Why the child has cloudy urine

The phenomenon, when a child showed cloudy urine, is familiar to many parents. However, unfortunately, which means this symptom and what to do in this situation, don’t know everything.

Everyone knows that urine is the main indicator of the state of the human body – no wonder that upon any appeal to the doctor immediately give direction to the study of urine. That’s why, when it comes to changing the color and transparency of urine in a child, parents begin to sound the alarm. And these experiences are not unfounded – it is easier to prevent the pathological process, than to treat it for a long time.

However, if you see sediment in the urine of the child, parents should not immediately panic, the causes of this phenomenon are various and many of them are quite harmless. Let’s look at the main deviations from the norm.

Basic parameters of urine in children

Normal urine has a transparent, straw-yellow hue. Transparent urine indicates that all the elements are in the dissolved biochemical reactions of the body condition.

The rate of infant urine:

  • the pH (acidity) is from 5.0 to 7.0;
  • the density of newborns, from 1002 to 1006 g/l, up to 1 year – from 1006 to 1014, during the transition to normal breastfeeding from 1008 to 1026;
  • protein – no more than 0,02%;
  • glucose – absent;
  • erythrocytes – 0-1 in the field of view;
  • leucocytes – not more than 3 in p/Zr.
Why in children cloudy urine?

In the first days of life in infants experiencing the allocation of turbid urine is a physiological phenomenon should not cause concern caring parents – a few days everything will be back to normal. In babies infants this situation is possible with the introduction of complementary foods is related to the change of feed composition.

The causes of turbid urine in a child older age can be very diverse:

  • Urine may become cloudy during prolonged standing container with the biological fluid in the open air, leading to a change in its physical properties, multiplication of microorganisms, and decomposition of components. Therefore, to assess the transparency of the urine should in the morning, immediately after urinating.
  • If the child’s behavior has not changed and do not bother him pain, urine turbid in connection with the use of some products (plums, figs, sorrel, gooseberries, grapes, parsley, legumes, fruits).
  • During the day, a child of any age should drink a certain amount of fluid (50 ml per 1 kg of body weight), otherwise the child’s organism threatens dehydration (dehydration), a symptom which may be turbid urine. So you should try to give baby frequent small portions.
  • Burns, occupying a large surface of the skin, the decomposition products of tissue cells are excreted by the kidneys, which causes the change of color and transparency of urine.
  • Excessive fortification can result in allergic reaction and liver dysfunction, as a result, urine becomes dark and cloudy.

The evening urine may slightly thicken even healthy children – this phenomenon is associated with overexertion of the body in the past day.

Cloudy urine in a child is due to the presence of the crystals salts (urates, phosphates, oxalates), which are formed due to the presence in the diet of the baby excessive amounts of dairy and meat products, fruit and vegetable juice or smoothie, and also long after taking antibiotics

If your child has cloudy urine sometimes and other times it is bright and yellow – it should not cause parents serious anxiety.

However, if the urine is cloudy residue, pungent smell contains mucus, red blood cells, bacteria, leukocytes, and the baby not eating and sleeping – you need to contact an experienced doctor who will perform a comprehensive diagnosis and answer the question: “Why the child has cloudy urine?”

In what diseases affects the color and transparency of urine in children?

Acute respiratory infections, in which the child has a high fever, provoke the appearance of a turbid urine with sediment. After symptomatic treatment, the color and clarity of urine returns to normal.

In inflammatory processes in organs of genitourinary system (kidneys, bladder, ureters, urinary canal, vagina in girls) in urine increasing the number of erythrocytes, leukocytes, mucus, which change its color and density.

In diseases of the liver and biliary tract (hepatitis, parenchymatous jaundice) urine cloudy and dark (beer color) due to the presence of a very large number of degradation products of hemoglobin (bile pigments) in urine must not contain – this case requires the urgent consultation of a qualified professional. The child murky urine white in color can indicate steatosis – the process of degeneration of hepatocytes (liver cells) to fat cells.

The emergence of cutting pains in the abdomen and turbidity of urine in a child occurs when an attack of acute appendicitis is a serious reason for urgent access to medical care in pediatric surgery

Children with diabetes, often suffer from acetonemia, which is a symptom of glucose “starvation” of cells. In the baby’s blood appear in ketone bodies (acetone, acetoacetic and hydroxybutyric acid), which alter the color and smell of urine. To control the level of acetone in the home – parents can purchase in the pharmacy network special tests.

Acute infectious-inflammatory process in the tubular system of the kidneys – pyelonephritis, characterized by lesions of the parenchymal tissue of the renal pelvis and the cups. In this pathological condition, the urine becomes cloudy, becomes yellow-green in color and contains white flakes. The child’s body temperature rises, it experiences discomfort when urinating and pain in the lumbar region.

Turbidity of urine can be due to blood diseases, most commonly hemolytic anemia that causes the destruction of red blood cells.
Congenital malformations of the structure of the kidneys contribute to the stagnation of urine in the bladder and opposite throwing her into the ureter through the excretory system. In this situation, the clouding of urine is due to the presence of bacteria and large number of leukocytes in the affected renal tubule.

Any intoxication of child’s body in cases of poisoning or infectious process leads to a change of transparency of urine due to hematuria (urine in receipt of a large number of red blood cells). This phenomenon is due to the violation of the functional activity of the liver, for its normalization it is necessary to consult a doctor who to maintain the child’s body will develop a special diet and will prescribe the necessary medications.

Diagnosis of pathological processes caused the change of transparency of urine

If your child has turbid urine the right decision parents will be watching the daily urine and comparison of its condition and nutrition of the baby. The disappearance of the transparency, changing the smell and color of urine the child for a long time is a signal for a visit to the urologist or nephrologist, who will conduct the necessary diagnostic procedures.

Accurate determination of the causes of turbidity of urine, the child can only be installed with the help of laboratory techniques:

  • General clinical urine analysis, which studies the physical and chemical properties of urine sediment components;
  • samples on Nechiporenko – for calculation of urine formed elements in 1 ml of biological fluid;
  • analysis by the method of General – determination of relative density of urine to test the ability of the child’s body to concentrate urine;
  • biochemical blood tests aimed at evaluating renal and hepatic functions;
  • Ultrasound of the urinary system.

To obtain accurate results of researches of the biological material you need to collect correctly

The rules of collecting urine in children for research:

  • Parents need to pre-purchase in pharmacies for the special sterile container.
  • Before the collection of biological material carry out a careful morning toilet of genitals.
  • Ask the child to sit on toilet or potty and keep a container for urine hand.
  • After the child released a small amount of urine in the pelvis to expose the tank to the urinary channel.
  • To remove the container after filling.

The scheme of attaching a bag for baby girls and boys

When collecting urine in young children, parents need to be more patient and careful:

  • it is necessary to “catch” the time when the baby wants to urinate;
  • for the study it is impossible to deliver urine, collected in a pot – you need to buy in a drugstore a special bag with mosapramine hole for girls and boys, from which the urine drained into a sterile container;
  • it is strictly forbidden to squeeze the material of the diaper, diaper, gauze diaper!
Methods of treatment and prevention of the child’s turbid urine

Course rational therapy of pathological processes that caused the clouding of urine, symptomatic and set your doctor.

Preventive measures of the transparency of urine in children are:

  • constant emptying of the bladder;
  • the personal hygiene;
  • wearing cotton underwear;
  • prevention of hypothermia and cold-related diseases;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • the decrease in salt intake;
  • the restriction of the use of foods rich in calcium (milk, cheese, cottage cheese);
  • drinking enough fluids, herbal teas, berry fruit drinks.

To all parents it is important to remember – if clouding of urine and appearance in it of sludge, you need to carefully observe the child’s behavior. However, one should never self-diagnosis of pathological conditions of the child and self! The appearance in children, unusual symptoms should seek medical help of qualified professionals!

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