The urine than the female differs from the male

The patient (woman or man) himself is not able to establish an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor. It was he who, relying on the analysis of urine and basic differences, will be able to diagnose any deviation in the human body.

Self-treatment can have a detrimental effect on the health of the patient, provoking the further development of the pathology.

The question is not whether women piss from men, looking for the answer, many doctors who take tests in patients with various diseases. On the basis of tests to be diagnosed and researched diseases that plays a major role in their recovery.

This method is suitable for almost every person with a professional examination by a doctor, who prescribes it. Based on the study of the specialist determines the kidneys and other organs of the urogenital system.

Common differences of urine

Medicine found that urine may be different in minor positions. The main aspects are the leukocytes and chemical parameters. First women have slightly more. This is due to the anatomical structure of the genitourinary system.

Biochemical indices of urine in the male is rich. It is visible to doctors with extensive research. Apparent is the fact that the strong half in the urine sometimes contains sperm.

This list of major chemical differences ends. But there are some features of the structure of the urinary system that affect the composition of the liquid and also have not last value. To identify differences allows urine analysis for chemical parameters. Otherwise, you should refer to the structure of the organs in the body in both sexes.

Study data on the urine in the laboratory involves the total analysis of physical parameters, chemical composition and examination of the sediment under the microscope. Distinguish certain parameters that distinguish urine from different sexes.

For example, the physical properties:

  • paint;
  • transparency;
  • specific gravity;
  • reaction data.

On the physical properties and chemical composition is determined by the difference of urine between representatives of different sexes. On the basis of this become known the final data about the treatment that should be assigned. Sometimes indicators can be permanent, due to the structure of the body and its features.

Otherwise, the differences depend on other important factors that you should pay attention in order to avoid worsening health problems in patients who made complaints to doctors.

Additional features

Color may be different depending on various diseases related to urinary system and also used drugs and human nutrition. In the urine may be present bacteria, which also appear due to various pathologies in both sexes.

There are some characteristic features of the structure of the body in a strong and weak half of humanity. Women’s large intestine more and this allows the body of the fairer sex to absorb a significant amount of fluid during pregnancy. This leads to the fact that urine can accumulate, causing bloating, which is more common in women than in men.

Urinalysis is conducted by doctors in accordance with clinical guidelines. For both sexes the same is the requirement to eat certain foods before taking the tests for the study.

Women should not be tested during menstruation, because in this case the urine may contain red blood cells, which will affect the final picture testing. Man can go for tests, it has special requirements on the periodicity of this procedure do not exist.

There are often questions about how does women’s urine from the male by its chemical composition. In addition to the specific differences, there are common indicators, which must be the same in both sexes. Protein should be present in an amount not exceeding 0.1%. And the content of glucose should not be more than 1.6%. The precipitate depends on the acidity of urine. The weight must be within 1010-1025 g/l.

The rate of reaction of urine should be at 5.3 to 6.5 pH, and this is true for the female and for the male half of the population. In some cases in the urine can be a fungi that depend on different individual lesions and is characteristic for strong and weak floor in equal measure.

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