Catecholamines in urine

Catecholamines in urine indicate chromaffin tumor, provided that their level is elevated. The catecholamines include hormones that are synthesized by adrenal medulla. There are 3 main types: dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline.

To the urine analysis gave reliable results, it is necessary in advance to prepare for it. 3 days before the date you want to exclude from the diet of tea, coffee drinks, cheese, bananas, cocoa. You can consult with a doctor about what drugs should be discontinued.

The fact that the intake of certain medications can skew the results. A week before the tests you need to lead a quiet life: do not subject to strong emotional stress. It is recommended to avoid physical exercise, give up alcohol and Smoking.

About hormones and chromaffin tumors

The release of catecholamines into the blood, occurs when the body is under stress. During this reaction, nerve impulses arrive in the brain that leads to the expansion of the bronchioles and pupils. The task of norepinephrine is to increase blood pressure.

The purpose of adrenaline is stimulation of metabolic processes between the cells. Once the hormones perform their mission, they split and become physiologically inactive. Hormones and their particles are excreted during urination.

In a healthy person, catecholamines are present in small quantities. If the person is in a state of stress, the catecholamine level increases for a while. A large number of hormones is observed in neuroendocrine tumors, in this case increases the amount of degradation products of catecholamines.

All this leads to increased blood pressure, a person can feel pain in the head. On the background of this problem occur tremors, nausea, pain in the limbs. It is worth noting that elevated levels of catecholamines can lead to increased perspiration.

The adrenal gland can be concentrated a lot chromaffin tumors. In a healthy person they are benign. Tumors grow but do not go beyond the boundaries of the adrenal glands. Chromaffin tumors can lead to increased blood pressure, in some cases, affects the kidneys, the heart.

It is important to know that these tumors can lead to sudden heart attack and hemorrhage. They must be removed surgically. If carried out operation, the amount of catecholamines decrease and anxiety symptoms will disappear.

Why the need for analysis of catecholamines?

It is necessary in order to diagnose chromaffin tumors, and to monitor the patient’s condition after surgery for removal of tumors (in this case, the doctor identifies the likelihood of recurrence). When the specialist suspects chromaffin tumor, he will order the appropriate study.

The testing may be required if you have hypertension, occurring together with a headache. Neuroendocrine tumors can occur due to the fact that the person is genetically inclined to them.

You need to properly decrypt the test results because the tests may be false-positive. To confirm the diagnosis it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive survey to consider the physical and mental health of the patient. It is important to take into account what kind of food people eat, what medication to treat a particular disease.

If the doctor identifies any factors that impede the correct determination of the diagnosis, he will order re-examination. Analysis of catecholamines for rent again. In some cases magnetic resonance imaging.

If previously people treated for chromaffin tumors, then re-passed the tests, and they showed a high level of catecholamines, so the treatment gave no results. If catecholamines are normal, it is likely that the patient has no chromaffin tumors. It should be determined whether there was aggravation of the hypertension, if not hormone levels will be normal.

Urine test for catecholamines shows unreliable results, if the person is taking a medication with caffeine, remedies for appetite suppressants, antidepressants, drugs with lithium, ethanol. It is recommended to refrain from instillation of nose with a nitro.

As already noted, for a couple of days before putting you need to give up coffee and tea. Urine that contains these hormones will not help to identify the location of the tumor and its character (benign or malignant). The tumor size are determined by other surveys.

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