Can I eat before an ultrasound of the kidneys

A quick and painless diagnostic test which uses high frequency sound waves is called ultrasonography. The procedure is absolutely harmless, suitable for detection of various diseases even pregnant women.

Using ultrasound on the monitor you can see the image, which allows you to determine whether you have pathology in a particular organ. Before you visit ultrasound study of the kidneys, you need to prepare for the procedure.

Does the food study?

Not every patient thinks, can I eat before an ultrasound of the kidneys, but this fact can significantly affect the results of the procedure. If in the intestine of man, who came to the survey, there is an excessive accumulation of gases, ultrasonic scanning can be difficult, and the picture displayed on the monitor, it will turn out unclear or distorted.

To achieve the most effective results of the examination, the patient is recommended to restrict for 2-3 days before the procedure, the use of food, causing fermentation in the intestinal lumen, as well as dishes, irritating his mucosa.

Diet before ultrasound of the kidneys is to avoid the foods that trigger flatulence and intestinal spasms.

Foods that have a undesirable effect:

  1. Legumes (peas, lentils, soy and beans) – this food while in the intestines at an intermediate stage of digestion, releases a lot of gases. This is due to the presence of a large number trudnosgoraemyh polysaccharides composed of legumes;
  2. Confectionery (cakes, muffins, pies, cakes, muffins, cupcakes) and black rye bread with ultrasonography is recommended to exclude. If a person cannot renounce bakery products because of any reason, should be preferred varieties of white bread;
  3. Raw vegetables (cabbage, corn, potatoes, asparagus and onions) – also contain many compounds polysaccharides;
  4. Fruits (due to the presence of fructose in the composition). Avoid apples, pears, peaches and figs;
  5. Fatty meats and fish. During digestion in the intestine, fat, and carbohydrates, contributes to overproduction of gases;
  6. Dairy products, which includes lactose (milk sugar). Problems digesting this food connected with what age the person is formed insufficient number of enzymes that help the breakdown of lactose. Milk sugar, once in the intestinal lumen, increased fermentation begins, which is accompanied by excessive flatulence. The older a person is, the less need for this process enzymes it produces the body;
  7. Spices, irritating the intestinal mucosa, for example, red and black pepper, curry, cumin and others.
What products to prefer

The day before the study were permitted to eat meals that are easily digested:

  • cooked with water cereals;
  • steamed (or boiled) fish low-fat varieties;
  • lean meat (beef, rabbit);
  • eggs cooked soft-boiled;
  • low-fat cheese.

Best ultrasound before you go to the fractional diet (eat 5-6 times a day).

If the patient has problems with digestion, is shown taking enzyme preparations, for example, “Mezim” or “Festal”

Features drinking regime

On the eve of ultrasonography of the kidneys do not drink alcohol. In addition, avoid carbonated drinks because they contribute to fermentation in the gut. A similar effect is achieved by the carbon dioxide that fills the bubbles.

Then, this gas accumulates in the intestine, while irritating effect. Fermentation is also able to cause other included in the carbonated beverage ingredients: stabilizers, colorants, preservatives

The patient is assigned to ultrasonography of the kidneys should not drink large amounts of fluids before the test. Strong tea or black coffee have on the walls of the intestines irritating, so before the ultrasound, it is advisable to give up such drinks. Best to restrict 100 ml of pure water.

What time of day the survey will be most effective?

Mention to study on an empty stomach or not, it should be noted that it is recommended to carry out the procedure in the morning. If any circumstances prevent a morning visit to the doctor, it is better to abandon a hearty Breakfast and to keep a 6 hour interval between food intake and ultrasonography.

Big breaks between meals allowed only healthy people. If the person appointed ultrasound, hourly taking medication or has a serious illness requiring a special diet, skipping Breakfast is better to refuse, even before the ultrasound. For example, an uninterrupted flow of food is especially important for people with diabetes.

Preparations for the ultrasound is straightforward, however, following certain guidelines before ultrasound of the kidneys, you can help the specialist to recognize the disease at an early stage.

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