Why is it dark urine in women

If a woman’s body is functioning properly, then the urinary sediment (urine) has a light yellow color, its hue can range from straw to Golden. First of all it depends on loads of water during the day, that is, the amount you drink, as well as the intensity of performed physical activity, which determine the amount of lose with the sweat fluid.

As a rule, very few women pay attention to how changing the color of their urine depending on the time of day when no other complaints. Physiologically arranged that in the morning portion of urine is always a bright color, as during the night it accumulates a sufficient amount of pigment matter (they affect the color of urine).

When the urinary sediment color becomes a shade that is much different from the natural, is to seek the help of a specialist. Dark urine in women may indicate a number of diseases, sometimes very serious, which require appropriate treatment.

Natural factors

The intensity of staining of the urinary sediment, primarily determined by the number contained in its composition of bile pigments (urobilinogen). However, there are a number of natural causes, which occurs due to darkening of urine, redness or it becomes bright yellow. It is possible to allocate the following factors

The reception of a certain group of medicines. In such cases, change the color of urine – the result of a biochemical transformation of matter in the human body that is absolutely safe for women. Not to mislead you and your doctor should carefully read the instructions at all medication.

This symptom is indicated in the heading of incidental or unwanted effects from the following medicines:

  • antimalarial interventions;
  • anti-TB drugs;
  • anticancer medicines;
  • preparations on the basis of aloe juice or herbs Senna;
  • antibacterial agents from the group nitrofuranov;
  • vitamin complexes, containing vitamins b and C;
  • laxatives and others.

Increased physical activity, work in harsh conditions or intense sport activities. When the body loses excess moisture through sweat, which increases the concentration of bile pigments in the urinary sediment. If you normalize the volume of fluid, the colour of the urine very quickly comes back to normal.

Use in food certain foods can affect the color of urine. This is due to the content of natural pigments. We are talking about beets, carrots, blackberries, legumes, asparagus and others. Often, the appearance of the urine is dark in color can contribute to the consumption of beverages that contain a lot of artificial colors.

Change the color of urinary sediment depends on what the person eats, and what amount of dyes contained in the consumed food

Violation of diet, sleep and rest, frequent fatigue or other emotional burden. All these factors can indirectly influence violation in the organs of the urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract and other structures of the body. If time does not normalize and not to correct these conditions, they can greatly contribute to the development of more serious violations.

Not drinking enough drinking water or other liquid throughout the day. The human body is designed so that his life needs a certain amount of liquid. It is consumed in the process of biochemical reactions and not only. If the flow of water becomes insufficient, the body uses its own “reserves”. Thereby reducing the content of liquid component secreted in the urine, and the concentration of bile pigments increases, which explains the change in its color.

Water is indispensable and a vital substrate for all processes occurring in the body, so when it is lack of use, fail

Diseases of the urinary tract

The process of urine formation begins in the glomerular apparatus of the kidneys in both, so if it changes colors, women can be suspected any of the following diseases:

  • urolithiasis (promotion of stone in the urethra causes damage to its walls, which leads to the appearance in urine, traces of blood);
  • acute pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis or exacerbation of their chronic (occurs inflammatory component, disturbed filtration ability of one or both kidneys, in the analysis appear in excess of leukocytes, protein, cylinders and other components);
  • acute cystitis or aggravation (changed the color of the urinary sediment, it becomes turbid, dark yellow, if there is a hemorrhagic changes in the walls of the bladder, then there are traces of blood);
  • cystic degeneration of one or both kidneys (polycystic disease leads to a strong disruption of the body, up to the full “off” its process of activity);
  • tumor growth in the tissues of the kidneys.
Diseases of the reproductive system

Don’t forget that the urinary sediment in women can change their color due to inflammatory and other pathological processes in organs of small pelvis:

  • sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and others, they lead to the extraction from the lumen of the vagina and urethra pathological profuse discharge inflammatory);
  • diseases of the uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes;
  • cancer processes in the uterus or its cervix (the destruction of the structure of the body into the urine enters the blood from the lumen of the vagina).

In women of reproductive age should seek the cause of this symptom in diseases of the pelvic organs

Diseases of other organs

If we are talking about the brown urine (the color “dark beer”), it gives the doctor an idea of liver and biliary tract, such as:

  • viral hepatitis;
  • alcoholic, toxic or drug damage liver cells;
  • cirrhotic degeneration of the organ or tumor growth of a different nature;
  • the inflection of the common bile duct or stones in the lumen.

Also cause dark urine becomes a massive destruction of red blood cells hemolytic anemia or toxic poisoning of the body pairs of copper.


Hormonal, anatomical and other changes in the body of a pregnant woman, one way or another, affect the work of all its organs. With the growth of the fetus, increases the load on the kidneys, liver, and other life-support systems. Gradually enlarged uterus presses on the urinary tract, which leads to disruption of the natural flow of urine, resulting in possible violation of emptying the bladder. When this urine can change its color more vibrant (it becomes very yellow).

A woman at any stage of pregnancy should very closely monitor the condition of his body and regularly pass all necessary tests

Pregnant women are prone to non-compliance with diet and fluid intake. Most often they eat fatty, fried foods, thus consume an insufficient volume of fluid.
Also in the period of carrying a child, darkening of urinary sediment may indicate different degrees of toxicity. This is due to dehydration on the background of frequent vomiting.

What symptoms require immediate treatment to the doctor?

Do not put off visiting a specialist if, in addition to changing the natural color of urine, the following pathological symptoms:

  • pain syndrome of different localization (lumbar region, the upper or lower part of the abdomen, right upper quadrant, etc.);
  • the act of urination becomes painful, it is accompanied by a burning sensation or a feeling of cramps, a constant discomfort;
  • from the lumen of the vagina or urethra appear unpleasant discharge accompanied by an odor, a woman concerned about constant itching in the intimate area;
  • changes the color of the skin, sclera of the eyes and visible mucous membranes;
  • increased body temperature, there unexplained weakness and fatigue, reduced working capacity;
  • urinary sediment has not only a different hue, but also unnatural smell.

Frequent urge to urinate and going to the toilet does not bring adequate relief, there is a feeling neporozhnego bladder

Principles of diagnosis

You need to understand that any deviation in the body requires timely diagnosis. Even if you think that there is nothing dangerous in the condition it’s best to be on reception to the doctor to complete minimum examination and to understand why urine changed its color.

The list of basic laboratory and instrumental investigations include:

  • urinalysis;
  • urine on Nechiporenko;
  • trial of Zelnickova;
  • General analysis of blood;
  • biochemical analysis of blood, determination of creatinine, urea, liver enzymes and other indicators (if necessary);
  • Ultrasound of the structures and organs in which the doctor suspected violation (liver, pancreas, kidneys, etc.);
  • other investigations if indicated (EGD, CT scan or MRI).

Any change in the color of urine, produced by its inoculation environment in order to identify possible pathogen or other inflammatory process


The treatment of each specific condition has its own characteristics, because it is necessary to treat the disease, not the symptom.

If the cause of dark urine lies in the “natural” factors, their correction very quickly eliminates this symptom. It is necessary to normalize the water, eliminate the use of products and medications that can affect the color of urine.

Diseases of the liver, kidneys and other organs are treated by the relevant groups of drugs (antibacterial, antiviral and others). When it comes to cancer processes, the basis of the therapy is antitumor agent.

Often have to resort to surgery, if you change the hue of the urinary sediment is associated with stones in the biliary tract or in the urinary tract.

Toxemia of pregnancy mild is adjusted on an outpatient basis, the appointment of a proper diet and other recommendations. Condition moderate and severe requires hospitalization, where the woman carried out the necessary infusion therapy (to replenish fluid in the body).

Based on the above, it becomes clear that any condition of an organism that distinguishes it from “normal” requires a diagnostic, because it may hide a serious disease. To protect yourself from unpleasant consequences, timely assistance, contact the medical institution.

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