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According to statistics, today about 90% of people need orthodontic treatment. This is partly “guilty” blessings of civilization: the modern food is too refined and soft, which gives our teeth the required loads, and as a result, those curves.

Another major factor is genetics. The curvature of the teeth in either parent or even grandparents can be inherited to younger generation.

And finally, bad service can do a bad habit. For example, if a child sucks his thumb, his teeth under pressure often move forward. For the formation of future smile is also undesirable to have the baby sleep on one side more than a year and sucked the nipple. Early weaning may also trigger a child’s orthodontic problems

The coaches smile

To fix the teeth today at any age. But it is better to show the child specialist at 5-6, but not later than 9 years. On baby teeth put removable plates made of pink plastic with metal brackets. They are familiar to many adults wearing them in childhood.

More advanced modifications of the LPS – trainers. They are suitable for both dairy and permanent teeth. These devices are silicone mouth guard, worn once on both jaws. Wear them either at night, or night and a couple hours in the evening. The task of the trainers is to encourage the development of various maxillary divisions, “teaching” the muscles of the face proper functioning.

These designs can not only eliminate bad habits that cause malocclusion and improper location of the teeth, but also contribute to the alignment of the dentition. Often these devices are used after wearing braces to secure the treatment results. The only contraindication to wearing them – problems with nasal breathing, adenoids. The treatment begins with a soft cap, and after a year move on to more rigid, which help to fix the achieved results.

Mirasi (about $ 600) – it’s the same soft silicone mouth guard, but wear them only after eruption of permanent teeth. Unlike trainers, size standard, size mirasov varies and depends on the width of the front incisors and canines.

Treatment using these devices takes from 6 months to 2 years. The result is much better if it was developed at an early age (5-8 years). In children with a removable bite (5-11 years old) after wearing of trainers is not necessary in other types of orthodontic treatment, since these devices eliminate the cause of improper growth of teeth. More than 70% of cases there is no need for further use of expensive braces.

A patient who wears braces should be very carefully and often (after every meal) to clean the teeth, as the braces can get stuck pieces of food, and if they are not there to clean, it will inevitably entail dental caries.

If the whole smile looks good, but spoils all the beauty of one detail, for example, the gap between the teeth or crooked couple standing teeth, it is possible to have recourse to this new system”, Essex” (price from $ 800 to 2000). It’s all the same silicone trays, but are designed for only one narrow of orthodontic problem. They need to wear constantly, removing only while eating and brushing teeth. Duration of treatment – from 3 to 6 months.

To care for the braces will help ultrasonic toothbrushes, yarns, elixirs, irrigators

There is a difference!

It is widely believed that the braces – it’s just an improved record, only more fancy and expensive. However, this is misleading, since the goals and objectives for which you have created these devices, it is not the same. Plates are only suitable for children up to 12-13 years, or put them on baby teeth or those that are not yet fully changed permanent. And braces only fix permanent teeth in adolescents and adults.

While wearing braces can not entirely have an Apple or chew on a carrot. Crackers, toffee and chewing gum is also banned. It is better to avoid sweet drinks – the acid and sugar are deadly to tooth enamel.

High efficiency of treatment with braces is not only the fact that they are able to move the tooth in three planes (that is, it can be shortened or lengthened, and also rotate on the axis), but the fact that these structures are not removable. Even when the doctor from time to time adjust the braces, it still remains on the teeth. The records also provide intermittent pressure, as they sometimes have to remove, say, to brush my teeth. The process of orthodontic treatment with braces is progressively and continuously, which gives a much more rapid and lasting results. The treatment takes from several months to two years, whereas the disc should be worn for much longer.

High technology product “braces” in English means “bracket”. The main element of the system design, in which a computer incorporated information, as should ideally be specific tooth. This information is stored in the depths of the individual for each bracket slot. Thus the tooth is “programmed” to move in the right direction in a certain plane. A set of braces consists of 20 pieces, 10 of which are glued to the upper teeth, 10 on the bottom. Treatment is usually performed on both jaws. There are also braces and teeth far.

A second structural member, an arc is created from a special Nickel-titanium alloy, which possesses unique shape memory effect. As if it is bent, it still tends to return to original shape.

Arc are different in diameter, the cross section and the strength of the degree of tension. The treatment begins with the weakest arcs and ends tight enough. The devices themselves can cost from $ 50 to $ 500. Plus the cost of a orthodontist for the entire period. In different clinics the cost of treatment is different. But the average correction of teeth braces entirely cost from 90 000 rubles and above.

Braces are made of stainless steel, titanium, single crystal, composite ceramics, a special glass fibre, plastic and even gold. There are options from sapphire, its composition is close to that of ceramics. They are transparent and almost invisible on the teeth. Metal braces are more durable and do not require a delicate relationship.

As a treatment for children depending on age are offered preventive or removable devices, normalizing the function of muscles that form the jaw bone, the procedure of wearing lingual braces. The result is worth the effort and besides a beautiful smile, the child forms an anatomically correct occlusion, and therefore, normal functioning of all organs of the oral cavity and in adulthood. The orthodontic design require special care, so the owner of the braces have to carefully observe rules of personal hygiene, using special devices.

Them toothbrushes with V-neck on the bristles, dental floss and brushes for the teeth. Which one is better – the doctor advises, and purchase the listed products in pharmacies. Teeth should be brushed in front of a mirror after each meal for at least 10 minutes. Cleaning start with the upper jaw – first, brush the outer surface of the teeth where braces are attached, producing a horizontal motion along the arc of braces, then go to the lower jaw.

Thoroughly clean each bracket and the adjacent space, clean the gingival sulcus and parts of the teeth near the gums. After that the brushes clean the space under the arch and interdental spaces. Complete cleaning with floss, holding it between the teeth and cleaning the lateral surface. Rinse your mouth with fluoride mouthwash to strengthen tooth enamel. Toothpaste recommended to select with a high content of fluoride which increases the resistance of enamel.

Braces invisible

Can treatment braces to be invisible to others? Yes, and this is as much as 2 ways. The first is to put the lingual braces, which are attached to the back side of the teeth. However, sometimes the conditions of the bite of the patient is not allowed to do so. In addition, these devices may cause some inconvenience to RUB the tongue, to cause a breach of the diction in the period of adjustment to them. Usually lingual braces have to be worn for longer (2 to 4 years), and the results can be worse. Although it varies, a lot depends on the skill of the orthodontist.

The second way is to resort to new American technology “Invisalign”. This orthodontic device consists of a transparent, reminiscent of a thick film material. Made aligners, unique cheholchiki on the teeth. There may be from 12 to 44. It all depends on orthodontic problems. Each tray is worn consistently for two weeks, one after another, until the entire set. In accordance with a specific treatment program can last from Z to 15 months.

In the small cap for the tooth laid micromovement, which when constant exposure leads to the planned result. Throughout the period, each tooth moves in the desired direction. This method has an additional advantage: wearing cap can be combined with bleaching. To do this, they are filled with the whitening gel, which slowly releases oxygen. In addition, the capacitor does not have to be glued (is not damaged tooth enamel). They can be removed during meals, so they do not get stuck food, which greatly reduces the risk of tooth decay and complicates hygiene. The only disadvantage of a system of “Invisalign” – the high cost (nearly $ 6000). By this method it is impossible to correct some of the disease – for example, forward shifted back jaw.


Before you put the braces, the patient undergoes a professional dental cleaning (e.g. ultrasound) and make fluoridation. The pain in the first few days may occur due to the pressure on the teeth, discomfort lasts only 3-4, a maximum of 10 days. It happens that the machine rubs the gums. This problem will be mastered by special food grade wax. The irritation of the braces of the oral mucosa, you can use special gels that contain a combination of tinctures of chamomile that has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, and local anesthetic.

The application of this gel can reduce the discomfort associated with wearing the device, especially at the beginning of treatment. The drug is easy to use: apply the gel on the affected area of the gums should be at least 3 times a day until symptoms disappear. Inspection and adjustment while wearing braces is on average 1 every 2 weeks. If the patient needs to go somewhere for 2-3 months, your doctor may put thermo arc that will be adjusted independently.

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  2. What have you been up to? I am fascinated about covid19. Can you talk about it? If the same thread is opened please redirect my post :). Thanks :).
    PS: I don’t know any people with covid and you? rambo 😀

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