft tissues. So there is a “shark’s smile”, and the teeth visually lose in size. To solve this problem is the procedure gingivectomy. Excess tissue excised. The doctor cleans gingival pockets or a hood, which is often formed during the eruption of wisdom teeth. After excision creates the optimal contour.

Often resort to plastic surgery of the gums and to correct the “gummy smile”. The so-called smile, in which the upper gum is exposed to more than two millimeters. In this case the excess soft tissue removed, and the gingival contour becomes with the help of Dr. beautiful, the right kind.


Depending on the nature of the operation, the gum tissue is restored over a period of several days to several weeks. The doctor provides you with a list of recommendations that must be followed for a speedy recovery. Also you will be given anesthetics.

In the postoperative period contraindicated exercise, hard too hot or cold food. Will have to forget about spicy food. Of course, we cannot ignore the standard of daily hygienic procedures. To absolute healing tissue is shown to wear a special mouth guard.

Swelling of tissues after plastic surgery lasts for several days, but usually after the third day is on the decline. If this is not happening, and in addition there are headaches, bleeding and other suspicious symptoms, should as soon as possible to go to the dentist.

Gingivoplasty is a surgical impact with its share of risks. The most common we include allergic reaction to anesthetic drugs, a relapse of the recession of the gums. In the first case, should alert the specialist about possible allergies, the second will need to repeat the procedure in six months.

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