Headache after exercise causes

Moderate exercise good for the body, because it strengthen health, prevent many diseases and improves immunity. More and more people go to the gym, do Jogging and swimming.

While some people after exercise headache. It is important to understand the causes of this phenomenon to know whether to worry about their health.

The main reasons

Though physical activity and healthy, but they may appear unpleasant symptoms. Especially with them facing those who are just starting to play sports. Some headache after physical exertion, and is not uncommon. There are many reasons why after school observed the uncomfortable feeling in the brain. Another question is whether this is an alarming symptom, or you can safely continue exercising.

Quite often occurs during exercise headache due to the fact that the brain gets enough blood and oxygen. This is due to the fact that increased physical activity of man. As a result, the brain requires more oxygen, and thus it is not always gets it in sufficient quantity. However, this is not the only reason, which can be a headache.

The main reasons why there is a headache after exercise:

  1. There was a jump in blood pressure in a big way. Such is often the case with people who have recently begun to perform physical activities.
  2. People incorrectly performed exercises, causing a headache after a workout.
  3. Before the sportsman took painkillers, but then abruptly abandoned them.
  4. Arose physical strain, tension neck. This may cause a headache after sport.
  5. People visited the hall, in a state of emotional strain or depression.

It is worth considering that in some cases a headache after exercise due to the emergence of diseases. For this reason, it is important to consider all possible causes leading to unpleasant symptom of. The repetition of the situation should visit a doctor to exclude the possibility of pathologies.


Some people may face unpleasant symptom due to the fact that they have a pathology. It can be either congenital or acquired. If, after running a person has a sore head, be sure to consider the possible ailments.


  1. Sinusitis. If you have a headache after physical activity, this may indicate inflammation in the sinuses. Often the athlete before the workout will feel badly, and after activity will become even worse. Additional symptoms may include increased body temperature, pain in the frontal lobe and in the nasal area, stuffy nasal passages.
  2. High blood pressure. It is normal that when the load pressure increases, but at rest it should immediately go back to normal. If after exercise is noted headache, it can talk about the bad condition of the vascular system. It is possible that the person has hidden hypertension.
  3. High intracranial pressure. When your head hurts after a workout, you can suspect increased intracranial pressure. This happens when the trauma of the cranial box, as well as in infectious disease. If there is dizziness, vomiting and nausea, then it is possible to assume problems with intracranial pressure.
  4. Atherosclerosis of the head and neck. Due to the fact that the vessels deposited cholesterol plaques, their elasticity deteriorates, thus reducing the clearance. Physical activity accelerates blood flow, as blood vessels do not. As a result, there is a headache from the athlete after exercise.
  5. Cervical osteochondrosis. It is characterized by dizziness, darkness in eyes, noise in ears. The pain itself has a bursting character, and is accompanied by a feeling of pulsation.

It is crucial to undergo a medical examination to find out the cause of a sharp headache. It is possible that the person is completely healthy, and unpleasant symptom occurred due to other precipitating factors. In any case, we should not neglect our health and put up with a headache. Until then, until you identified the cause, you should be careful with exercise stress.

Other reasons

Headaches can occur for a variety of reasons, the most obvious person may not be taken into account. Quite often adverse symptom appears due to improper lifestyle. The body signals that it is necessary to change something, because negative factors affect health.

If you have a headache after and during exercise, we can assume that the person doesn’t eat right. Athletes are extremely important there is a special way to maintain the body in proper condition. In particular it is not allowed the intake of food immediately before exercise. If the person violates this rule, then it is not surprising negative consequences.

When the run occurs after a headache, often it is caused by bad habits. Perhaps the person smokes, and because of this, the vessels are unable to cope with a large load. Categorically exercise the day after drinking. Otherwise, it should not be surprising unpleasant feeling in the head.

Sometimes a headache after a workout, when there is a difference in temperature. People can come to heat in a cold room, and because of this, there is vascular spasm. For this reason it is important to avoid sudden drop in temperature.

With a lack of oxygen often caused unpleasant sensations in the head. It is extremely important to the gym or other place where you work, there is enough clean air. If the room is stuffy, then a sudden unpleasant sensations.


When after running a headache, and the person is healthy, you should think about the prevention of this symptom. It is likely that it appears from the disregard of important factors. If the person does not take into account certain points when engaged in sports, then he may be faced with unpleasant sensations.

First of all, it is not necessary to prevent dehydration. You need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water, and athletes require more fluids. If the lesson takes place on the street, then you should pay attention to natural conditions. It is impossible to do in the heat, otherwise it will be heat stroke. The air temperature should be no more than 25 degrees must be a sufficient amount of pure oxygen.

If you have a headache after a workout, should reconsider the mode of training. Perhaps too dramatically increases the load. The transition should be gradual, to avoid spasm of the neck muscles, and not hurt the head. It is also worth to consult with a trainer about the selected exercise perhaps a complex is made incorrectly.

If a person has excess weight, he should understand that as long as its not going anywhere, can’t do sports. Obesity and physical activity can lead to hypoxia of the brain and problems with joints. It is not recommended to engage in a stressful condition, because in this mood it will be harder to do the exercises, and as a result, the body will suffer.

Pain does not need to be removed with the help of medicines, is much more important to find her the real reason. If a person professionally engaged in sports, then it is especially important to check its condition. When the head is sick once you may not worry about serious diseases. If unpleasant sensations are observed constantly, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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