How Wearing Your Hair Up Damages Your Hair

Well, we did some research on the cyberspace and it seems to us that yes, tying your hair with a scrunchy or a hair clip can harm your mane. This is because tying it up or any kind of styling stresses our hair.

We have all mastered the art of handling other people’s attitudes, but there’s one thing no woman can have control over- the attitude of her hair. The hair misbehaves on a daily basis, and it’s so difficult to control it.

Irrespective of the lengths of our hair, we love wearing our hair down because it makes us look amazing. But again, our hair gets frizzy, gets in our face while we talk or eat, and gives us the ticklish feels when it’s around our neck. And if we try to tie our hair up into a ponytail, a bun, or part it, we notice that a few strands of our hair are falling off. Our hair makes us conscious. Within minutes of letting our hair down, most of us get sentient and we dig into our handbags to find anything with which we can tie our hair up. But, is tying your hair up good for our hair? Does it or doesn’t it damage our hair?

Here are a few ways that you need to understand and follow whenever you think of taming your hair into a bun or a ponytail. It will help you avoid a receding hairline. Read on.

1. Wear It Loose. Always!

If you ever want to wear your hair up, do so in a gentle manner. Don’t wear it up in a tight ponytail or a tight braid. We might think that our hair is behaving when we wear it up so tightly. But, the truth is that our hair is crying with pain (well, almost).

When the hair is tied tightly, the nerves on our head experience pain as the hair follicles are intensively pulled together, against their natural fall. This irritates our sensitive scalp. And that’s exactly why we experience a ponytail headache sometimes. It is a type of external compression headache that is caused by the stimulus reactions outside our head. Therefore, it’s best to wear your hair in a loose bun (if you have no other way of keeping it out of your face) maybe, or just clip it up.

2. Upgrade Your Ponytails

Don’t be a metal-head. We are not talking about your choice of music. We are asking you to avoid using rubber bands or any sort of hair ties that have metal elements in it. The hair might cling onto the metal and you’ll have a hard time detangling your hair. It could also break your hair. Instead, opt for gentler hair ties made of fabrics that are safer for your hair. It will not just keep your hair tangle-free but will also leave no creases behind.

3. Don’t Tie Wet Hair Up

Our hair is at its weakest best when it is wet. Tying up wet hair will damage the scalp. A glistening wet updo surely can look stunning, but hair is at its most fragile state. And using an elastic tie on is like torturing your hair. It also leads to breakage, acute hair loss, and splitting.

Make use of a soft towel to drain out the water from your hair and then tie ‘em up. Additionally, the continuous tying of wet hair can make way for fungus to grow as our scalps are very hospitable hosts to friendly microbes and some non-friendly microbes that lead to dandruff and the itchy scalp.

4. Oil It Up

Don’t go all greasy with your hair oil. Just spray an oil serum before you tie your hair up. The advantage here is that it’s easier for your hair to glide through the elastic hair ties. Now that your hair has been nourished with some oil, there are fewer chances for your hair to get tangled. Oiling your hair can never go wrong. It provides deep nourishment to your scalp and hair. How oily and greasy you’d want to go before tying your hair up is totally your call.

5. Give Your Hair A Break

It’s not just your body; even your hair needs some rest. On days when you could be a couch potato at home resting, just leave your hair alone too. Your scalp deserves a snooze time too. Just let your hair down and let it be free. Free from any chemicals, hairstyling tools, and all those hair-care products that trouble it. Grant your hair the freedom that it truly deserves. It might make you fall in love with its natural texture.

Everybody loves to tie their hair up and experiment with styles to look their best. But, unfortunately, the hair is not as strong as it appears to be. Styling your hair can be bad to an extent that it can damage your hair. Love your hair and it will love you back.

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