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Your child has started to change teeth? That’s just one cut not quite in its place, the other slightly deployed… it would be Good to show the baby to the orthodontist, but before school it’s so much work! However, in the lower grades the child “Wake up” habits such as biting lips, sucking a pencil, which lead to deformation of dentition: the upper incisors are inclined forward, and the lower growing irregularly.

In addition, many children enrolling in school, becoming more likely to get sick. But not all parents know that mouth breathing, established as a result of frequent colds at the child as a harmful habit with serious violations: not only the growth of the jaw bones, but also the overall development of the child is much slower, worse blood is saturated with oxygen.

When breathing through the mouth, poorly developed maxillary sinus, the face lengthened, the nose expands. The upper jaw is narrowed, the bottom is usually stunted and therefore not all the permanent teeth have enough space in a row, as they always are much larger than dairy.

Malocclusion is not only aesthetic problem. It can be a cause of serious diseases. A malocclusion causes the development of dental caries. 80 percent adults 30 and older have periodontal disease, which leads to early loss of teeth. Show baby to the dentist for a year when erupt first teeth. Only the dentist can see hidden from the eyes of the parents the pathology and time to schedule a treatment.

In pediatric dentistry ranks prophylaxis, which is known to be cheaper. A qualified specialist will teach the child how to use a toothbrush to care for the oral cavity. He will take measures to strengthen enamel. A regular preventive trips to the clinic will teach the little patients not be afraid of a man in a white coat. Now uses colored fillings, and the child may actively participate in treatment, to choose the seal of any color. So a visit to the dentist can be enjoyable and interesting.

In 5-7 years, when the change of milk teeth to permanent, you need to visit the orthodontist. Early orthodontic treatment used today such devices as trainers. They contribute to the alignment of the dentition, stimulate the development of various maxillary divisions and “teach” the muscles of the face and tongue to work properly. In children 6-12 years of age with a removable bite after wearing trainers is usually no need other types of orthodontic treatment, since these devices eliminate the cause of improper growth of teeth – improper function of the muscles surrounding teeth.

In six years the child begins active growth of the jaw bones, which occurs simultaneously with the change of teeth and continues until the age of 12. In the early mixed dentition (6-9 years)erupt first molar and change front. During this period, malocclusions and development of the dentition become noticeable even parents. Today, more than 78% of young Muscovites of school age are in need of bite correction. It is known that malocclusion cause tooth decay and periodontal disease.

But the treatment by the orthodontist is a long and complex process that takes 2-3 years, requiring patience and discipline on the part of the child and his parents. To help the child to prevent the formation of serious malocclusions using standard orthodontic appliances series “Libras” designed specifically for early correction in the mixed dentition. This system was a great alternative to traditional braces and orthodontic arcs, because it does not hurt the delicate tooth enamel in children under 16 years of age she is still very vulnerable.

Trainers “Libras” resemble duclottni Boxing mouth guards. They are made of elastic silicone and have a built-in a widening arc, which aligns teeth, anywhere with them not touching, a flexible sheath of silicone of the machine ensures maximum comfort. “Libras” for older pupils has special flexible cells defining the correct position of each tooth penetrate, and if it is not level, then the elastic wedges of cells, unfold it in the correct position. Size “Libras” orthodontist individually, and even casts do not need a doctor just measures the width of the front incisors with a special ruler. The child wears this positioner only 1-2 hours day and night during sleep, i.e. the correction is invisible to others that is important, and parents of such a regime is easy to control.

Children with mouth breathing using the “Nibras” helps to restore nasal breathing, even if the child has adenoids. In parallel, the student leaves many of the bad habits is a special “tongue” of the device produces in the child the correct position of the tongue, which contributes to the natural extension of the arch of the upper jaw to improve the shape of the sky, phonation and correction of speech problems. Design “, Biobras”, combining the method of functional correction with a manual alignment ensures the stability of the results of the treatment and greatly reduces its duration. In addition the trainers “Libras” do not hurt the mucous tissue of the mouth and the hard tissues of the tooth and keep tooth enamel strong and healthy.

All funds myofunctional correction and vestibular plate, and trainers, and “Libras” are recommended to be worn for about 1 hour a day plus to put on all night. Thus, training occurs primarily at home, under the supervision of parents and the process of correction goes unnoticed to others – after a couple of months significantly improved the profile and even the posture of the child, since all systems in the body develop in mutual influence and position of the head often depends on maxillofacial development.

Treatment using trainers and other myofunctional correction requires not only regular monitoring by their doctor correct use, but also the implementation of the child under the supervision of a consultant different game exercises, significantly increasing the effectiveness of the correction, which generally takes no more than 6 -8 months, and is several times lower than the traditional braces. In this case, you save the child’s teeth healthy and your smile beautiful.

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