The effect of alcohol on urine test

Does the alcohol in a urine test? Can I drink products containing alcohol, the day before the urine samples? Before answering these questions, you should understand all the details. To determine a definite diagnosis of the disease need to take all the necessary bioanalysis. These include tests of urine and blood to determine the concentration of certain substances, then it is necessary to obtain a medical report.

Contrary to what current medicine is rich in all kinds of equipment ultrasound, the above tests have the same urgency as before. Every person knows that before passing the tests should not eat for a few hours.

In this case the laboratory result will be more reliable. Then what about alcoholic beverages? Is it possible to take it the day before the study? In medicine on this issue there are some criteria.

What is the impact of alcohol on urine test?

For complete results of this study will need to fulfill all necessary conditions. Many people do not monitor the state of your body – drinking alcohol in large quantities, believing that it has no adverse effect on him.

According to the analysis the doctor will make correct conclusions and will prescribe the right therapy. Take alcohol before putting urine on the study is prohibited as it may adversely affect the result of the analysis. As a rule, doctors warn patients that taking food for 7-12 hours before testing is not recommended.

This measure applies to alcoholic drinks, can give false results. Thus passed the urine test would be pointless and require its re-commissioning. So before you pass urine, you should avoid drinking alcohol, otherwise additional time will be required to undergo re-examinations.

Conducted analysis on content of urine, which can assign drivers, makes it possible to identify, whether the person is alcohol recently. The essence of the analysis is to identify the amount of alcohol in urine and comparison of its concentration in the blood fluid.

It is also possible to identify the amount and degree of drinking beverage. To obtain greater reliability of the analysis shall be carried out at the end of the day after taking alcohol. Some of the test systems can detect the remnants of alcohol in the urine within 7 days. However, the cost of such analyses is high.

The final survey after drinking alcohol

Once all is passed, the person can drink a little, but not in large quantities. But if the next day have to collect urine for bacteriological examination, then going to a party it is better to postpone. The performance test will be incorrect. What is the effect of alcohol is on a urine test?

Regardless of how much people drank, alcohol leads to a strong increase in uric acid. Increasing lactate content. The same effect alcohol has on blood liquid. Therefore, a laboratory test will show false results, and therefore it will be impossible to give a proper medical report, because the concentrations of the main components will be higher than normal.

The primary function of the kidneys is to cleanse the body from harmful toxins.

The human body performs the function of filtering is to remove toxic substances along with urine. Alcohol is the strongest poison after the decomposition which are harmful hazardous substances.

The function of the kidneys is to fight poison the body with toxins and removing them from the human body. However, during this is a loss of large volumes of liquid. As a result, after drinking alcohol the urine becomes more concentrated than in the daily state without alcohol.

It happens that people have to go to the trick, bringing the phase of excretion of alcohol from urine by use of diuretics. These drugs, in fact, much faster at getting toxic substances from the body, but does not remove the remains of the alcohol in full. In addition, they provide a secondary load on the kidneys, who had already assigned many functions. Before taking diuretics should review the various risks to their health.

To ascertain, as it may distort the result of analysis commissioned after ingestion of alcoholic beverages, you can consult a doctor. He will give a clear explanation of what hazards are able to conceal yourself in such a situation. However, you should care about your health and not to abuse alcohol. Any analysis requires a responsible approach, as it relies on the doctor to establish the diagnosis of the disease.

How to get the urine sample?

Prior to the passing of any examination in advance is not recommended to drink alcohol and eat any vegetables that are able to change the color of urine. In addition to this, you should not use the funds of the diuretic action and pass these tests to women during the critical days.

Proceed to the urine collection is required after the hygiene of the genital organs. Next you need to gather the morning portion of the biological product (the first emptying of the bladder). The initial portion is not needed, it can be disposed of in the toilet. And the second part of the urine going in 2/3 of special medical container. After a couple of hours after the collection of urine should be delivered to a laboratory study.

For passing biological fluid for bacteriological examination will need to perform the following actions:

  • perform hygiene of the genital organs;
  • to collect the secondary urine;
  • place the vacuum tube into the holder receptacle;
  • by pressing the tube on the needle to pierce the lid of the container;
  • the liquid should be collected in a vial;
  • to carry out the mixing of preservative and urine;
  • to get the signature of the tube and the container thrown away.

It is forbidden to keep the contents of the tank in cold weather. Timely submission of urine, in a laboratory Cabinet ensures you obtain the most reliable results.

How long does the alcohol in the urine?

Information about what period of time alcohol is in the product life are of a peculiar nature. This rate is affected by the peculiarities of the human body, as well as the activities of metabolic processes. So consumed by man 400 grams of vodka will no longer be determined in biological fluids in the study after 20 hours.

To determine whether the person is alcoholic beverages, is investigated saliva and urine. However, a one-time surrender of such tests can give diversified data. Their value can influence the density and volume of water in it. Alcohol has hydrophilicity. Therefore, where a greater amount of water, there will be high figures of alcohol. Consider the phase of the intoxication of the person. During the phase of resorption, the alcohol content of the urine corresponds to its quantity in the blood surrounding the kidney.

The inside of the bladder blood daily moves, mix it happens. The presence of alcohol percentage will be determined by the number of alcoholic beverages consumed. For research technicians collected the cystic urine. The next phase of elimination odds of alcohol in the urine increase faster than in the blood. Once people sober up, for some time a alcohol with the urine test will still be detected. However, in the blood at this stage, the alcohol is not detected.

Experts say that within 6 hours after the last decision-the alcohol is in the blood, and then there is the stage of its decay. To establish the exact time during which alcohol will be detected in the blood or urine, can’t even competent expert. The approach to each person individually.

Thus, the alcohol distorts the results of the commissioned analysis, regardless of the content and the amount of alcohol consumed beverage. Many people believe that drinking a small glass of beer or any other light alcoholic drink before passing urine will not affect the outcome of the analysis. However, it is a silly misconception. Any alcoholic beverage will have an adverse influence on the content of biological fluids. Conclusion of the analysis will be incorrect. This issue should be approached responsibly.

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