Strong unpleasant smell of urine in a child

Change of smell of urine a small child serves as a signal for immediate treatment to the doctor. The reasons for this state can be completely natural, for example, a change of diet. But sometimes timely diagnosis and medication can help to eliminate the pathology at a very early stage. For some diseases characteristic sharp smell of urine in children.

Why change the smell of children’s urine

In children older than 12 years, the smell of urine changes due to excess production of the endocrine glands biologically active substances. Hormonal changes in the body of adolescents strongly affects all systems of life, including urinary.

In this case, you should talk with the child about the compulsory observance of rules of personal hygiene. But if the sharp smell of urine, she smells like acetone or ammonia, required counseling. Physical fatigue can cause unpleasant smell of urine in the child

A natural cause of bad smell of urine in the newborn or child up to one year may be rare diaper changes, diapers, bedding and underwear. In addition to the hygienic component, such negligence could trigger diaper rash and various allergic reactions: urticaria, dermatitis.

Change the smell of urine is also facilitated by such factors:

  1. Changes in the diet. As they grow, expanding the list of products in the menu of the child. Vegetables or marinades with a specific flavor (onion, garlic, ketchup) change the smell of urine, make it more pungent, strong.
  2. Dehydration. Extremely dangerous condition for young children often occurs when poisoning stale food or poisons of plant and animal origin. As a result of intoxication, the liquid starts to separate from the body with excessive vomiting and (or) diarrhea. Cause unpleasant and sharp odor of the urine becomes concentration.
  3. A deficiency of vitamin D. Insufficient amount of sunlight or the lack of long walks leads to the development of rickets, abnormal bone formation of the child. In addition to a sharp odor of urine in infants and toddlers decreased appetite, do not grow hair, increased sweating.
  4. Antibiotics. Antimicrobials attach to urine baby specific “drugstore” smell. Usually after recovery or change of medicines, all indicators come back to normal.
  5. If the baby is breastfed, the smell of his urine can change dramatically after drinking the mother of a new unusual product. For example, cabbage or asparagus have the ability to change the smell of urine.
  6. Rhinitis. Prolonged nasal congestion reduces the metabolic processes in the organism of the baby, in which required the presence of molecular oxygen. This condition leads to dehydration. The sharp smell of urine disappears immediately after recovery.

The urine of the child is always starting to smell bad from the flu or SARS. Colds occur on the background of significant dehydration. The kid has no appetite, due to intermittent hyperthermia may open vomiting. Increasing the temperature increases sweating, which thicken the urine, making it concentrated. Lack of fluid provokes an unpleasant smell of urine in children.

The sharp smell of urine in a child occurs through breastfeeding

Pathological causes

Not all the causes of the strange smell of urine is possible to eliminate frequent changes of diapers or a change of diet. This condition occurs with a decrease in the functional activity of one or more vital systems. Therefore, if the parents noticed that the urine of the baby began to smell bad, you need to contact your pediatrician.

For ease of diagnosis, doctors use this classification of children’s urine smells:

  1. Ammonia. A very strong indicator of disruption of the urinary system. Pathology provokes malfunction of the endocrine glands. In the blood and then in urine excreted excessive amounts of ketone bodies. the Main cause of the pathology become diabetes or acetonemia. The symptoms also include increased thirst, sudden weight loss, urinary incontinence, increased dryness of the skin and mucous membranes. If the above signs are absent, but the urine of the child acquired the dark colour in one of the departments of the urinary system was formed infectious foci.
  2. Acetone. Acetone-smelling urine may appear from the movable or excitable toddlers. At elevated emotional and physical stress in urine increases the concentration of ketones. In most cases treatment is not required. You must adjust the daily routine of the child, to control games and food. Sometimes the cause of this condition becomes emotional stress, for example, when change of residence or divorce. For a full treatment will need to consult a child psychologist.
  3. Of rotten fish. To change parents almost always ready, as alerted to the diagnosis of the baby. This condition occurs when the presence of a certain genetic disease. Not only unpleasant smells the urine of the child, but also allocated children sweat, a pair of exhaled air.
  4. Mouse. Pronounced symptom of phenylketonuria, congenital, genetically determined pathology. The disease is characterized by accumulation of amino acids and products of metabolism in urine. Phenylketonuria occurs on the background of extensive damage to the Central nervous system.

Latinos, or razvetvleniya ketonwrïya, accompanied by the smell of burnt sugar each time you urinate. The cause of congenital disease has become a genetic predisposition. The functional activity of the system responsible for the production of enzymes gradually decreases. Essential amino acids are not subjected to oxidation, which gives urine a peculiar strong smell. This pathology is diagnosed immediately after birth into the light, requires long-term drug therapy.

Colds provoke changes in the smell of urine in babies

Diseases of the urinary system

A major change smell of urine in young children are of renal disease, urinary tract and bladder. One of the most common reasons for the appearance of a sharp odor is an inflammatory process. After hitting the pathogen into the body of a baby his immune system starts to produce white blood cells to fight the infectious agent.

But because of immature immunity and high permeability of blood vessels in children, the disease begins to progress.

Besides the fact that your urine smells bad, parents should pay attention to the following symptoms:

  1. The child was seldom to visit the toilet.
  2. Toddler complains of cramps during each urination, pain in the abdomen and lower back.
  3. The urine became turbid, sometimes with admixtures of fresh blood or clots, flakes, cheesy precipitate.

Why the child’s urine changes odor: pathogens and damaged white blood cells accumulate in body fluids. Rare urination lead to thickening of the urine, provoke the spread of the inflammation, because the bacteria remain in the body of a baby. This state occurs in cystitis, glomerulonephritis, urethritis, pyelonephritis.

Odor is always the first symptom of diseases of the urinary system. The sooner the parents turn to the doctor, the sooner treatment begins. In addition, the reception of antimicrobials will help to avoid negative consequences (renal failure, chronic cystitis).

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder can develop through no fault of viruses and microbes, and after ingestion of certain pharmacological drugs. Since pathogenic microorganisms are absent, urine smells of penicillin. Parents need to pay attention to the odor of fresh rot during urination of the child. It is typical for a chronic indolent disease of the kidneys or bladder with the formation of purulent secretions.

Sudden changes in diet can help the odor of urine

What would it take parents

When the smell of urine of the baby has changed, but the next day everything returned to normal, it is not necessary to sound the alarm. Most likely, the child has eaten something unusual or too tired for a walk. If odor after each urination, you must pay a visit to the children’s doctor.

Will be carried out laboratory analyses on the maintenance in the urine:

  • leukocytes;
  • uric acid and its salts;
  • proteins and their degradation products;
  • ketones.

If you suspect an inflammatory process in one of the organs of the urinary system is the sowing of the biological sample in the culture medium. The number of formed colonies can be judged on the presence of infectious foci and the extent of its spread. Odor of urine is a signal for carrying out research on the sugar content.

In order to resolve dehydration, you should give your baby clean water, not sweet drinks. At high temperatures or severe vomiting pediatricians recommend special saline solutions, which are sold in the pharmacy. If a child refuses to take the medicine, it should be “drunk” to give a spoonful of the drug every 15-20 minutes. After normalization of water-salt balance of the urine odor young children disappears.

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