Headache when coughing causes

Often people associate a cough and headache with a viral illness and hypothermia. Indeed, in such a situation, these symptoms are considered to be a natural phenomenon. Another thing, if you are coughing a headache, but a similar manifestation can be linked to SARS. In this situation, you should always visit a specialist, especially if symptoms more than 1-2 days do not pass. They can speak about the presence of serious pathology, so it is important to take care of the course of treatment.

Safe reasons

Quite often when the cough gives off in the head due to external stimuli. In such a situation do not have to worry about the condition, because the symptoms are not due to pathology. Before you look at a serious illness, you should learn about safe reasons.

Headache when coughing causesPredisposing factors:

  1. Allergen. In some situations, headache, cough occurs due to allergic reactions. It is possible that it is caused due to pollen, animal hair, dust, and other factors. Often the clinical picture is complemented sneezing and rashes on the body. In such a situation, as a rule, do not have to worry about their health because of allergic reaction passes quickly. The main thing is to ensure that there was no swelling or anaphylactic shock.
  2. Meteorological dependence. There are people that clearly react to the change in atmospheric pressure. Such individuals may experience pain in the neck that will be stronger when you cough. It can be observed jumps in blood pressure, weakness, dizziness. Symptoms pass by themselves without apparent need do not need to take action.
  3. Cold. This is one of the most common reasons for a cough that radiates to the head. In such a situation is observed the temperature and intoxication. Enough to stay in bed, to feel better in the coming days.
  4. Smoking. Habits in General are bad for health. In particular, Smoking may be the reason for cough headache. The reason is that constricts blood vessels, and thus there is a jump HELL.

If the discomfort associated with the above factors, then you will need to contact the doctor for further diagnosis. If you have a headache when you cough, it is important to identify specific pathology. Only then can start proper treatment that will improve health.

Possible illnesses

Headache when coughing causes

All people know that pathology should be treated in the early stages, to make it easier to get rid of the disease or to prevent its development. So whenever I have a cough headache, you should make sure that no serious ailments. To start is to learn the reasons why you may experience an alarming symptom.

Bronchial asthma is an insidious disease in which the attacks appear suddenly. While they were choking and contractive feeling in the chest. The very breath heavy and often hoarse. Due to the fact that the person is unable to breathe normally, a narrowing of blood vessels and increased blood pressure. As a result, a person may experience headache when you cough. It should be noted that there is a nervous form of asthma, when additionally there is inappropriate behavior and increased nervousness.

The Arnold-Chiari syndrome is rare, pathology can emerge from trauma at birth, hydrocephalus, and also due to intake of prohibited drugs during pregnancy. As a result, the person is damaged brain that causes coughing, which gives to the head. In addition, the balance is lost and there is dizziness. Only a doctor will be able to say unequivocally that you can do in this situation.

If coughing gives to the head, then you can suspect the development of sinusitis. In this case, the patient noted discomfort in the nose and forehead. They arise from the fact that in the axils of the accumulated pus, which leads to discomfort. Negative symptoms appear brighter, when a person leans or touches the problem areas. This pathology requires professional treatment because complications may lead to hospitalization.

Neuralgia is also one of the reasons why are headache and cough. This disease is characterized by inflammation of the nerve endings that are in the area of head and neck. In this case there is intense pain, which lasts about 5 minutes. Thus the person can cough, from-for what the head will only get stronger to hurt.

There are other disorders that can cause unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, when there is cough headache, it is recommended to be diagnosed by a doctor. Unpleasant symptoms can talk about degenerative disc disease, serious injury to the head and neck, neoplasms. Independently identify such problems will fail, so be sure to consult with a specialist.


Headache when coughing causesIt is not enough just to know the symptoms in order to establish an accurate diagnosis. If people go to the doctor, then a specialist will take care of the diagnostics. Might want to research in order to find out why appear when coughing pain in the head. Should be ready for what will have to go for some procedures.

First of all, you will need to pass a General analysis of blood. Depending on the indicators, it is possible to assume the presence of any abnormalities in the body. If there is an inflammatory or viral process, it will appear in the result of the analysis. While this study is not enough to determine the causes of unpleasant symptoms.

Often people have to visit several specialists, for example, General practitioner, orthopedist, ENT and an allergist. All will depend on what there are unpleasant symptoms. Depending on the patient’s complaints the doctor will be able to draw a conclusion about what you have to deal with. After this will be assigned a number of surveys.

When there is suspected pathology of the brain, the person is sent for an MRI. This study allows to obtain accurate information about the state traumatic brain boxes. If there are any deviations, they will be able to detect. Can also guide on the ultrasound of neck vessels and brain, to check the status of the vascular system.

If a person had an injury, then you need to do x-rays. It will help to ensure no fracture of the skull. Often sent for CT scan, this study is also effective in the case when you need to evaluate the state of the brain.

The results of completed studies will be required to give to the doctor so he can make a clear conclusion. There is a possibility that the pathology will not find, and this means that the symptoms arose because of external factors. It is possible that people a little zastupilsya or overheated in the sun. While some patients do find the pathology, therefore, should be diagnosed.

Methods of treatment

Headache when coughing causesSpecific treatments will depend on the reasons for the pain when coughing gives to the head. You can just about tell what methods are used in order to eliminate negative manifestations. In this case, the self to do the impossible, otherwise there can be serious complications.

When there is an inflammatory process, should take such medications as Advil, Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. Spasms vessels helps Drotaverine, But-Shpa and Baralgin. If you happening strain of the neck muscles, then the person is prescribed Tubokurarin.

In some cases, the patient is diagnosed with a viral or bacterial infection. Specific treatment methods depend on who exactly was the causative agent of the disease. Directly from the you can use cough lozenges to reduce its intensity.

May require additional therapies if the person found the pathology, for example, Sinusitis. Should be regularly seen by a doctor and consult about the treatment. In this case, it will be the fastest way to improve well-being and to prevent negative effects.

Some people use folk remedies to ease your health. For example, can be useful for compresses on the head, which reduce pain. Herbal teas from thyme and chamomile relieve inflammation in the throat and ease the headache.

In General, pain in head when coughing passes quickly, if caused due to allergies or colds. In other situations one can’t do without proper treatment that you can’t pick your own. Comprehensive measures will allow to achieve a fast recovery, and to eliminate unpleasant symptoms. In the future, it is recommended to better monitor their health, to avoid serious pathologies.

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